Lower Body Lift (LBL) & Breast Lift & now revisions! ! Post MWL 8 Years Ago. - Tijuana, MX

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Here I go!!! I did it! I have researched and...

Here I go!!!
I did it! I have researched and talked with people and have finally made the decision to get rid of my extra skin!
I have made all the travel plans and set a date to have my surgery done on October 28, 2014 with Dr. Quiroz.
I'm super excited and nervous. I am a researcher....that is good and bad for me!

SOOOO in my head!!! 34 days and counting!

Get outta your head Susan!!
That's what I keep telling myself. I am, hopelessly, obsessed with my upcoming surgeries.
In 34 days I will be going SOTB (south of the border) for my LBL, & BL with possible aug.
I am a researching nut!!! Give it to me...the good, the bad, and the ugly! I just can't seem to get enough!!
Am I the only one like this????

The only problem I have with this is that I am leaving for a wonderful, tropical vacation with my hunky hubby tomorrow!!! I can't seem to get focused on it! It is all about the surgery!
I need to just chill and live in the moment. I know that...and working on it. Hopefully when I get on the plane things will change.

Another thing I have found is the 'awareness' I have of my body in every situation I am in. I did not realize that just about every movement I make has some sort of block or shift to hide my middle pudge. WOW..... I had no idea I worked so hard to hide the un-hideable. How exhausting!

I am 7 yrs...tomorrow!...from RNY WLS. I lost 132 lbs and have kept off 120-122. I have a whole new life in the last few years and I love every bit of it!! I am one super blessed woman and I love my life!!!
With that....I can't believe I've been avoiding being real with myself. I guess it was my way of just accepting that I had all of the extra, ugly skin after my MWL.
Hunky and I have had this agreement....Boat and Boobs by 50. I'm one year away! Hunky told me to look into getting the girls done....so I did! With all of the research I found out that I REALLY needed and wanted a LBL too!
I''m scheduled for October 28th with Dr. Quiroz at Cosmed. I'm SO excited.
With the scheduling came the permission to be 'real' with myself. I've been looking, touching, poking, prodding, pulling, giggling all of my excess skin. I had NO idea there was so much!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! And knowing it will be gone soon is incredible.
I wonder how much I will blossom and change after all of this?

I'm ready....let's get this game on!

but first....Vacay with the hunky!!

3 weeks and counting!!!

Three weeks from now I'll be on a plane with my hunky hubby towards the end of a looooonnnnggg chapter and starting a new one!
SO excited!

One week away!!!

One more week! I totally suck at this waiting stuff.
In one week hunky hubby and I will be heading to San Diego to be picked up at the airport by the personal pick up for the medical center we are going to in Mexico. I go in to my pre-op appointment and mark up. The following morning, Oct. 28th, I will have a lower body lift with a vertical incision and breast lift with augmentation at a later date after healing.
There is a lot of talk about why I am not getting the augmentation at the same time as the lift. Would I like it all done at once....heck yea. But I understand and appreciate why he is not doing that.
Because of the massive weight loss, my breast have severely drooped which causes the skin to be very thin. The lift will bring it all up and bring the breast tissue up. In order for the foreign object, the silicon breast to be accepted it needs to be placed in healthy and healed tissue.
Yes....it can be done all at once. But the chance of a breast revision is high. I might as well do it the right way and be patient.
It took me my lifetime to get me to this point, whats a few months of healing to do it right??

We will be staying at the recovery boutique with the 24 hour care and meals for 4 nights, and then over to a hotel in San Diego for 6 more nights. Hopefully by day 10 I'll be in good enough shape to do well on the 2.5 hour flight to Seattle and then the 2 hour drive home. Ive read some reviews where people are beyond great within the week and others are put down for weeks! Im shooting for the first one! ;0)

My question to the "flat siders" is..... Did you go through a stage where you REALLY dislike your body????
I am finding that I am crinkling my nose at myself when I look and touch all the skin that has numbered days.

I also have found that I have only told a handful of people of my upcoming surgeries. I really don't want to be put out there to be judged. And then ad going to Tijuana for the surgery. OMG....they'll have a hayday with this one!
I have my reasons, I have the incredible support and love of my hunky hubby, and of my pups....I don't need much more!

I am gathering up things that I think I will need for recovery while away from home. Ive moved my furniture around to put the recliner in a better location. I bought a lil rolling drawer thingy to have next to the chair to fill with all my 'stuff'. I've searched Pinterest for fun crochet projects to keep me busy when healing.
I think I am pretty much ready to go!!
Am I missing anything???

Counting the days....

The OHSO dreaded 'Before' pics

Here I am in ALL my volumnous, rollin' glory. SO incredibly humbling. I thank God that I am able to post these as 'Before' pics and I have the the wonderful opportunity to be able to post in a few short weeks my "After" pics.
Thank you to all of my RS friends for posting, and supporting me with words of encouragement and love.
You are the bestest eva!!!

One more sleep!

One more sleep before I head to the airport!
My pre-op is tomorrow at noon, and surgeries on Tuesday.

My head is EVERYWHERE!

I'm trying to keep busy but just drift off. I've been up since 3:00 am! Ugh!
I think I will definitely have some wine tonight to just chill, and snuggle up with my hunky on the couch.
Yea....sounds like a good plan!

On the flat side!

Hi ya'll!
I'm a wee bit more coherent today. I am on day two after surgery.
Yowza! It sure isn't anything to take lightly. It's not a walk in the park, that's for sure. I was prepped for the bad first days, but until you are there.....YEEHAW!
Just do not cough or hiccup! Doing that adds an awful lot to the experience. HAHAHAHA.....
As long as I in the hospital bed with my feet up, pillows everywhere, I'm good!
I'm getting up every few hours to walk and go potty. It's the getting out and into bed that is the tricky part. Thank GOD for my hunky hubby. He's the absolute best. Not to mention the 24/7 nursing staff and of course Dr. Q! He stops by daily on the way into work and before he leaves for home. Really wonderful man.
I had a peek a boo during bandage change this morning. As I've researched and as he keeps telling me, it's a process! Nothing happens over night.
It is the weirdest feeling to be sooooo tight and a bit numb. Like it's not me.
I go up to see Dr. Quiroz this afternoon. I'll try and get some Frankenstein pics for you!
Hangin' tuff!

First post surgery doctor appointment.

I just got back to my room after seeing Dr. Quiroz for a check up. I've attached pics too. Perfect timing to look like Frankenstein! Tomorrow's Halloween. That is not really a smile on my face, hahaha, just trying to not pull at the stitches.
Doc said everything looks real good. I did pop a few stitches my first night due to hiccups. I suggest you don't do that. Not a whole lot of fun.
Hubby and I leave here tomorrow for the states. We'll be staying at a resort for 6 more nights. We will come and visit Dr. Q a few times before we go home.
Hopefully minus the drains. They aren't bad, just a nuisance. We've gotten really good at measuring and clearing them. We found out how important it is to clear wayyyyy up. Mine was clogged and leaking because it had no where to go.
The pain is totally manageable. I have what the doctor prescribed but brought the big guns with me. I've only taken those at night.
I'm drinking lots of water, which mean lots of potty breaks. The hospital bed is a bit high for me so I have to stretch a little bit. It's uncomfortable.
I've wased my face and brushed my teeth a few times. It makes me feel a bit refreshed.
I got a full lower body lift with a vertical incision.
Breast lift, with augmentation should I chose after they are healed up.
Lipo with fat transfer to my bum. Totalllly feels weird because the incision area is numb and you feel like your sitting on something hard.
Hoping to get some good sleep tonight.
Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers. They have really helped me though this.


Day 4.... Very Real for mySelf!

Here I am.....day 4. Man this is real stuff!
I've read 100's of reviews and I can say I was sorta prepared for all of this, but just not completely.
Don't mean to be a Debbie Downer.....just realistic. There are a few key things I wish I knew so I would've been better prepared. I suppose if I've had other major surgeries I would know this stuff. Knock on wood, I haven't had any.
I knew of the drains.... My new ball friends. I did not know of the maintenance of them. Not draining, I mean stripping them in order to keep the lines clear of clots. If you don't, the fluids will come out of every place it can. Which means your suture lines,the drain line holes, etc. it can make quite the mess!
I was not prepared with enough garments or underware. Luckily there was a Walmart right around the corner that my hunky went to and bought more.
What kind of garment? One I never thought I'd ever buy or wear. The granny housecoat. They are indispensable!! Another were the big ol granny panties. With all the swelling, pad, binder, shirts, etc, you need big and comfy. I brought jammies with bottoms. Not easy to deal with. The bending over is just not happening!
We left Mexico yesterday and came to one of our resort hotels that has a kitchen and laundry. I don't suggest even thinking about heading out three days after such major surgeries. What was I thinking!? After a full day of travel, borders, rental cars, shuttles, hotels.....I was beyond spent. I had a fever, and a few popped stitches. Which led to a total meltdown as soon as I got into the room. Dumb...dumb....dumb!
I stayed put all day. Drank water and more water. Took my meds and rested. (Which is hard for me to do) and I've been fever free. Whew....
I have read about sneezing and coughing. Both of which I've diverted for the last two days. Until tonight. I HIGHLY suggest you don't sneeze or cough! OooohhhhhEeeeemmmmmmGggggggEeeeeee......ouchie-wawa!!!!
Ok...ok....find the positives Susan.
I actually have soooooo many. I am truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be in this painful place. I have the worlds best hunky hubby who is awesome at being my police officer and stopping me from doing things, and doing everything with and for me! And last but not least SO blessed to have such wonderful people on RS. Their stories and pictures are incredible as they are. Thank You all!
I've attached some great Frankenstein pics for your viewing pleasure!
From the flat side...
Message me if you have any questions. Nothing is off base. We need to support & educate each other.

What I feel like!

He found a box of stickers!
I saw this and hurt myself LOL'ing.
That is how I feel!! I have those all over my body!!

Hope this made ya smile. Smiles heal!

Hangin' tough.... Day 12

Hi all you beautiful RSer's!!!

In one hand I can't believe it's been 12 days....in the other it's like....WHAT!? Only 12??? haha...

My travel day home from San Diego to Seattle went good and uneventful. Whew.... I used points and booked first class for the flight home. The hardest part was walking from the remote terminal, to baggage claim to parking shuttle, to our car. I put a pillow and blanket in the car before we left. Thank goodness because I slept the 2 hour drive home.
I've been a really good girl at resting. I know/knew this would be the hardest part for me. I did chose to go upstairs and sleep in my own bed. Which was a good choice because I've slept better since I've been home than any other place. Rest helps heal.
I stopped any sort of narcotic pain med after day 4, and just do ibuprofen & acetaminophen when I need something. I take the stairs very slow. And only go up for bed. So no worries.
The only real pain I have is my back from sitting so much! I think it has to do with not being able to totally use your front ab muscles and it taxes the back. I dunno. What I do know it sure gets sore!
All my incisions are closed and looking good. At least as good as Frankenstein can at day 12.
I am using arnica cream and pills. It sure helped the bruising. Now hopefully for the swelling.

Swelling is a weird thing. I can lay there in the evening and feel it tighten up my binder. Just wow!

I just had my first full shower. And all I can say is AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! It felt wonderful and is wonderful to be clean. Wipes can only do so much.

I am busy working on a few different crochet projects I have for the gkids, going through all the recorded shows from being away, and plunking around online. And of course....parked on my bum!

I am really bummed. We were given tickets to tomorrow's Seahawk game from my in-laws. I would LOVE to go. Maybe we will get another pair of tickets later on in the season. Games are a blast to go to!

That's all that is going on with me. Not a whole heckuva lot.

Hope this finds you all doing very well!


We have HIGH BEAMS!!

I was walking around and hubby pointed out that my high beams were on!
WOOHOO!!!! I have HIGH beams!!!
Pre-surgery even my high beams were llllllooooowwwwww. Like TOB (Tits On Belly) llllllooooowwww!!!
Its nice to see them on high!
And the bonus is that they both work! I can feel the left one, but not the right yet. But looks like I will and soon!
One of those TMI things that I can only share on here!

Luv ya guys!

Two week post-op

I'm two weeks today!! Do I hear a yay?
I'm YAYing...and want to jump up and down, but know better!

Every day gets a bit better. The evenings still are when the swelling is the most. I am literally doing nothing but healing (and working on the crochet lego blanket for my gson). My incSleeping is a bit better and easier. I'm a side sleeper so this back stuff has been tough. Showers are from heaven! AWWWWW!!!!! I finally took a full shower. Wipes can only do so much!

I did get on that evil thing called the scale. I was curious, and didn't have any expectations because I know better.
To my surprise, I am down almost 20 from the day before surgery. WOWOWOW! If I had expectations, it most certainly wouldn't be that!

I had the remaining stitches removed and one drain this afternoon. I'm spent after that. So glad that's done. One more drain to go. Maybe in a week. It still is draining a bit. I would rather it drain into that than have to be removed via a needle!

The incisions seem to be healing fairly well. I really don't like what they look like. I have to put trust in my doctor and the process. I knew this was what they would look like before I had surgery. It's just WOW to see them on you!!! I am watching my belly button and under both breasts. I emailed my doctor with pics and asked his opinion.

I did take a short drive to the bank and Michael's yesterday. It's not so easy to drive. You don't realize how much twisting you do when you drive. So I will wait till hunky hubby gets home from work to do any outings for a bit. And I cancelled two meetings this week that I thought I might be able to attend. haha....I'm so funny! NOT!

What else.....
My animals are loving me being parked all day. They take turns sleeping on the recliner next to me. All but the retriever that is.
That's about it. How are ya'll doing???


3 weeks and FREAKING OUT!! =0(


Up at 2:00 am and freaking out!

I have 3 areas of separation.
The one under my left breast and the breast is aching. Because of the location it doesn't seem to be drying out and healing. Even after 'airing it out' for an hour a day.
The second separation is a spot at the bottom of my right areola. It seems to be drying up well.
The third and now most worrisome is the separation at the "T" junction of the 360 & vertical incision. I woke to the area weeping so much it soaked my underwear, pajamas, and bed. The pubic mound is super swollen, and the area seems to be red. I don't have a fever.
I have one drain and my drainage numbers seem to be pretty high (in my opinion) for being 3 weeks out.
I finished the antibiotics that was prescribed last week. I will take pics in the morning.


I should be getting better but its all getting worse!

I know things are always worse at 2:00 am. I think I'm a pretty realistic person and am worried about this.
I wrote a few emails to my doctor. I think he will know that I'm worried. I hope, & pray he calls me today!

Worried in Seattle,

Pics of swollen, red, and leaking area




Well son-of-a-gun.....
All my leaking, swelling, redness, etc issues are all because of a seroma!

The majority of people have surgical drains that can be pulled within a week or two after surgery.
It seems I'm one of the lucky few who get to live the close life with my drains for longer!
I had one of my two drains pulled at two weeks. (Last week) and have one remaining.
The leaking is caused by an excess of fluid that is collecting in my abdomen because that drain no longer exists. The pressure has been building and the fluid found a point where it could escape.... My abdomen suture line. The growing pressure is what is causing the redness.
I am going back on antibiotics to be safe and because I still have a drain in for probably another week. Yay....not! Haha.... I would rather have the drain, then to have another bout of this and have to have it removed via a needle!
I feel a bit better knowing the who, what, where, why. Now to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and focus on healing.
Thank ya'll for hangin' with me.
This is all part of the process I suppose.

Quick update...still leaking

Just a quickie....
I'm hangin' tuff! It's nice knowing what I'm dealing with and also being on antibiotics (just in case).
Now to just be patient and heal.
hahaha..... If you knew me you know I have the patience of a thoroughbred at the starting gate! So this sitting around thing is difficult for me, but I'm doing it.
I'm now leaking from two locations on my vertical incision line and the one remaining drain is working overtime with fluid that has found it's way to it.
Other than that.... all is good and healing!

Wishing you all a wonderful S.H.I.T day! (Sure Happy It's Thursday! What were you thinking! ;0)


WOOHOO! I month out!!!

It's been a fast and slow month. I'm trying like hell to be in a positive frame of mind about this whole journey.
Why is it so hard for me to be happy right now?
One word......DRAIN!!!!!
I don't like my lil friend anymore and I want it to go away!!!!! I cannot say that I have heard of anyone on RS that still has their drain(s) at one month. It's annoying and super irritated sore.
Yes...I know what the alternative is. NO...I don't want the alternative.
I asked my doc about it and got the same ol same ol....its going good. Maybe out in a week we can take it out.
I don't want the skate over answer. I want to know why my body is doing what its doing to make the drain hang around so long and what can we do about it??
Being on antibiotics for a month is no fun. I am doing probiotics but the yeast infection is wicked! Really? Seriously???
Having the irritation and annoyance of my lil friend that is still hanging around has really hit me mentally too. My poor hunky hubby gets the brunt of it. Bless his heart. He hasn't taken the 'irritated beeotch' bait I throw at him. Good man!
I haven't really gotten out much in the month. The weather has been so yuck that wearing jeans and all the warm stuff gets very uncomfortable fairly quickly.
So that means I'm home alone day in and day out (live on 20 acres in the boonies) with only my critters to talk to. And now they even roll their eyes at me! ;0)
Sheesh..... I'm annoying myself being so annoying!!!

I wrote to my doc again with specific questions about the pictures and issues. I think there might still be a stitch in my breast, my swollen mons that is not going down and has a blueish tinge to it, and of course the drain!

I flip it (my attitude) when I can and for the most part am just fine. I am almost done with my gson's crocheted lego blanket. I'll post a pic when done. It's been a huge project and has kept me busy!
I took down fall decor and have all of my Christmas boxes down to get that going. I'm back to cooking again. Missed being in my kitchen. Slowly getting into cleaning the house.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are headed to my in-laws. I picked up a new outfit of leggings and sweater dress so I will be comfortable and able to conceal my drain. It's going to be a long afternoon with family and watching our team...Go SEAHAWKS!

With that.....I may be a wee bit cranky, but I am SO very thankful to be able to have this opportunity in my life. To be able to move on to a new chapter in my weight loss journey.
I'm forever thankful to have such a wonderful, loving, caring, and giving hunky hubby.

My wish for you is to me surrounded by health and love.
Happy Thanksgiving!


DRAINLESS.....as free as the wind blows.... Lalalala....

Yep! You read it right! The record breaking time has come to an end! 5 weeks with my lil drain friend has come to an end! I cannot say I'll miss it!!!
Talked with my doctor yesterday and he said "PULL IT"....I said....OK!!!!! (like you thought it would be any different?)
The catch.....at least 3 days of butt time. Because my drain was producing 50-70 ml in 24hrs., that fluid will need to be absorbed by my bod. When I move around a lot, I swell. I don't need more fluid. So on my butt I will be!
This is the end of the long haul. I can do this!
I will watch fun holiday movies, GONE WITH THE WIND, work on a new crochet project, SHOPPING online! and....watch Gone with the Wind again!!! ;0)

I turned the corner and am feeling more like me again. It's a wonderful feeling! I rarely take any Tylenol for pain. I have never liked taking that stuff.
I have a few scabs here and there. The incisions are lumpy & bumpy. I have started massaging them.
I got a new stage 2 CG. Hubby walked it right when I was trying to wrap the marshmallow with the rubber band! haha.... It is a funny looking contortionist dance to get that thing on! Don't laugh....you too, will be doing that dance soon enough!!
I am going to set up some appointments with a lymphatic massage therapist to help with the fluid and swelling. I've heard it works well.

Hope ya'll had a fabulous turkey day, and fun shopping on Black Friday!!

Now time to concentrate on the next Family holiday.....MY FAV!! What are your traditions you are looking forward to?



On my bum....Day 2.

Hi Ya'll!!!
Happy HumpDay!

Thought I'd do a quick update.

I am ending day two of my "do-nothing-but-sit-on-your-arse" days.
Yes....I'm doing it! 98% of my time. The other 2% is bathroom, kitchen, firewood. And I'm living through it! hahaha.....
Funny how we dream of days were you can sit around in your yoga pants and sweatshirt, cruising online, PINTEREST and watching movies all day! And here I am acting like a toddler who was told to take a nap!

I am in SERIOUS swell hell. Which was expected since my drain was still draining up to 70ml a day. I changed into a less tight CG because it was seriously like a marshmallow with a rubber band wrapped around it!
I think (hoping) this is the 'swellest' day and that the lack of moving around is really helping.
So much fun....I think I'll do it again tomorrow!!

Wishing you bright sunshiny days & loving hugs to you!



Lordy Cow!!!
I woke up swollen like a barrel!
NO waist! Just round and TIGHT!!
I bought a few new CG's. I can't wear them. WAY too tight.
As I'm sitting on my bum, I am online researching swelling.
I ended up buying from here:
and Real Selfers have a discount! real20
WooHoo! I can't stand paying so much for underware! UGH...
I love coupons!
I know....I'm worth it. It's for a good cause. But still....hard to spend the $ on me especially since so much has already been spent on me.
Ya know?

Just wanted to share the deal with you!!!

A new figure.....Barrel-esqe!!

Forget Rubenesque figures as being sexy....
I'm bringing sexy back with.....(drum roll please)....
You too can look like this AND sit on your arse for days for a few small payments a month!!

Just kidding....

It's really hard to see the swelling in photos, but believe me....it's there. I'm super duper tight!
I've always had an hour glass shape even when I was a 4 hour glass shape!
Right now I am square. No hips or waist. Just a block....or barrel!

This is what is going on:
I am 5.5 weeks post op. After a certain time, if the drain isn't pulled, the drain suction makes the body create fluid. Sort of like when breastfeeding. Your body makes more milk when the baby suckles. And when the baby stops, the body still makes the milk for a few days until it realizes it isn't being stimulated to make more. Until then....you have that wonderful engorged feeling.
This swelling isn't a "Seroma" and cannot be sucked out with a needle. (kinda wishing it could! kinda....) It's all in my tissues.
Time is my only healer.
I am taking antihistamine. Histamine is what causes swelling. A side effect is being put out cold! Benedryl knocks me out!
The other is limiting my movement. I walk around enough during the day at home. Careful to not over do things because that causes more swelling.
I am wearing my CG 24/7. I have to be careful with that. Too loose doesn't help. And too tight can cause issues. The swelling goes from my mid-thigh to my boobs.

I'm home plopped in my chair. I get to watch my gson for a few hours while his mom goes to the doctor. He is 3. We are going to make gingerbread men! And then back to my chair.
I am supposed to have a class tomorrow evening that is a few hours. I hope to be able to make it. It's been awhile since I've been on the range.

Other than being a barrel I feel great! My spirits are good, and I'm optimistic.
However...I am female. That all can change in a second! ;0)

Smiles ya'll!!!

8 weeks post op.....Feeling good!

Happy Winter Realselfers!!!

I am 8 weeks post op today! That sounds good! And feels good!
A bit of reflection..... No regrets on having this surgery. NONE! I do have to admit, even with all my research pre op, the recovery was a bit more than I expected. It really is a doozy of a recovery. At least it was for me.
I'm sure my traveling on day 3 and staying in a hotel didn't help things at all. Hind sight is 20/20.
Having the drain over 5 weeks put a toll on me. It eventually felt more like a ball & chain! I was thankful to pull it and knew the swelling would be huge, but I was ready to move on in the healing.
I laid really low for the week after I pulled the drain in order for the swelling to subside. At week six I stood up, stomped my foot and declared I was done!
No more dwelling on my bod, the surgery, the this, the that. You see.....I got caught up in a whirlwind and didn't even see it! All the pre op preparations, the travel, the surgery, the recovery. It was ALL about me and my body. That was the focus.
UH....HELLO Susan! There is much more to life than you!!!
So I pulled on my big girl panties and off I went!
Attitude is everything!!!
haha....go figure!
Since that day I am back to me! I missed me!!! It's been great!!
Sure I still have swelling and occasional aches and such, but I don't dwell on it. It's just part of the healing.
And the healing will take up to a year! I REFUSE to sit around and live a woe is me life!!
So my biggest advice to you....don't get sucked up in that! Take care of yourself, rest, eat well, drink LOTS of water, but keep on with life! Keep your sense of humor!
We had a great weekend filled with Christmas parties and incredible football games this past weekend. I had SO much fun wearing new clothes and clothes that I have not pulled out and worn in years.
We have a few more get together's this week and am planning on a wonderfully relaxing Christmas day with my hunky hubby!
For New Years we are headed to a great hotel in Oregon for a big party. I have ordered two dresses to choose from (The one pictured is 2 sizes smaller than my pre op size! OMG!) It is also our first anniversary on the 31st, so I want to knock his socks off!!
I am so very thankful to have this site and to have found such wonderful people. I truly could not have done this without you! I LOVE YOU!!!
Hope this finds you all doing and feeling well.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and the absolute best of the best New Year!!!


Hot tub ready???

I have a question for ya'll....
I have one small opening left from my 360. It's at the "T" intersection of the fleur de lis.
Everything else has been closed for a long time.

My question is.... am I able to use the hot tub, hot bath tub, pool?

We are headed out of town for New Years/Anniversary and they have an incredible lazy floating hot salt pool that is to die for.
I NEED to use it!
Can I???

I'm bbbbaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!!!! Headed in for revisions and such in August!

HI RSer's!!
I am 9 months post op from a LBL and BL with xfer to my bum. After a lot of research & time I chose to have my surgeries with Dr. Quiroz in Mexico. Note: I made an educated decision to go to another country. I know all about the good, the bad, and the ugly. Please do not bash me for my choice. Ok...with that out of the way....
I did my homework before I went under the knife and felt that I was very well educated and realistic about everything pertaining to the surgery, the facility/doctor, recovery, expectations, etc.
I consider myself to be a pretty smart and tough cookie. My recovery was not a walk in the park! These surgeries are BIG! And I totally underestimated how big they really were and the time for recovery.
I was not totally incapacitated but it did knock me flat for awhile. I am not really one to 'sit still' so that played a part in my recovery as well.
Through these surgeries I found out how my bond heals. Good stuff to know since I went over 5 weeks with those darn balls!!! hahaha.... After those finally came out I flipped my down and depressed attitude and turned the corner.
I haven't looked back since!! It's been full bore ahead!!
Again....I feel I am realistic about my body. I know that I am not, and will never have a Victoria Secret model body. I know that the abuse I put my body through when I was morbidly obese has done permanent damage and some things cannot be fixed.
I have come a LONG way in those 8 years since my weightloss surgery. With the help of Dr. Quiroz, I am on the path to having better body acceptance.
I have never had a flat stomach in my life. I am FLAT and have hard abs! DAYUM! Love it!!!
But..... (haha, you knew there had to be a but...)
There are things that I am not happy with and need to be revised/fixed.
One area is my vertical incision. You can see in the pictures that it's very 'poofy' above the belly button and super tight below. With fitted clothes on my "muffin top" has moved up. The top bulges and actually hurts a bit.
Another area are the girls. Because of my massive weight loss I could not have a lift and augmentation at the same time. Dr. Q did a great job at lifting and tucking them up. However there are some internal stitches that are really pulling and burning when I reach up for things or twist. As well as there are a few stitches that you can see are puckering the skin.
Next we are going south.... with the LBL being so successful and taught it has made my body no longer proportionate. As well as, I believe since the fat cells are no longer available around my midsection, the fat migrates down to my thighs! UGHHHHHH!!!!
I have always been thick thighed, but it's just ridiculous now!! And pants just do NOT fit right. It's like I don't have a waist. The pants have to be big enough to fit my thunder thighs which makes the waist huge. I have bought many many belts but the pants/shorts/whatever still slip down all the time and the belt rests on the top of my thighs. NICE VISUAL huh? I can't keep up my pants! Its really frustrating and then to have the tops of my thighs bulging out bigger than I've ever seen them....YUCK!!
Dr. Q and I have discussed everything. He agrees that things need to be fixed and he's going to do that. He also agrees that a thigh lift with more fat xfer to my bum would be very helpful in evening out my body's proportions.
For the breasts he feels they have settled farther down than he likes so he will lift more and if the fullness I want isn't achieved by that lift he will do an augmentation. Along with fixing those internal stitches issues.
I know it sure doesn't sound like I am being realistic to some and my doctor has helped me see what is possible and what is not.
I am headed down to see him again and having surgery on August 3, 2015. I am going by myself this time and staying a week in the wonderful hands of the Recovery Boutique nurses.
I am feeling very good. I am super active and am competitive in shooting sports. Yep....a 50 year old Nana who is running and gunning! I'm having the time of my life!
We are taking the kids to Disneyworld for Christmas and then on an exotic adventure to St. Thomas in April, 2016. I am hoping that I will be happier with my legs after this surgery and feeling more comfortable in shorts and skirts and in my own skin when nekked!
Thank you all in advance for the wonderful support I know all RSer's have to give and I hope my writing about my experiences is helpful to others. PM me if you have any questions.

Looking forward to another journey!!!


4 more sleeps!

I leave tomorrow to San Diego to spend a few days with my BFF and off to TJ on Sunday evening for the big day on Monday.
I'm totally in my head over this. Even though I've done this before, the fear and nervousness still happens. I wish I could say it's easier to go through this time, but it's not. Can't sleep...the brain is on constantly.
I have a list of questions for my doctor and I thought I would get a pink sharpie pen to mark on my bod the locations of questions I have.
Trying to get things in order at home before I go so it will all be ready when I return in a week.
The catcher here, is my dog is due with puppies the week I get back! That will keep my mind off of me and my owies. After they are born momma will do most of the work for the first two weeks. So its good.
Just thought I'd reach out and say HI. And hopefully some words of encouragement for the gal who's brain won't shut up!!

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Working on a review and will post after my revisions. Stay tuned!!

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