Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant journey

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I have been self conscious about my nose since I...

I have been self conscious about my nose since I was very young, I'm talking 10 years young. I was supposed to get a nose job for my 21st birthday last year but I backed out. I'm not scared of the pain because I feel it will be completely worth it, but I'm scared of going under and not waking up. I was eight years old when my mom decided to get a body sculpture. There was complete panic amongst the nurses when a nurse, my dad, and myself went into the recovery room and found her cold and unconscious. They called an ambulance but finally got her to gain consciousness after about 5 minutes . Of course this was a very traumatizing experience for me. Her surgery was performed here in SoCal.

I am scheduled for a consultation this Friday August 22nd with Dr. Saldana from MedicaNorte in Tijuana, MX. I was recommended by my best friends older sister, she got a breast augmentation and Brazilian butt lift and she looks great. She was recommended by 5+ friends who also went to dr. Saldana and they all look amazing.
I recently got the idea of getting a Brazilian butt lift which I'm now very excited about. I'm in pretty good shape, I stopped going to the gym about a month ago because I've heard I'm probably going to have to gain some weight in order to get the surgery. I had been working out and while I saw amazing results on my arms and legs, I still gave a gut and there was some butt progress but not the progress I would expect from six months of hard work. The area where I saw no progress at all is in between my thighs where I feel like they look worse and I even got stretch marks in that area from squatting.

I was quoted over the phone that it would be around $5000-$5500 for rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lift and laser hair removal on my legs and underarms.


I had my consultation yesterday. Two girls around my age, 3wks post op were in the lobby both BBL. They looked amazing! I felt at ease when I noticed all post op patients in that day were from the US and all of them had good things to say.

The doctor recommend a chin implant. I always avoided profile photos so I never really paid attention to my chin, but I most definitely agree with him after he held a mirror up and explained how it would positively affect my face. I took a few photos myself and I'm glad he pointed that out. He said this will add symmetry and assured me it would look great. He also noted that I have the perfect skin for a Brazillian butt lift, very pliable and easy to work with.

I have decided to go with a rhinoplasty, chin implant and Brazillian butt lift. I left the laser hair removal out. I feel like adding that in would be too much and I don't want to add stress to the healing process.

I had blood work done and I'm scheduled for surgery Wednesday September 24th 2014 (two days before my birthday) at 10am I have to be there before 9am. He also said it would take about 4 hours and I would have to be under observance 6-7 hours after surgery, before I'm released. I will be able to get the prescription medication in MX and cross over with no problem, I will also be provided with a sort of "medical fast pass" when crossing over to the US and same goes for following appointments.

Before BBL photos

He's going to work on my tummy, sides, lower back, and inner thighs then injecting the fat in my butt and create some subtle curves.

I am 5'3 at 130 lbs and blessed with 34D's that I hope will look even better after the BBL.

Wish Pics | overthinking? Doubts?

I woke up thinking "I'm not gonna go through with the BBL" I asked a question yesterday here on real self regarding the time and risks of the combined procedures and I got mixed answers from doctors. In my question I forgot to mention that I am 130lbs. The surgeon said I already have a shape and my skin texture is ideal for a BBL. He will be extracting fat from stomach, sides, lower back, and inner thighs. (See my before pics)

Now I'm wondering if the amount of fat that he's going to remove and inject have any effect on the time of the procedure?

I am aware that with a nose job/chin implant I have to lay on my back and that in order for me to get optimal BBL results I have to avoid laying on my butt. A realselfer here who I believe got BA and BBL at the same time cut out a bottom piece (where her butt would rest) of a sun chair which allowed her lay on her back while being able to remove pressure from her butt and have it "hang out" it was brilliant in my opinion! (Photo attached)

If any of you have had a facial procedure along with a BBL, PLEASE let me know about your experience! I was also wondering what you guys think of my BBL wish pics? Looking at my before pics do you guys think my expectations are realistic?

BBL Canceled :(

My mom talked me out of it and asked me to just wait it out and really think about it. I did gain about 20 pounds because I was going to go through with the BBL so lately I've been watching what I eat. However, I've had lower back pain and going to acupuncture for the past two weeks and I haven't been able to go to the gym, I've never been this out of shape in my life.

So I'm still scheduled for September 24th for rhinoplasty and chin implant. I'm still nervous about the whole anesthesia thing, I've been 17 days away WHAT?!?!

Makeover after surgery | Surgery in TJ, MX

I'm very anal when it comes to my skin so that is always in tip top shape, if I feel a blemish coming I take care of it right away. However, I forgot to mention here that I have a few months without doing my eyebrows, (I usually go every month) they are pretty hideous. I've also been letting my hair grow out for over a year it has no shape, very frizzy and just a mess. Basically I haven't been going out of my way to look my best. Fortunately I work from home! After surgery I'm planning on scheduling a complete spa day (makeover day) including hair and eyebrows, once I've healed of course.

I also haven't talked much about my doctor... I was recommended by a friend and she was very pleased with her BBL & BA results. Her group of friends (different procedures) all have good things to say as well. (Photo attached) I cropped out their faces for their privacy but some have also had face procedures.
Dr. Saldana is a board certified doctor, more than 20 years of experience and he's received multiple awards for his excellence.
"After achieving his degree as a general surgeon, Saldaña did a four year residency in Mexico City to obtain a board certification in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Saldaña's accomplishments include being a member of Mexico's Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Association and the San Diego Plastic Surgery Society, as well as the former president of the Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Association of Tijuana, and member of the Iberolatin-American Federation of Plastic Surgery."

A long with the before and after photos I have seen, the recommendations, his achievements, and reviews on other platforms online I'm really hoping my experience will be a positive one. I'm very excited to share my results because I haven't found any in depth reviews based on Dr. Saldana here on RealSelf.

Beore Photos | Current Mood

I woke up in a positive mood today, with very high hopes! Ever since the consultation nothing but negative thoughts have been crossing my mind. I have a history of anxiety and I'm terrified of the thought of General Anesthesia, its all I think of these days. So much so that expectations of my after results JUST crossed my mind last night. I've been really stressed with the whole process, unfortunately. I can't wait to get it over with! I scheduled my physical for this Thursday, I'll be asking to see if maybe I can get Valium or something to calm my nerves for the night before and morning of surgery.

I have been looking at before and after photos and playing with photoshop all day today, unfortunately I have yet to see a nose as ugly and big as mine, it seriously has the ugliest shape! I think its part of the reason I can't imagine what I will look like after.

I've also purchased a few things for the recovery. I'll probably post my Rhinoplasty recovery list on my next update when I buy the rest of the things I might be needing.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Kit

Surgery is a few days away, and surprisingly I'm more excited than nervous!mat this point I just want to get it over with.

Anyway, I picked up a few things that I thought I would be helpful to have In hand for the recovery. I'm sure the list will grow in the next couple of days and I won't end up using some of these things, but here's a list of my rhinoplasty recovery kit for now:

- Q-Tips
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Polysporin (Antibiotic Ointment)
- ArniCare Gel (Ointment for Bruising)
- Tissues
- Facial Cleansing Wipes (I bought Ole Henriksen)
- Lip Balm (I use Nivea)
- U-Shaped Pillow (The drive home is 3 hours)
- Ice Pack (I bought TheraPearl)
- Button Up Pajamas
- No Slip Fuzzy Socks
- Straws

As for food.....
I'm probably going to stick to soups and smoothies for the first few days, I hope there's not too much nausea! Hope this list was helpful.

Surgery is tomorrow!

My things are ready to grab and go, I set my alarm and I'm currently trying to rest as much as possible because I'm pretty sure sleep will be minimal tonight. I'm nervous to say the least. I am an only child so my parents being worried only makes me more anxious.

Prayers would be so appreciated!

Day of surgery!

I can't believe the day is finally here! I'm so nervous yet excited, I just want to get this over with.

I made it!

I walked into the office at 8am, they made me fill out a few forms
and took me to a room where a nurse had me change into a robe, gave me a pill to relax me. She put the IV, the doctor walked in, and took photos. He had a BA scheduled before me but decide to take me in first so I wouldn't get the chance to get too nervous.

Everyone was so nice and reassuring. They had me change into a robe and took me to the operating room he injected something into the IV that he said wouldn't be too strong and the first step to other things he would inject. I remembered I still had my contacts on so they brought my contact case and solution. I took them off and the last thing I remember is closing the lid on the contact case.
I woke up very very sleepy, dizzy, somewhat nauseous, and very happy that I made it! I threw up and felt so much better after that. I have no pain, only on the right side if my chin which is very minimal like a 2 out of 10 and it's more of a sore feeling. My mouth is extremely dry and the worst part as of now is this cast 'is bugging my eyes and I cant wear my contacts because my eyes are swollen, meaning I can only hear TV. (my vision is really bad)

Post op

Pain is still minimal, I have a little bit of pain on my chin area and where the stitches are in my nose - it's like a tight feeling. My bottom lip is numb and VERY dry. I'm still dripping from my nose. (combination of clear fluid and blood) doctor said this is normal.

The hardest part has been not being able to eat and chew my food all I can eat at the moment are liquids or very soft foods like mashed potatoes. Also sleeping on my back and just being home not being able to get up and do "stuff" has been really hard for me . I'm pretty desperate to get back to normal life at this point and it's just the beginning. :(

I'm so happy I canceled the BBL I can only imagine how miserable I would have been if I got all procedures done at the same time!

Post Op: Day 3

I had such a hard time falling asleep last night! For some reason I had more pain than usual even after the pain meds. I'm not sure if it's because I had a combination of rhinoplasty and chin implant but these past few days haven't been as easy on me as some of the experiences I've read here on realself. Breathing from your mouth is not fun, my lips are rock hard and no matter how much water I drink and ointment or lip balm I apply they are the driest lips I have ever seen. Sorry for the disgusting lip photos but did anyone else experience this?

Nausea hasn't been an issue up until today, but combine that with constipation and pain... Today hasn't been so nice. I did take a shower making sure I didn't get the cast wet and that has made me feel a little better, I also just took a stool softener which I'm hoping helps as well. I've had almost no bruising, just a little yellow under my eyes so I definitely look better than I feel.

Cast is off!

I went in for my first post-op visit two days ago, the cast and tape on my chin was removed which was such a relief! Unfortunately they replaced the tape which holds the tip of the nose in an upwards position giving me a "piggy nose" and confining me to the indoors for another week until my second and last post-op visit on 10/9.

I have a swollen and stiff upper lip due to the work at the base of the nose in which they cut nerves and can take some time to regenerate. My PS said this would go away and can take anywhere from 1-2 months. I can't smile, I chew really funny, and my upper lip doesn't move when I talk. My lips are still very dry and my face is peeling all over.

I did see my nose bandage/tape free for a few minutes before the tape was replaced and so far I really like it. The stiff lip makes it look a little weird but I'm content with the shape and size. The chin also looks great! And makes a hell of a difference to my profile.

Amost two years post op!

It's been almost two year since my surgery! I love my nose, however, I still think it is a little wide. I asked for "natural results" and it I exactly what I got but I am thinking about going back for a slimmer nose.

All in all I would 100% recommend Dr. Saldana.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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