Bmi 37, Mother of One, 31 Years Old- Taking the Plunge - Mexico, MO

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So you guys this is it, ive had it for being...

So you guys this is it, ive had it for being overweight!
Ive done Dr Bernstein and all the other diets out there and nothing works! They all make you fall back to your overweight or make you even weight more!

Im currently on the Pre-Op diet and will be going for my surgery on the 27th July at the OCC Dr. Ortiz.
I have only lost about 5 lbs on the liquid diet being on it for 6 days so far. Feeling nervous as no one except my parents know that im going for surgery.

With the Canadian currency being low this surgery will cost me around $8400 cdn and with flight and pre/post op supplements this is going to be around $10000 Cdn.

Will keep you posted abt the pre-op as the days go by!
This is how i look right now, lots of weight in my stomach! Cant wait to not look permanently pregnant!

One week pre- op to go!

Oh my goodness, if i could only tell you guys everything im feeling from nervous and a bit excited to extremely stresses out and beat down from my divorce.
This surgery is the only thing besides my little kid keeping me motivated in keeping my head high. So ive lost another 5 lbs bringing me down to 200 lbs today :)
What a great feeling! I havent seen that weight till i was 9 months pregnant 4 years ago. Yay!
I will say it was my kids birthday and i had to have a piece of cake with her so i have cheated but all is fair in love and war right!?!?!!

1st Day of Liquid Diet

So folks, I cant believe how quickly time flies! Wow less then 24 hrs and I will be on my way to San Diego. yay! so excited!!!! So I have lost a little but not much since the last time I posted, I think this is because of my period. I feel really tired and bloated! I am a little under 197 lbs now.
I got some money converted into USD and Mexican Peso's for just in case I need it over there :)

I will take pictures for you to see pre and post surgery soon promise!

Almost there!

So im on my way to San Deigo, can i tell you i feel hungry!!! I had a chicken noodle soup from Tim's without any of the stuff from it just drinking the broth. There is not much choice in the airport when it comes to diet drinks and sugar free stuff. So try to pack drink flavours to add to your water on your flight there.
I was amazed that the airline only had diet coke-- which i dont think we are allowed to have so i just got tea with a little sugar. ( i know i have cheated a bit but i wouldn't of been able to drink it without)
Anyway, im feeling nervous and kind of excited but i know in the back of my head that there will be more pain than gain (in our case loss!lol) initially.
I didn't get to step on the weight scale before leaving so im not sure if i have lost anything or not.
Lets see, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery goes all well. :)

Finally in Tijuana-- this place is so nice!

Hey guys so ive made it, im a bit concerned cause i havent lost much weight but it maybe that im retaining all this liquid from being on liquids for so long.
So the ride was good, the driver from the airport to the hotel was awesome! Really nice and the hotel is just like it is everywhere else in the chain of Marriotts :)
I have a window room and the view is beautiful --kind of reminds me of Athen's hilltops.
I am super nervous but really excited abt tomorrow.
Ive tried the chicken broth and its yummy :)
Will be ordering popsicles soon!
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