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So my saga begins. Hey Realselfies!! Let's just...

So my saga begins. Hey Realselfies!! Let's just jump right in to this review. I've been on Realself for about 4 years now researching various procedures. I started my journey researching breast reductions and "check", I've scratched that one off my list. Then I looked into the BBL and TT and obtained a lot of information. I was all gung ho to get those procedures done but after checking myself, my scale and the d@mn mirror, I decided it would be more logical FOR ME to get this surgery done first. Well I had my friend chiming in as well. I figured I wanted to make a change that was more permanent going into my later years in life. I want the possibility of me being overweight ever again to be as low as 5%.....LOL. I will get the weight loss surgery first and then finish it off with the works.

I’ve decided to get my surgery done with Dr. Maytorena at Long Term VSG. I’ve researched him as well as many other Docs and feel quite calm with my decision to go with Dr. M. I’m planning on having my surgery around the end of March, so that’s about 9 weeks away. Until then, I will bore you guys with tales from the “Days of my Life” until that day. Who knows, I may continue to plague this VSG timeline until long after. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! LOL. I’ll update later this week with my stats, my experience with Long Term so far, and my back story and I’ll add a few pics. See you guys on the next episode!!

I'll update this area at a later time.

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