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I'd love to be original, but my story is the most...

I'd love to be original, but my story is the most typical you'll find on here. I've been overweight since I was a child, before my age hit the double digits, even. It wasn't that bad back then, but over time, the pounds quickly added up.

In high school, I was maybe 30-50 pounds heavier than other girls. I hated myself for it; I felt gross. Then, I met my first boyfriend. Now, I was raised by an extremely health-conscious mother, and my father/step-mom always cooked healthy meals too (I just struggled with portions). When I started going to my boyfriend's house, it was the total opposite. His mom was about 500lbs (not being mean/exagerating, this is my genuine estimate) and exclusively bought hyper-processed junk food. I never saw a single veggie in that house in the two years we dated. The first summer I spent there, I gained 30 pounds in TWO MONTHS. We'd eat McDonald's for breakfast, Kraft Dinner for lunch, poutine for dinner and graze on sweets/slushies/etc while watching DVDs all night. It was a real free-for-all.

After that summer, I decided to go to a weight loss center for help to shed the extra pounds. I went to LA Weight Loss near my boyfriend's house, where I was weighed for the first time in a couple months. I had gone over the dreaded 200lbs mark. I remember going back to his place and being silent the whole car ride, and just sobbing in the bedroom when we got there. I was devastated. I couldn't afford the weight loss program either.

I tried counting calories, but my then-boyfriend didn't really encourage me about anything I tried to do to lose weight.

Since then, I've tried exercise DVDs and programs, counting calories (multiple times), Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers (multiple times), starving myself, going to the gym (multiple times), Ideal Protein (multiple times), cutting carbs and keto (multiple times), weight loss shakes and pills... You name it, I've probably tried it.

Now, in March 2016, I've reached an all-time high of 272lbs. Everytime I make an attempt, I lose 30-40lbs at most, then regain it all back with an extra 10-20lbs. I can only see the number 300 flashing in big red lights in front of me, and I'm terrified. I don't want to cross that line. I started researching WLS late last year, and decided that it would be my final attempt to lose the weight once and for all. I'm tired of being unhappy and obsessing over my size.

I want to be normal.

I chose 4/4 as my surgery date because 4 is my lucky number. I thought it was fitting. I really want this to work, this time. I'll update you guys as often as possible! In the meantime, I took my official BEFORE pictures this morning! Hopefully, one day, I'll look a LOT better in a bikini. :)

P.S - Also added old comparison pics from when I did Ideal Protein in 2012. I was so close to reaching a healthy weight! It'll remind me what I have to look forward to.

6-month update!

Well, well. I had forgotten about my initial post on here.

You guys. My life has changed SO much in the past 6 months. I went from 272lbs to 191lbs (as of this morning). I'm no longer depressed, I'm so much more energized and happy! Getting this surgery has been the best decision of my life.
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