I'm ready for this flat tummy! – Tijuana, MX

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I want my highschool body back,... Goals are to...

I want my highschool body back,... Goals are to start a healthy lifestyle so the gym and I better meal plan will b my new bestfriends... I've heard many good things about Dr. Lara and I can't wait to meet him. My surgery is scheduled for February 24, 2014, and the count down begins now I will keep u all posted.

2 days left!!!

I guess I can get some pre-op pics going and I'll definetly appreciate the after results

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

I won't even act like I'm not nervous because I really am... I know I'll be fine tho anxiety is jus kicking my butt as usual. I fly out tomorrow morning at 5 am I should b in Cali by 9 and from there to Mexico. Jus gettin everything all packed and ready and gettin my babies situated. I guess I can go ahead and take those pre op pics I've been talkin about but too lazy to go ahead and do... Alright here we go!!!!

Here are a few pre op pics

Would u look at this

In my way to the airport.....

I have a really bad headache , but I'm on my way to the airport ..see guys on the other side!


I am now in phx.arizona waiting for my flight to San Diego ... I am starving and I'm not supposed to eat anything uggghhh.. So I can't even have water???

And im down

Well ladies I'm all done... Pics comin soon

Here is one pic

1 day post

1 day post procedure

Pic got deleted

1 day post op

1 month post op

Sorry I've been away so long but jus to get u all up to date on me I'm fine it has almost been a month my results are ok but it's not wat I was hopin for... But I've been told swelling still has to go down so I'll wait on it... Here is a photo of my tt at this point...
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