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Hello Ladies, I thought I might as well post...

Hello Ladies,

I thought I might as well post being that I stalk this site several times a day. For over a month and a half I have been consumed with this site. I even check updated posts from work; terrible I know. I think it's great that everyone is sharing their stories. As for me, I am 43 and a mother of three (22, 21 & 15) no more babies for me. I am about 5'7 and I weigh about 170. I plan on loosing about 15 pounds by my surgery date. I work out three times a week and I watch what I eat. Although I go to the gym, I DO NOT have an athletics body, lol. More like Sponge Bob, ha! I have had a tummy tuck over 10 years ago, now that I look at it, this TT is a hot mess. Actually it's been a mess for years, but I learned to live with it because I'm the only one who sees it (oh & my honey). I'm just ready for a new look period.

I will be going to Dr P on May 22. I am somewhat nervous but not really. I have seen some of his work and I am quite impressed. I emailed Nadia a few times and she was pretty informative. I live about 40 minutes from San Diego and 1 1/2 hour from TJ. I was there two months ago checking out a doctor with my sister in law. We both got "so-called" consultations. We were in office no more than 10 minutes. He didn't have an assistant, I think we called him on his cell phone. It was actually kind of weird. He just looked us and said yes I can do that and sent us on our way. My sister in law went and did her labs but I decided to investigate him further. Something just didnt seem right. Long story short, I google the doctors name, email address and telephone number and I couldn't find not one review. I needed to at least see some reviews from others. Anyway this is how I stumbled upon this site. I'm happy that I found you guys:) I'm even more happy that I'm not the only 43 year old woman considering this procedure. C Gray I see you girl, lol. I will be getting Lipo to my back, arms, lower and upper tummy, flanks and maybe my inner thighs. Initially I wasn't interested in a BBL, but now I am. I have never had a big butt and I surely don't want one now. But I do want something nice and cute and of course round. I just want something normal looking with a small waist. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how. Thanks for letting me read all of blogs. My journey begins today;-)

So for some reason I'm thinking of switching...

So for some reason I'm thinking of switching doctors. I have already paid my deposit to Dr P and I'm scheduled for May 22. I keep seeing Durans before and after pictures and I'm beginning to have second thoughts about Dr P. I'm about two hours away from TJ so I figured I could just find someone that does good work there (which I did). I'm so confused! I guess I will email Duran to find out her prices and what dates she has available, if any. Decisions, Decisions and more Decisions!!

I spoke with Elizabeth, Dra Duran's assistant......

I spoke with Elizabeth, Dra Duran's assistant....she indicated that May 24th was available so I am now officially confirmed for surgery on May 24th. Yippppeeee!! Now the planning begins, I have so much to do. I have not even got my passport yet. I will apply for that sometime this week. Now I need to sell my Pantoja date of May 22nd. If anyone wants May 22nd, its available. All Im asking for is my deposit back.

Hello Ladies, Today I is my official 30 day...

Hello Ladies,

Today I is my official 30 day COUNTDOWN. I am overly excited?. My flight is booked and I’ve received confirmation from JM Spa. I am waiting on my Passport, per their website I should receive it around 4/28/13. I fly out on May 23rd at 6:30am and will arrive in DR at 7pm. I have yet to pack, but have the majority of my supplies…….I think. Here is what I have so far, if you don’t see something on the list that I need, please let me know.

Vitamedica Kit
Arnica Gel
Lipo Foam
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-12
Iron Pills
Gauze pads
Hydrocodone/Vicodin (prefer not to take, makes me sick to my stomach)
Tylenol w/codeine
Tramadol (prefer not to take, makes me sick to my stomach)
100% Shea Butter
Benadryl Itching Cream
Benadryl Tablets
Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap (I hate dial soap, ugh)
Hand Sanitizer
Tide Liquid Individual Packs
Wife Beaters (I sleep in them, so I have tons of old ones to take)

Of course I have my daily hygiene supplies that will be coming along with me(tooth paste, toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, Caress, ie)
I will also be taking maxi dresses, sweats and lots of t-shirts.

Things I have yet to get:
Pads (any special kind??? w/wings or no wings???)
Sterile Gauze Tape
P Funnel (not sure about this)
Boppy Pillow

Until next time, Ciao!

7 days until my Beautiful Transformation #Yily

I'm so excited that my time is finally here, 7 more days and I will be transformed into something lovely. Initially, I scheduled my surgery with Duran, but I have since changed over to Yily due to phenomenal work.......hands down she is the best. I leave on May 24th, and will arrive in DR @ midnight. I will try to update as much as I can during my stay.


30 minutes and I'll be on my way....

Santo Domingo here I come!

Waiting Patiently

I am now at CIPLA, Yily marked me and FinallyReadyBBL up about twenty minutes ago. We are the only two surgery patients of the day, so Finally is now in the surgery room. We were both given the "blue pill". Yira is very sweet and really young. She has a cute little baby face. Dr Yily was nice, no attitude as of yet. As others have mentioned she gets right down to business. CIPLA is very nice and modern. And I might add very clean. The nurses are very nice here. They don't speak much English but they do try very hard to understand what you are saying.

I will also say I have the best roommate, we immediately gelled. She is such a sweet lady and I'm happy that we are rooming together.

Well that's it for now, I will update later if I'm up to it.

Sending up prayers for my roommate and others having surgery today.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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