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I have narrowed my choice down to Dr. Q and a...

I have narrowed my choice down to Dr. Q and a couple of other surgeons. I thought it would be helpful if I reviewed the initial consultation process for each although I will not make my final decision until I hear from one more surgeon. (I already sent my photos to the final surgeon.) I am interested in facial fat transfer, arm lift, and forehead rejuvenation as well as a possible upper lip procedure. Dr. Q. called quickly after receiving my photos and speaks fluent English without a trace of an accent. He stated he trained in Virginia Beach and he is also US board certified. He was personable and warm, yet appropriately professional Cosmed has an excellent organization offering a myriad of cosmetic services. The recovery housing facilities are on-site and they offer turn-key service from arriving flight to departure. Cosmed has a well done website which covers practically all the information needed. I have had previous cosmetic procedures including several out of the country. It is a difficult choice to make because I have found several surgeons that I would feel confident in choosing. I am awaiting one more recommendation with quotation. I know from experience that the decision making process is worst part, even harder than surgery and recovery to me.

Prices in Tijuana compared to Midwest

Although Cosmed seems like a superior operation, because I live in the Midwest where cosmetic surgery fees are much less than on the costs (as well as the cost of living in general) I do not see any real savings from traveling to Tijuana after I included the airfare and recovery center fees. I suspect someone from other areas of the US would see significant savings. I have traveled previously to Cancun for surgery where the costs are less than near the border. (Demand there drives pricing.) From what I have experienced with Cosmed, I have nothing but positive things to say however.

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