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Hello Everyone. I am starting this post to help...

Hello Everyone. I am starting this post to help others because others helped me make my decision in this life changing process. I am schedule to be sleeved in 1 day. I am so nervous but there are so many people's reviews on Dr. Maytorena that eases my mind. I hope me starting this post will help others. Thank you to all the previous VSG people who have their story.

I have continuously gained over the last 10 years. I've tried Weight Watchers, prescription appetite suppressors, HCG, personal trainers . . . you name it. Plus I am a vegetarian. The weight seems to keep going up and not down. I stopped going places and hanging out because of how I look. I refuse to keep buying clothes every year as my weight keeps going up. I even had my thyroid check because my trainer couldn't understand why the weight was not coming off. Anyway that is a little on my background. I will add pictures later. I am 5'6 and currently 220 lbs - BMI 36. . . I guess this will be my starting weight since I only have 1 day to go.

Sleeved! Post Op Day 6

I had my surgery on May 25, 2016 with Dr. Jorge Maytorena in Tijuana. Everything went pretty smooth. The only thing is me and another patient stayed in a very nice hotel with our own nurse because someone had to stay an extra night a the recovery house. It wasn't so bad though. The clinic was very busy though. Today is my first day back to work. Post Op Day 6. . . Trying to figure out when and what to eat is a little difficult, but I'm making due. I am still slightly sore were my incisions are. I'm still on this clear liquid diet. I've had soups with particles in the broth. Be careful with the juices you choose. The excess sugar comes out as liquid stools.

1 Week Post Op

I am exactly 1 week post Op today. SW 215 CW 209. I'm down 6 pounds. I guess that is okay for the first week. I'm going to transition into phase 2 of the post op diet this week.

14 day Post Op

Hello Everyone. My Stats are 5'6, SW 215, CW 200.6. I have started walking 3 to 5 miles everyday. I am eating pureed foods and soft foods like bananas and avocados. I take Gummi vitamins with no problem. Milk is also no problem .... it is very refreshing when I drink. For my protein shakes I just drink the EAS they taste good and are easy to go down. I cut the bananas up in small bites and eat it over about a 15 minutes time span for lunch. I also soaked 2 tortilla chips and salsa and mashed it together and it was a good snack. When I first at pureed salmon it felt like it was stuck. I added avocado and it was fine. I'm still having a little trouble getting in all the protein and water. I feel great. I miss meeting my friends for drinks and dinner since it's Summer. But it is worth it!

21 Day Post Op - VSG

Hello everyone. I'm on my 21 Day Post Op. SW 215 CW 197. I have been lingering between 196 and 198 all week. I don't know if this is a stall or not. I have been introducing more foods in my diet. I am still eating soft/pureed stuff. I ate crab cakes and sashimi. It went down great and a great source of protein though I could only eat a little. I ate 10 pieces of sashimi in a 5 hour time span. I ate a Hershey kisses. I wanted something sweet. I had no problems but I know that can't be a regular thing. I have been doing 3-5 miles of walking daily. I feel great.

4 1/2 Month Update

SW 215
CW 173
Weight loss 42 lbs
Surgery Date 5/25/16

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