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I'm scheduled to have my Gastric Sleeve on...

I'm scheduled to have my Gastric Sleeve on November 6, 2015. I'm having my procedure done at the Obesity Control Center with Dr. Ariel Ortiz. I've been working with the nutritionist at OCC to reach my pre-op weight. I've lost 6lbs and need to lose 2 more lbs. So far communication has been great with my coordinator. I look forward to updating when I get into Mexico.

Hello Mexico!

I made it here in Tijuana. My driver (Omar) called me promptly as soon as my plane landed to tell me he was waiting outside. I found the van with my name on it With no problems. The van was nice and clean. Omar was also dressed in business attire and was very polite and professional. We crossed the border and arrived at our hotel. Everything has been great so far. The view from our room is beautiful. I'm so nervous. Ugh. :/

I'm Sleeved!!!

When My travel companion and I arrived at the clinic I was so nervous. I was looking at everything very closely, trying to find anything that looked shady or off. I found nothing. It was a nice lobby. We sat for a few minutes and filled out the additional paperwork and made my final payment. After, I spoke with the nutritionist and had my EKG and blood work done. I also sat down with the cardiologist and he asked me all of my pre-op questions and approved me for surgery. Everyone, and I mean everyone was SO nice and professional. Can I also make a mention of how beautiful Lucia, the nutritionist is?! Holy cow! Anyway, I was taken to my room and I put on my fancy schmancy gown, hair net and paper pants. I was freaking out a little at this point, but Dr. Ortiz came in and sat right beside me and calmed me down. He stayed and talked with us for at least 20 min. We joked, and laughed and listened to him talk about why our bodies are poisoned by our food. It was awesome! He made me feel very comfortable. The kicker was when he wanted to take a selfie! Lol. Dr. Ortiz is legit. ????????

•••My companion is a surgical nurse, and as soon as Dr. Ortiz heard that, he invited her into witness my surgery! How cool is that?! She said she was very impressed! She said all the equipment was state of the art and sterile. She had no red flags and felt this was a great surgical room. Dr. Ortiz walked her through what he was doing to me every step of the way. He's such a rockstar in my opinion. ??

I was discharged the next morning and I felt better than I thought I would. I could walk perfectly fine and my nausea went away from the night before. Now I'm sitting outside at the Marriott drinking broth poolside. This. Is. The. Life! Lol.

Ps. The Popsicles at the Marriott are gross. They smell like fish. The chicken broth on the other hand is delicioso!

1 week post-op

I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still sore and I'm a little hungry. Most of the time I'm weak because my blood sugar is low, so I'm trying to learn how to manage that without consuming too many calories. I'm keeping strained soups and drinkable yogurt down. I can only get 1-2oz down at a time, however.

I'm a little disappointed I can't be a part of the O.C.C. FB forum/group. A fellow sleever said there are a bunch of resources and tips as well as sleevers on there to help through this journey. Unfortunately for me and another girl who had her surgery done on the same day, we are on the down low about all this to our friends and family. The FB forum is a CLOSED group. That means, anyone who is a FB friend, can see if you belong to the group, even though they can't see what is posted in it, unless they were also a part of the group. I'm certain if anyone saw I was a part of that group, and saw my weight loss, they would put the pieces together. So, just a heads up for anyone else who may be on the DL about your surgery. Maybe someone down the road will create a SECRET FB group for us trying to keep this private.

I'm down 10 lbs since pre-op diet and 2lbs from my surgery date. Yay! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

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