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I've been lurking on this site for sometime now. ...

I've been lurking on this site for sometime now. I have been considering this surgery for the last 2 years but keep telling myself I can do it on my own but keep on packing on the pounds. Talked to people who have had the surgery and read review after review to get a better understanding of it. Also watched people experiences on YouTube. But I'm going through with it for 3 reasons being health, family and fun. Health because if I let it deteriorate my family would suffer and the fun would stop. So I'm hoping for the best. I'm scheduled for September 5 so wish me luck with my nervous self.

Pre-Op Diet

I see a lot of people doing 3 days to 2 weeks of liquid diet before surgery. My surgeon only requires a 2 week high protein diet and last meal before midnight before surgery. Have anyone else been told to just do a high protein diet?

People asking me why?

People have been asking me why I'm doing this and the first thing I really want to say is it;s no of your F*#$@ng business, but I tend to try and educate them on my decision that it might help out one of their love ones or friend. See I'm tried of sleeping on my CPAP/ BiPAP machine. I've been on it for the last 5 years. I really don't like it but I have became so dependent on it I want attempt to take a nap or fall asleep without. I sucks caring it around for trips. Plus even though my wife won't admit it, but I know it annoys her( like sleeping with Dark Vader every night). It does help but I don't want have to use it for the rest of my life. And now the joint pain is pretty bad. some days I have to take pain medicine to make through the day. And last I'm borderline everything else so I'm making that leap to better my health before I wait to late.

3 Week Count Down

I got 3 more week before I join all wonderful brave people on the loser bench. Still a little nervous but excited at the same time. To all the beautiful people that has given me encouragement Thank you.

Two more weeks to go

I have two more weeks before I join you guys. I tell you time goes by so fast when your trying to get everything together before hand. Starting my two week diet today and why they got to bring in cake and candy today. I think I will just head out to a couple of my project sites, so I won't get tempted. All in all I'm ready.

Today's the day.

Getting ready for today. Butterfly are floating in my stomach but I think it's more of me being hungry than nerves. I'm ready

Week 1

Well let me give a quick update. Had surgery on 9-5 with LTVSG and It went well. The night of surgery I guess I was high on drugs, but those drugs don't do nothing for gas pain so I walk every time I woke up all night long. Had some gas x strips help a little but you have to move to get that gas moving. Then was well taken care of at the recovery center and back on the plane the following day. The adjustments I had to make was at home following the after care, phases and family. Everyday got better and better. I just keep on walking and It actual made me feel good, but I had to listen to my body. But in one week post-op I am back at work with no pain just a little discomfort sometime when I drink , but I have been able to get all my fluid in. I don't think I shared my stats so here they are: HW 352 SW 324 CW 314.

One month down rest of my life to go

I am just about 1 month out and I can say I'm glad I did it. No lie the first two weeks were the hardest but as the day went on the easier it became. I have been taking it slow with exercise just light walking but all that will change this month. I eat just about all proteins without any problems just about 2 to 3 oz at a time but no pain or discomfort but remember chew chew chew. Plus I don't like proccesed meats just don't taste right glad I like to cook. Been adding new foods but only if protein is involved. Life has change already energy is up focus is up and closes are falling off are fitting me the way they were supposed to fit. What I cant believe is that I am now on belt loop 11 for 3. Still taking one day at a time but I'm happy I did it. BTW my first month goal was to see my self under 300 and I did it with 2 more days to spare. To all my sleeved sis. and bro thank you for your inspiration and to the one's looking forward to it hope I can inspire you guys with my journey. Will keep you guys updated

2 Months down

Two months down the rest of my life to go. It been a pretty good ride so far. No complication or side effect related to the surgery only the amount of food you can eat. But if I can say one thing I have notice about myself is that you can easily hinder your progress. Like a lot of people say some food are a no no and makes them feel bad are even sick well not with me. I can eat almost any thing I want because I've tried it these past two weeks have slowed down my weight loss greatly. I want to say it a stall or something like that but I know it me. So I have to get back on track and stay focused on my goal. But one thing that has help me is that I have not stop working out and that has me lose the inches. I can tell started out in a 4 X in shirts and 48 in pants now I wear comfortable a 1 X to 2 X shirt and 42 pant yeah me. I am sitting around 281 but my next update I promise myself I will be between 255 to 265. Hard work. Plus I got a challenge with a sleeve buddy they know who they are I,m coming for you . Till next time stay focus on your goal.

3rd Month

Third month was perhaps the hardest month ever. With the holidays and birthdays parties temptation was all around me and yes I caved in. Not like I use to I tried this all clean eating all the time but during this time I threw it out the window, but I still ate my proteins first then everything else and still lost weight. I keep doing my workout until I fell off my ladder and hurt my knee but I want let that stop me I just take walk and watch my diet more closely until I can get back to the physical stuff. I had to clean out my closet because all my clothes were way to big, so of to be donated they go. My weight now is 265 and I can be more happy because just 4 months ago I was 352 breathing hard and lazy to this energetic person that is taking on all kinds of projects around my house. I'm am also glad I have the support of family and friend who want to see me succeed. No recent pic of me but I will take some soon. Later

4 Months already

It has been a great journey so far and I couldn't be more happier. I hit my 100lbs weight loss and I am still in disbelief about it. I can eat about anything I want to but I mostly make good choice of what I eat. Exercising has been a hit or miss but I still put in about 2 to 3 days a week. Well stats are: HW 352 SW 324 CW 251

Going along smoothly

I figured I'll give a quick update. As of weight it has been slow as of late but it all good because I have been hitting the weights pretty hard. I have found out which food i tolerate and stick with them. Sometimes I find myself making wrong choices but i habe a great support team that always let me know. I about 241 and loving it. I'll post some pics.

9 Month Update

I'm 9 months out and very happy. Stat have not change much but life has. I'm more active and stay trying to find new thing to do. I had a few personal goal which were to get off my C Pap machine, run 3 mile none stop and shop in the regular section of the store. I accomplished all those goal it time for me the set some new ones. One thing I have notice is that my selection of food has expanded and I have to watch out for that because some of those same food that lead me to gain the weight is easy to consume. For most I stay to my to my high protein diet and it been working for me.To all my sleeve family stay strong and keep pushing for the best.

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