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I am a 32 year old mom of 6, 4 boys 2 girls and am...

I am a 32 year old mom of 6, 4 boys 2 girls and am finally ready to recover my body again and live life a little.
I am so confused right now on what doctor to chose that its giving me sleepless nights. I am both excited and scared. I hear this horrific stories and am wondering if it's even worth it. I was reviewing the low ratings and I find that even the doctors in the states have had bad surgeries. THIS is driving nuts. I am so obsessed with researching the doctors that am scared I might chicken out. SIGH.....

Had a miscarriage :(

So my entire plans where delayed because I found out I was preggo in January. Then I miscarried in February and now am back to square one. I have done a ton of research and even visited Dr. Pantoja's office and I think am going to stick with him. Only now after reading the reviews I really want combination implants with fat transplant.

So am back!

I had a miscarriage in February and wanted to recover from that before I do anything else. I really like Dr. Campos technique but Dr. Pantoja gives a fuller butt. I will post pictures once I book my date. It has been a roller coaster since I have been maintaining my weight since my last birth. Am sick if being fat, I just really want to do this now.

After reading so many reviews and switching...

After reading so many reviews and switching doctors too many times I think I finally have my doctor.

I picked Dr. Mallol because he actually has his phone calls divert back to him when his employees don't pick up the line. Meaning he is on top of them but most importantly his patients. I looked him up online and did my re-search. He was very kind and patient on the phone. I gave him my case and liked that he was concerned about my safety rather than making a quick profit. He also listened to what I wanted rather than pushing for procedures that where not my priority. The cost includes the recovery house and meds plus massages. So far I am pleased but as far as the staff am not sure.

Deposit and flight purchased!!!

Omg! this is getting surreal. I paid my deposit and bought my ticket. Dr. Mallol has been very friendly so far and always gets back to me. I have been dealing with him directly. I am very nervous, my surgery date is on June 23rd 2016. I still have not bought anything but I started taking iron, vitamin c and folic acid. I will post some pictures.

In Santo Domingo! Surgery is June 23

I arrived around 6:33 am and was picked up by Dr. Mallol's driver. When I arrived at the clinic everyone seemed so friendly and caring. Dr. Mallol took his time in the consultation and even though I stubbornly wanted implants and it cost more he gave a very honest opinion and said I did not need them. He is not quick to make the money and I valued that. He is so caring and courteous!!! I completely felt trust after I arrived here.
Then to top it off Harmony Recovery has been heaven! So sweet and kind. Lily is such a pleasure... Everyone is.
I hope I make it tomorrow and I optimistic on having great awsome results. Dr. Mallol seems like the next Rockstar of BBLs.

Surgery day

Here are some pictures of the facility. Recovery house woke me up this morning to get ready. They pretty much take care of everything for you.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Best DBL ( BBL ) Doctor! Simply an Artist I was skeptical and scared but when I got to the Dominican republic I was blown away by how amazing everyone treated me and how generous and kind everyone was . Dr. Mallol, exceeded my expectations beyond believe he did an amazing job he is truly an artist. I will refer him to all of my friends. Thank you Dr. !!

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