Super Excited About Finally Getting my Surgery!!! - Tijuana, MX

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I'm new to real self and decided to document my...

I'm new to real self and decided to document my journey to my surgery. Hey, why not! I've decided to go with Dr. Alberto Lara Jimenez in TJ, Mexico My friend went to him a couple years ago and she looks amazing. The people she referred also look amazing. So I couldn't help myself and chose him. I was initially going to stay in the US to do it and go to Dr. "Jay Curves" but he wants $10,000." For the same exact surgery that I want. I believe I would've been paying for his "celebrity" status which is ridiculous. So I can't wait until I'm on that surgery table and come out looking fabulous (Gods willing).

It's official. No turning back(I wasn't going to anyway lol)

Today I made my deposit to confirm my surgery spot! And the count down begins! Time to book a flight now hmmm!

Any Lara dolls out there?

Are there any ladies going to Dr. Alberto Lara in April? Or is there any of you who have gone to him before? I would love to read you guys stories!

My wish pics.

Flight is booked baby!!

No turning back now for real. Booked my flight this morning. I was trying to hold out and see if the flight prices would drop but that wasn't happening. So before they reached a ridiculous price, I just decided to go ahead and book today!! Yay me!!! I need to gather some more wish pictures. Dr. Lara here I come.

Another wish pic with my countdown.


I know it's been a minute!!! So my surgery is 30 days away officially now. Not to mention I DONT HAVE ANYTHING YET!! Lmao. I know I'm gonna wait last minute and rush like a fool the week of my surgery. I already have my list so at least I know exactly what to grab at target or Walmart. I was looking at fajas on Amazon but I'll just use the one that Dr. Alberto gives me and when I get back home, I'll purchase a smaller one just to be safe. I'm still looking for up to date surgeries from Dr. Alberto but I can't find anything. There's one person on here that went last week I believe but she hasn't updated yet. When I do mines, I'll be sure to post every little thing. I know there's some stalkers (like myself) who wants updates about him. So I'll be sure to update. Idk but for some reason now I'm getting nervous. I've never been the type to be nervous about surgery but now I am. I guess when it gets closer I won't be as nervous. I know I'm in good hands and God has my back. I'll post my pre op pics the week of my surgery. I'm still trying to figure out a way to crop out my tattoos that's showing lmao!! My body isn't all that bad I just want a perky butt and a TINY waist!!!!! Well until next time, TTYL!

Post Op and Pre Op

Hey ladies. I need help with finding some good post op and pre op vitamins that makes you heal faster after surgery. I'm looking into vitamedica but I'm not quit sure how it works. So can any of you ladies help me out with this pppllleeeaaassseee!!! Thanks in advance.


It's really 10 days away. I'm getting nervous now. Idk why but I knew once I got closer to the date, I would start to get nervous!!! I still have to go shopping for my essentials. All I just keep thinking about is I hope my body comes out like I want it to. I want to look natural. I already have hips so I definitely don't want to add anymore. What I'm not happy about is the long ass flight back home. Ugh!!! Going, I don't mind because I can just sleep. I hope I get upgraded to first class. Well, even more leg room since I'm flying with JetBlue and most of their planes don't have first class. I just can't wait until it's time for me to head into that surgery room. I'm still looking for more surgeries by Dr. Lara. I know he's good but I just want to see more. I'm going to post some more of my wish pics. I'm also going to post my pre-op pics maybe like 2 days before I leave. Yikes!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Check up time.

Today I went to my doctor to get a check up. To make sure my hemo is 12.5 or better *fingers crossed*. My blood pressure and EKG was normal so that's good. I go back on Wednesday to pick up my blood work results. I'm hoping everything is good.

Yikes! My pre-op pics

Ok so here's my pre-op pics. I can't wait until I know longer have to cringe at these picture's. My weight right now is 184 lbs. Measurements are 36-33-44. I'm heading to the airport as I type this. I'm not nervous but I'm excited! And by the way, my darn hemo was 12.4. I'm like that .1 couldn't go up *geesh*. I'll see what the doc says tomorrow. I will keep u guys posted!

I'm alive and Dr Lara is the man!

Lol I'm alive and well guys. I just stopped updating. But everything went well I lovveee my ass. Dr. Lara is an amazing doctor and the experience was great. If I can do it all over again I WOULD and guess what I AM! Lol I am going back for lipo on my abdomen again (I couldn't stop eating) and my thighs! I'll keep you guys posted with that in 2017! P.S. When I get the chance, I will go into detail about the first surgery with are. Lara.

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