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Hi! Im New to the RS site but already lovingit!!...

Hi! Im New to the RS site but already lovingit!! Anyway, I have been wanting rhinoplasty since I was a kid, always felt my 'Daddy's' nose was too big for my face. And believe me I heard the something from folks around me! Your family and friends can be so cruel, lol. So fast forward to now, I feel ive chosen the PS I want to go with, Dr. Manuel Gutierrez in TJ. Very sweet, Christian and informative guy, I feel really comfortable with him. But now, I guess im just scared and super nervous.I wanna still look like me afterwards, just with a smaller nose. My husband is 100% supportive, and says of course I look beautiful the way I am, but to go for it if thats really what I want. Also, Im planning to have Breastlift/Aug (hubby really supports that, lol!) And now since spending hours on end on RS, I want to go for the gusto, and get BBL too! Am I potentially biting off more than I can chew?? I just don't know...maybe? Or is it better to take advantage of this opportunity and do it all so I can stop hoping for these changes? BTW, Ive had literally 12+ PS consultations just over the last few years regarding these procedures! See, indecisive!! Just a little background on me, I had 1 TT and Lipo about 8-10years ago and had weightloss surgery 2 1/2 years ago (maintaining 80+ lbs weightloss), with no complications or signifIcant pain. What do y'all think?

oops guess I forgot to post these

Here are some pics my nose

some nose wish pics

heading to TJ today!

Well my surgery is planned for tomorrow. So I'm heading to TJ this afternoon, Wow! My wonderful husband is coming with me! I'm so happy and grateful for his support! I actually had an emotional meltdown aka freakout yesterday. I was overwhelmed. My family is mostly supportive, but don't really think I should be doing this. Add to that, I was PMSing major... So next thing I know, I was crying and blubbering, and contacting the Dr.s' office all freaked out planning to cancel, feeling like I was selfish and superficial for wanting to get surgery! Dr. Gutierrez called me immedieatly and basically helped me calm my nerves and gain some perspective... I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to do. He made me laugh and realize that this was 100% my choice, to think and pray about what I really wanted and why. At this point, I'm not sure if I will get all that I had planned, BA/BL, AA rhinoplasty, and BBL...but whatever I do have done, it will be 100% my choice, and I'm good with that!!

well folks I went all in!

Yes, after all that waffling and doing back and forth in to rhino or no rhino... I got the rhinoplastsy! After talking at length with Dr. Gutierrez and my hubby, I decided to go for it! So I am now 1day (tecnhnically 18 hours) postop for BL/BA, modest BBL, and AA rhinoplasty. I know its a lot, but I am confident I can handle recovery. But Sleeping last night was frustrating BC couldn't breathe through my nose, mouth breathing cuased constant dry mouth and throat! Ugh!! Dr.G says the nostril stuffing is usually placed for 3 days, but he may remove it tomorrow, if he can. Otherwise no issues. I'm recovering at his recovery clinic so I can see Dr daily, and the nurses are here 24/7 to check on me, provided anything I needed during my minimal sleep night, lol. Food and drinks are yummy. I just was served breakfast of toast, fresh OJ, papaya, and creamy oatmeal with cinnamon! Although I admit with the nose my ability to taste is minimal,lol.
BC of work, my hubby has already left for the airport. But I feel good and totally well cared for. Dr. Gutierrez is wonderful and the nurses and staff awesome - 5 star service!

3 days post op

Doing great! So I am almost 3days post, and still staying at the recovery clinic, I may even stay until Wednesday, as the Dr. recommended. Anyway I feel really good. Still very bruised as I can see, but is not bothersome. That removed my IV this morning, so all meds will me orally now. I can only show pics of my face BC I'm all bandaged below the neck. I will plan to post more pic later. God bless and Thanks for all the support!

adding pics of 4 days postop 11/10/14

They have moved the tubing from my nose, yippy I breathe again!

1 week postop

Hello all! Well I am 1 week out from surgery. But i will tell you about my final day at the recovery clinic (@5 days postop): I returned home to las Vegas on Tuesday early evening. Before I left the clinic, to be taken to San Diego airport, I showered, washed my hair, and toweled dry (needed only minimal assistance from the nurses to do these things because I felt pretty good). Then the nurse put me in the special bra, easy, no sweat... then it was time to put on the compression garment aka faja for the first time, size medium. FYI, am 5'5" and preop weighed 163.8lb, and on Tuesday (5 days later), thanks to swelling, I weighed 179lbs! Getting into the faja required sheer determination, inhuman strength, and akward positions of me and 2 nurses. Its was pretty funny, we were all grunting and laughing. After that I hugged everyone had my final farewell and was taken to the San Diego airport, that was a 45 min ride in a faja, not fun. I got wheelchair service and preboarding. The flight was only 50 mins, not fun, but was tolerable. My hubby got me and my luggage, and we headed home. By then, i was super stiff and sore and the faja clearly despised me. Once home, I hugged my kids, took my meds, as well as a 5/325 vicodin I had, piled a bunch of pillows on my bed, and passed out for 3 hours! Sleep was not good, waking 6-7 times to potty, my bed was too high and uncomfortable! I felt really crappy. I really missed the recovery clinic hospital bed and nurse's help. What I got from my 1st night back home was... I should have stayed at the recovery clinic longer, my hubby agreed, lol!

more recent pics - 5 & 7 days post op

Here are some pics @ 5 and 7 days post surgery.

new nose pics - 1 mo post op

I just wanted to provide updated pics of my nose. Its still tender, partially numb, and swollen...and the dark under eyes are the WORST! Makes me like so tired and old, ugh! Trying to be patient though, I can see improvement. I just hope the dark circles go away soon and swelling resolves.

few more pics

Hi, here I have posted a few more pics. FYI: just woke from a nap, nose is looking extra oily. I've noticed that since rhino, i have excessive oil production. Research I've done indicates that is very common. Any who, I'm now 1 mo and 6 days post surgery.

almost 2 1/2 months postop

Hi all,
I just wanted to provide some updated pics of my nose and body. Also say that I am very happy about with all aspects of my procedures. The BBL is subtle, which is what I wanted...just added a bit fuller projection and roundness, and narrowed the waist region. He did about 700cc each upper cheek. My breasts are very big and round, I love them! I love my nose too, I still look like me, just a better defined and little narrower nose, I love it!

3-4 months after surgery

Sorry for the delayed update. I have tried to do an update several times, but it kept failing to load. Basically I remain satisfied with the outcome of my procedures. I think my breast aug with lift and booty lipo came out great, exactly as I wanted. I really like my nose as well, but if I'm being totally honest, I would like my tip to be less bulbous, smaller and narrower. I saw Dr. Gutierrez at 3mos post-op, he said everything looked good, but noted my nose is still swollen and the tip hard bc of scar tissue. Also i still have residual dark marks/bags under my eyes. He gave me a shot of cortisone to my nose tip. I can't say I noticed any difference, but he also said I should come back for 1-2 more injections. He also had me get a Rx med to help reduce the swelling. Again, I'm not sure if it's helpful or not. But regardless, I am satisfied with how things turned out, and I suppose that's all that really matters, right! ;)
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I have spoken to Dr. Gutierrez many times. He has always been open, informative and so helpful. He never makes me feel silly or that I'm wasting his time with my many many calls and questions. Our talks are never rushed. I really appreciate his candor too. I feel he and my desires and expectations are in line. We met in person on day before my surgery. My day of surgery, me, my hubby and Dr. Gutierrez had an in depth consult for about 2hours. He performed rhinoolasty, breast lift with augmentation and BBL. Surgery went perfectly well. I stated here at the estheticos recovery clinic, for 6 days posstop. Frankly, I can only say nice things about Gr. G and his entire staff. He checked on my constantly, and like him, the nurses and staff are very friendly, skilled and professional.

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