25 F/38.1 BMI, Getting the Sleeve & Changing my Life! - Mexico

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Stats... HW: 195.4 lbs / 38.1 BMI CW: 186.1lbs /...

HW: 195.4 lbs / 38.1 BMI
CW: 186.1lbs / 29.3 BMI
GW: 120 lbs / 23.4 BMI

Progress: - 9.3 lbs

Getting excited for my surgery with Dr. Ortiz! I decided to start the pre-op liquid diet a couple days early (on Tuesday instead of Thursday) to give myself a bit more wiggle room. So far, it's been pretty good. I had to return the Vitaleph shakes because it turns out I'm casein-intolerant! The protein in milk products does not make my stomach happy. So Lucia, the amazing nutritionist at OCC, recommended I try a vegan protein shake and that's been working out a lot better. I have one shake in the morning (protein powder, soy milk, & mixed berries) plus all the vitamins and a cup of decaf lemon tea. For lunch I've been having some steamed spinach mixed with goat cheese and garlic, a serving of sugar-free jello or pudding, and my protein shake. For dinner I'm not usually that hungry, so I've been having just a protein shake or more steamed spinach. I've been a little constipated since I got off the milk protein (which was having the opposite effect!), but otherwise the weight seems to keep coming off. I needed to lose 10% of my excess body weight before surgery, so I'm happy that I'm on track (Lucia had me doing Keto for a month before starting the liquid diet). I want to get down to 181lbs before the surgery though.

Like many people doing this I'm sure, my weight has been a constant struggle my whole life. I can't ever remember not being overweight, even as a kid. So I'm hoping that doing this is going to give me the tools I need to succeed in keeping the weight off for life.
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