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After reading almost every post on here, I am so...

After reading almost every post on here, I am so ready to head to Mexico next month!

So here is my beginning...

The emotional eating started when my parents divorced when I was 8. Since then, I have always been the fat, funny friend. I have been hiding behind humor and pieces of furniture my whole life. I always have had tons of friends and love and support from my family, but have rarely felt good about myself. I struggle with putting everyone's wants and feelings before my own. Seeing others happy is my happiness.

In high school I weighed 160. I didn't feel huge, but was never asked out or picked for any sports teams...

By college I weighed around 175. I shoved myself into "skinny girl" clothes and had a blast... but still no real luck with love. Still the fat funny friend. Approached a million times by guys asking if I could hook them up with my plethora of beautiful friends...

After college I got an awesome big girl job, bought a condo, and partied and 2am Taco Belled my way to 199 lbs where I stayed until I was diagnosed with the BIG C on December 5th, 2011. I didn't have time to let that sink in because my brain tumor was removed 9 days later. Two weeks of recovery and 50lbs of steroid weight later.... I was cancer free!

Early 2012 I decided to work on myself. Went to the gym, watched what I ate (and drank my calories) and started feeling pretty good about myself! I worked extremely hard for about 6 months and got down to my lowest adult weight of 183... The scale just wouldn't budge... but I felt much better in my own skin. I re-connected with a guy friend from my past who was always interested in me, but I was never interested in guys that were interested in me (go figure). And then .....POOF we're pregnant! I have always wanted to be a mother and although this was one hell of a surprise, we decided that it was fate

Here I am

I guess my post got cut a little short!

Well, I had the worst pregnancy and was put on bed rest for the last trimester. I ballooned to my highest weight of 274. I wouldn't trade it for the world because we now are engaged and have the most beautiful 2 year old princess! She is so smart and hilarious! I just hate that I can't keep up with her! I want to run and jump and do everything I had always hoped to do with my future children...

When I was pregnant I passed a very huge woman walking down the street holding a beautiful little girls hand and the lady was smoking like a chimney. I think this was God's way of showing me a glimpse of what my life would look like if I didn't make some drastic changes. I quit smoking all together while I was pregnant and picked it right back up after I quit breast feeding... BUT I am happy to say that I gave up smoking completely on the first of the year! I think this attributed to a little more of a gain this past year. As of this morning I weigh 232. I can't believe it. I don't feel that big! My friend tagged me in a photo on Facebook that will most definitely be my before pic. It was taken from behind and shows EVERY SINGLE ROLL on my back... This was such a slap in the face. I had no idea it had gotten this bad. My knees are suffering terribly and I feel as though they have no cartilage left in them. I have to do something before my weight takes complete control of my life!

My insurance plan does not cover weight loss surgery (WTF). So after reading all of the amazing reviews for the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana, Mexico... I SCHEDULED MY APPOINTMENT for 12/16/2015 with Dr. Ariel Ortiz!! I can't wait any longer! Everyday behind me is another one lost being obese and tired all the time. It is time to take control.

I haven't told many people because I don't want the judgment. My mom is coming with me and with my surgery so close to my Dec 10th birthday, it is a great excuse for a girls trip to San Diego! ;)

Anyone scheduled for the same date?


In exactly ONE MONTH I will be having my surgery! I am getting soooo excited from reading all of these success stories from OCC! Anyone else heading there December 16th??? I would love to find a friend!


Getting soooooo excited! I am doing ok on the pre-op diet so far. I started on Dec 1st at 232lb and today I am 227.4lb. OCC wants me to lose 12lbs which would put me at 220 by Dec 16th (surgery day). I really hope I can make the goal!!! I have been having the worst carb withdrawals... headaches and fatigue UGHHH. BUT I have to fight through this. If I don't give it my all I will be super disappointed in myself. I wish I could mentally stay on this diet forever and lose the weight without surgery... But I know that once I hit a plateau in weight loss I would quit just like that! Thank goodness you can't "quit" once you have the WLS :) I am dreaming of feeling comfortable in my skin on the beach this summer.... that is my ultimate goal. For once to feel good in my own skin


Flew into San Diego and just arrived safely to TJ Marriott with my mom! Everyone is super nice and the hotel is beautiful! Omar called us right when we landed and was there in minutes to pick us up! He picked up two other ladies and their guests. Both ladies had been to OCC previously for surgery and are back for revisions. One getting lap band removed and one revision to sleeve. So excited that they trust Dr Ortiz enough to come back for more! Ordered the complimentary broth and popsicles which were super bland :( we just ended up getting the tomato soup which is excellent! Super excited for tomorrow! Gonna get some sleep now! Will update in the morning ????


On the sleeved side guys!! Feeling pretty good! Some gas pain. Nausea was horrible right after the procedure. Threw up blood a few times from the breathing tube. All in all I am doing better than I thought! OCC was amazing! The hotel was beautiful and we were treated like royalty the whole time.


HW 235
SW 225
CW 218

WAHOOO!!! I feel amazing! I already have so much more energy to play with my little princess. NSV- I can get on and off the floor swiftly and with ease! Getting sleeved was the best decision EVER! Happy Holidays!


HW 235
SW 225
CW 212

Still feeling pretty good! The weight seems to be coming off slowly which is best... I guess lol. I was hoping to have some crazy results like some of the others on here, but I am happy to be going down abut 3lbs per week which I would have never been able to do before! Maybe in stead I will be one of the lucky ones without saggy skin?!! PRAYING lol. I will post some more pics at my 1 month mark on the 16th! I have found some hideous before pics that I will bring out of hiding as well. Happy New Year Everyone!! Praying that all of the insurance companies treat the sleeve hopefuls well this year!

1 MONTH on January 16th!

HW 235
SW 225
CW 208
Goal 135

I lost 15 in month #1! I must say I haven't been following every reccomendation... I started solids a bit early, I drink with meals, not doing many shakes... It's really hard to eat solids without feeling uncomfortable. I find that after two bites this wave of fatigue washes over me and I have to lay down until it passes. Not sure what thats about. This causes me not to eat until I am in the comfort of my home so I can lay down if need be. So far I am feeling good. I had so much energy im the beginning and I am longing for the energy to kick back in like everyone seems to talk about. I want to work out but This fatigue wipes me out.

Hope everyone is doing well!! ??


Wahoooo!! I hit onederland on 2/20/16! I feel wonderful! Still waiting for the energy to kick in but so far so good. One thing I never thought I would say is that I dont like to eat... It is unpleasant and I normally experience dumping. I have to stay away from carbs which normally is the cause. I am sure that attributes to my lack of energy. But I generally eat two bites ot whatever I fancy and I am full! I do find that I miss big foods and would love to chow down on a huge plate but that is what got me here. At least the craving is not hunger it is just desire.

HW 235
SW 225
CW 196

NSV Crossing my legs comfortably!, clothes are hanging off me and my smaller clothes are fitting! Feels like I have a new wardrobe :)


Hi Guys! Just a quick update. I was stuck at 192 for two weeks but it finally budged! Even with the stall this ended up being a good month. 4 Months out! WOW I can't believe the time has flown by and the weight is flying off! 4 more pounds and I will be back to my lowest adult weight. 20 more pounds and I will be at my high school weight! EEEEEEEK :) Hope you all are well!

HW 235
SW 225
CW 187

NSV I had a routine MRI and normally would be soooo uncomfortable sliding my big body into that tiny tube and now there was room to breathe! I didn't feel so claustrophobic this time.
ALSO, I have been having to get rid of so many clothes. I have always worn things way too tight for me so they have been fitting well but now are falling off and I can't even fake it with a belt! I have some old smaller clothes that I have been using because I just can't fathom buying any more new if I'm just going to lose even more! months back I bought a load of medium items and think I will end up being a small or XS at this rate. WOW feel so good to say that.


Week 21 Update

HW 235 SW 225 CW 183 Down to my lowest adult weight and feeling fantastic! Only regret is that I didn't do this sooner! Hope all you mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day :)

6 months already?

HW 235
SW 225
CW 178

Feeling great! struggling a little with snacking and not exercising... I also haven't been having enough protein. Wanting to work on those things! 6 months has flown by. 4 more lbs and I will be 100lbs lighter than the day I gave birth to my baby girl (3 years ago lol)

Hope all is well :)

Week 29

HW 235
SW 225
CW 174

I made it to one of my milestones!!!! 100lbs gone since the day I had my baby girl!!! I can't even believe I am saying that.... feels surreal!

Next goal is to reach my high school weight of 167!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! xoxo

thinking of changing my goal weight...?

Has anyone decided to change their goal weight? My goal weight has been to lose an even 100lbs since the start of my journey (putting me at 135), but recently I feel that I would like to lose a bit more. I am thinking that I would like to be about 125 to leave room for monthly fluctuation and water weight gain. I am 5'3" so I think that will put me in the middle of my BMI range instead of the high side. How did you determine your goal weight??? xoxo

9 Months

HW 235
SW 225
CW 165

70 pounds gone! I WEIGH LESS THAN I DID IN HIGH SCHOOL!!! So happy I could cry! The weight is not coming off very fast now though... I have been plateauing for a month then losing a few. But Monday I am going to start exercising finally. I haven't had a regimen since long before surgery and it is time!

Life is great! I got promoted at work and it has been a super busy few months. Just thought I would check in. Hope everyone is doing well!

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