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I've pretty much been overweight my entire life....

I've pretty much been overweight my entire life. You name the diet and I've done it. In May 2013, I gave birth and weighed 363 the day I left the hospital. I got down to 270 and now I'm at 288. I have decided to get sleeved and will be having surgery in Tijuana with Dr. Maytorena. I originally was interested in the lap band but after speaking with others as well as the coordinator from Dr. Maytorenas office, I decided on getting sleeved. Ruben is the coordinator for Maytorena office and she is very informational and responds to every inquiry that I have. Im overly excited for my new journey!

30 days until surgery!

I am 30 days out from getting sleeved and I am toooooo excited! I still have not received my passport so Im getting worried :-(

Two weeks and counting

Everything is set and ready to go for surgery. Ive received my passport, paid for my surgery and flight! Im just enjoying my last few weeks of being able to eat what i want lol.

7 days til surgery in Tijuana!

Currently on my pre op diet, it's been 6 days and I'm down 9 lbs. Not an all liquid diet but high protein and low carbs. You would be surprised about how many foods carry high carbs (yogurt, granola bars, fruits etc) all the things I'm use to while dieting! Needless to say I'm a little irritable now a days lol. I'm holding strong in hopes of an amazing surgery and recovery.


Finally sleeved!!

Here's my story..good bad and ugly! I arrived in San Diego at 9:45am. My driver Annette was late, she came around 10:30. There was another girl that was picked up at San Diego airport that was going to get sleeved as well. We crossed the border into Tijuana and it wasn't as bad as I imagined but definitely not paradise. The place where surgery is done looks skeptical but it was clean and they seemed organized. I was weighed (286), blood was drawn and an IV was started. Long term does 4 surgeries a day and I was the third patient on 3/3/16. It was close to 6 or 7pm when it was time for my surgery. I woke up an hour in an half later with stomach pain. They gave me medicine and then I went back to the bed I was laying in hours before surgery. The next day they took me and another girl to have our leak test done at another doctors office and gave us X-rays of the stomach and esophagus, all was well. Yay! After that we went to a very comfortable recovery house where the nurses waited on us hand and foot. Very caring and attentive and I felt I was in great hands. I was sooo happy to be in the recovery house because the night before I had to share a room with a girl that had an extremely loud snore and I was miserable from being up all night. Any who...by the time we got to the recovery home all the gals were starving. I didn't want anything but for someone to bring in broth jello or anything to help the hunger pains! The broth was finally brought in and I thought I would devour it but after 4 tablespoons it was like I just finished a thanksgiving meal. I was stuffed. I turnt on my air conditioner, watched DD4L and dozed off. The next day I felt 80% better than the night before. Not as bloated, didn't need anything for pain and didn't have any gas at all. I had broth and apple juice for breakfast, showered and conversed with the other ladies to see how they were doing as they were getting ready to go back to San Diego because they had earlier flights. I went back to my room to lie down, the driver said he would return in a few hours to take me to the airport. They left around 10:30 then I got a knock at my door saying to get ready and to bring my things out to the living room and wait for the driver because he was pulling up. An hour later the driver still had not arrived but they actually needed my room for the next set of ladies that were just sleeved and on their way to recover. No biggie..I was packed and ready to go anyways! Before I left I began to feel nauseous so the nurse gave me a shot in my bottom and I felt fine. Our ride finally arrived and we were on the way! We stopped at a pharmacy because the girl I was riding with didn't want the prescription package for $150 but she wanted to stop and get flucanzole and blood thinners. The area wasn't bad, lots of traffic and businesses (downtown Tijuana). It took us a good hour to pass the border and of course I brought stuff the whole time waiting. Tijuana has some pretty cool sh**!! Lol. I made it through the entire day without pain meds but after being cramped up on the plane I felt a little uneasy and decided to take meds to help me relax and lay down. I'm actually just now getting home..I weighed myself and I'm 293..I'm bloated, started my period yesterday, I've been drinking plenty of fluids so it's no surprise in heavier.

Recovering very well

I was sleeved 3/3/16 so I'm 5 days post op. Outside of feeling a little tired I feel fine. I've only taken pain meds twice since I left Tijuana and that was more for comfort. When I lay down at night my incisions start to hurt and so I've taken them before bed.

Hw: 296
Sw: 286
Cw: 285
I was 294 when I got home from Tijuana due to swelling, fluid, menstrual etc. I'mpleased with progress, I'm dropping pounds every day.

Dropping lbs by the minute!

Post op 1 week and 3 days and the weight is falling off. I was 286 pre op, after surgery I was 293 and now I'm 274!

The weight is falling off

Hello. Its been a while since I updated. Quick stat update

Hw: 296
Sw: 286
Cw: 249

Im slow on losing but steady.

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