Ok I've decided! Duran doll

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I'm a 28 yr old mother of two i'm tired of my ugly...

i'm a 28 yr old mother of two i'm tired of my ugly stomach and flat butt i'm ready for my change there is so much that i want to do but not being comfortable in my skin has been a MAJOR SET BACK! but i'm ready after researching for years i'm ready to make the move i finally found a doctor that was afforable and from what ive been seeing and reading does a great job

im not telling anyone in my family nor am i telling my friends i dont need anyone trying to talk me out of it i have my mind set up and im ready! i told my boyfiriend who is actually being supportive he probably doesnt believe me anyway lol i just cant wait to feel good in clothes again i will post pics of how ulgy my body is when i get some private time my bf hasnt seen me naked and i sure as hell dont want him walking in on me while taking pics of my flabby stomah and flat booty

Oh yeah if any of you fab ladies have actually...

oh yeah if any of you fab ladies have actually went to have work done by dr pantoja please share a your experience so that maybe mine could go a little easier and any advice that you ladies have please send it my way :)

Ok so after finally working up the nerve to...

ok so after finally working up the nerve to finally start my process i opened my big mouth and told my mother! so now of course she comes to me a day later and ask me what part of mexico did i plan on having my surgey in? so of course i said tijuana she says omg i was hoping you didnt say that thats one of the worst cities out there ....i googled it and shes right :( now im scared i cant afford to have the procedures done over here i'm so stressed now ...please someone tell me something good

Ok ladies im trusting you guys enough to show you...

ok ladies im trusting you guys enough to show you my ugly body :(

I want to be a yily doll :)

Ok I'm back on board! I won't let anybody talk me out of this! It would be nice to have some support but they will never understand how I feel my mom has not a single stretch mark of flab of skin on her body my boyfriend thinks if I work out its going to make my flabby stomach disappear and my friends just laugh at me...I first wanted to go with dr pantoja but I've decided to go to the dr and let dr yily have her way lol I'm nervous scared and have a ton of questions! At first I wanted to do this all on my on but I've decided if I'm blessed enough to find someone who will be going around the time I want to go maybe we can go together!

Still waiting

I'm still waiting for Dr Yily to send me a quote so I could make a deposit! I'm ready! To be 30 and fabulous...as soon as I make my deposit I'm going to start purchasing my supplies :) I want to schedule for the mid October I hope it's available! Still searching for a buddy so holla at me ladies ps...real self is so helpful and informative

My wish pics

I want hips a fuller butt but I would like it to be very natural not big at all especially since I don't have one at all to begin with and a small waist which is suppose to make it appear bigger anyway I hope dr yily emails me back soon!

I want to change my doctor info on my profile!

How do I change my doctor on real self

I'm so confused

Ok so I originally wanted to go with dr pantoja but after seeing dr yiyls work I wanted to be a yily doll but after reading all of the bad reviews about the way she treats her patients I think I'm going to go with dr Duran but I'm not sure they both do fantastic work! So I guess what recovery house I stay in will help in me determining and ladies feel free to cast your vote lol I'm so confused I just want the best experience so that I could have a safe and healthy recovery once I'm blessed to get my surgery

Ok I've decided! Duran doll

I'm going with Dr Duran! With the help of my boyfriend I've made up my mind! Which makes me feel relieved and one step closer! I will update once I make my deposit and I will start buying the things I need... I can't believe I might be getting my happy moment

I'm back!

So I think my time is coming soon! I have my fingers and toes crosses ladies I guess I'll know in two weeks or so for sure but as soon as I get the money I'm scheduling my appoint I need a buddy! Holla at me!!!! :)

Looking for a buddy

Sorry ladies I haven't been on here in so long life has been dealing with me but everything is starting to look up for me! I'm looking for someone to dr Duran in July! I don't want to do this alone!

Still waiting

Ok so I'm waiting on my money and as soon as it gets here I'm booking my flight my appointment and my stay at the recovery house I can't wait! I'm so excited! I hope dr Duran gets back to me in time! Like I feel like I'm getting a fresh start!

I'm not going to lie though im so scared and nervous but idc I know it will be worth it plus I don't think god will bring me this far to leave me :)

It's all coming together

Ok so I'm really going to do this! I'm just waiting to hear back from dr Duran so set the date I'm not sure if it will be mid July or the beginning of August ....I just can't believe I'm so close! So far I've decided to stay at real recovery armonia ....I'm going to get a over night nurse and I'm want to stay for 9nights 10days .... I'm going through each review taking notes lol ???? I'm starting to purchase things off my checklist of supplies I will need...I just want to say thank you to all the ladies that give such informative reviews! I hope I can do the same....

I'm shopping for a faja and there are so many to chose from can someone help me! https://fajashop.3dcartstores.com/mobile/home.asp#homeSubCat_97_1

Still waiting

Ok so so far I've gotten everything off my list of supplies I went through other peoples review and took items from each one everyone pretty much had the same things I still need to get bio oil some arnica cream my faja boppy pillow and my pain meds...

I have everything ready just waiting for my check to come! So I can book my stuff! My friend is hooking me up with my airfare so I'm happy about that!

Oh yeah I've been emailing dra duran for two weeks everyday! lol but I haven't heard anything yet so I reached out to Bellavita and I will say this she very business savy which I appreciate but she wants 300 to get me a date in such a short time I'll give duran until my check comes and if not I guess I will be paying it lol

So sad

Ok so I got my money! But I did exactly what I said I wasn't go to do and that's tell people! Now everyone has all these stories to tell about how wrong going to the dr is no one understands how much this means to me please if anyone out there can just give me one good word about doing this I feel so alone ???? right now I want to feel good about myself but I don't want to die because of it ????

Please someone help me!

My hemo levels are 11.5 I need it to be a 12 by Tuesday is there anything I could do to speed it up please let me know something! I have 4days to build it up :'(

Frm dr fisher to dr bass now I'm so confused :(

So because of my hemoglobin levels they changed my dr to dr bass I haven't seen much of his work and I'm scared I won't be happy! Has anyone has a bbl with him and if so how we're the results???


I had surgery Tuesday I need to get a new faja but I'm not sure what size I should get or what kind they put me in a 46 from vanity but I wanted to order my own

not happy

so I went with dr bass from vanity and Its been almost six weeks I haven't really sat down yet my butt is bigger than what it use to be but I really don't like the shape because there isn't one! my waist isn't shrinking the way I want it to and the garment I have is the one with the cheeks out which I doont know if is the right one if anybody out there could he me help me I iwould really appericate it until than im very disappointed :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

real self

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