Mommy of 4 Kids 118 Pounds, 5 Ft 1 in Mmo,bbl,ba,bl Mexico

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I have always been pretty tiny so having 4 kids...

I have always been pretty tiny so having 4 kids really stretched my skin out :( my aunt has had a couple surgeries with dr yanez so I decided to go with him this May. I was quoted over 15 grand for ba and Tt here but it's only going to be around 8 grand there for lipo,bbl, ba, bl, and Tt. I've always had a small butt with no cellulite so I hope the bbl dosent ruin it and I get the columbian booty I've dreamed of lol I'm really nervous as I've found out after the hospital when you are in the hotel your strongest pain med is tramadol. I hope I survive:)

Size confusion

I thought I knew what I wanted but now I'm totally lost. I want a good size breast like 36d maybe slightly bigger but 400 looks to small 500 looks to big.

Getting closer

Hi beautiful ladies!
So now that I'm researching everything more and more and then some more I think I'm kind of getting a better idea of what will work. A couple ladies on here have been so helpful. So when I first tried on sizers I liked the 550cc but the surgeon said I needed 600 or even 650! I didn't take into consideration how much smaller my stomach would be after the tummy tuck. I also didn't think about how much breast tissue I already have. So I'm going to try on between 450 and 475 cc but I won't be able to until my consult same day as my surgery! I'm currently a size 0 so I want a size between medium and large. I also love running, and can't have huge boobs. I am also doing a lift so big is not a good idea. I'm about a month away and I feel excited but scared to leave the kids for 8 days. One of my children has a tumor but is in a good place but being away from him is going to be so hard. I will post before pics soon

I can't believe May is here

I can't believe it's already may I remember starting this journey in jan (although wanted this since I was 17!) and thinking May was so far away. I've felt really alone lately. My sister said some pretty horrible hurtful things about me getting surgery. My son has a tumor and has been sick since he was 4 , and is really stable but she said things like oh yeah you have such a hard life leaving your sick kid to get plastic surgery great mom. It ripped my heart out because the last four years I've put my heart and soul into my 4 kids not to mention all my sons app Ect by myself. I'm doing this surgery because my son is in a good place and he's always going to have this so we are just trying to deal with and still try to give the kids and family a normal life. I want to be excited to have my boobs stay in my bra and not wear 2o layers when it's hot so someone please encourage me:(

Have a list

This has been asked a lot but over or under the muscle? Also anyone have suggestions for things for me to buy before surgery? Thanks:)

Another week is over

I'm going through bouts of anxiety to I can't wait to oh man I am not prepared lol

It's almost here:)

I remember reading others profile and thinking they are only days away, and now I'm only days away! I've been crazy busy getting all my sons doc app, meds, caregivers in order and my laundry caught up. I'm insanely an OCD clean freak but laundry is the one thing I can never get under control with 4 kids:) my baby has been asking me to wear him and being very clingy lately I wonder if he knows I'm leaving:( I'm going sat to wax get a haircut and buy the rest of my supplies. I'm feeling super anxious I'm the most nervous about my boobs getting botched because this is my one shot. I planned on hiring help when I got home but my car broke down that was a 1000, and our new lg fridge is having issues bad timing for sure. It killed our budget because we also just bought plane tickets for my sisters wedding for 6 people. Oh well life is forever making waves good or bad:) anyone have any advice for getting prepared this week? Tia:)


So glad I have you ladies!

Surgery tomorrow aaaah!

I can't believe it's tomorrow It's so surreal. Any last minute suggestions ?

Ok now today is my surgery .....

I was told not to eat or drink yesterday because I was having surgery. When I got here I was told I wasent that was a little frustrating I was hungry and thirsty for nothing! Marisol picked me up and made up for that confusion by being super sweet and taking me to an authentic Mexican restaurant . The food was beyond delicious! She was extremely sweet and really helped me feel calm. So it actually was better for me to relax at the hospital before surgery . Also the administrator came in and showed me pictures and talked for quite a bit . So now my surgery is around 10 I'll update soon xoxo darlings

Slowly coming along

I'm still trying to sort all my emotions about this experience. I am finally on a pain scale about a 7 so hopefully I'm finally starting to heal. Is it normal for a little leakage of blood under breast a week out? I appear to not have an opening

Almost two weeks

I didn't realize the amount of pain I would experience from all this. The lipo all over and fat transfer was excruciating ! So far I like my breasts and butt but lol my tummy is so swollen I can't really picture it not swollen. My story about the surgery ect is crazy long and crazy so I'm not able to write it yet. I do have to say that dr yanez did an excellent job and I do like him and his staff they make an effort to visit you and see how you are.

One week still swollen

New pic

Finally adding before and after

It is mortifying putting up my before pics four kids did a number on me! I weighed 118 but my body looked horrible!

Side by side two weeks out pic

So before I wrote my review I just want to say a lot of the problems and issues I encountered had nothing to do with the doctor or nurses but how my body responded to things so here goes . I woke up on the surgery day and showered with hibiclens , and waited nervously. I had spent the night at the hospital. One thing about the hospital is that most channels on tv are in Spanish and pretty much every nurse can't speak English. The ones that do can't say much and that was especially scary and hard for me because I ended up having issues and I'm severely allergic to penicillin and couldn't communicate. You can tell a nurse to call marisol And she will come to the hospital if you really need a translator. (The nurses were very sweet though) ok so they wheeled me Down to a small room with a table and the doc marked me up and asked about what I wanted. He had already visited me the night before. Then I was given something and couldn't move but suddenly felt them doing my arms I started screaming I'm awake and felt a towel or something go over my head. I was horrified I was awake and everything was happening at the time I felt I was in a horror movie. In all fairness I realize now since my surgery was so long they do a part with awake sedation but I was not told ahead of time or prepared for that I reached for someone hand and it made it a little less scary because they rubbed my hand and didn't let go but the meds had me so confused and in my mind I kept thinking I'm squeezing for dear life don't you know I'm awake? I was really confused when I awoke I must have gotten knocked out because I don't remember my breasts or tummy done. The nurses immediately get your antibiotic and tramadol going I'm allergic to penicillin so I kept asking does that have sulfa or penicillin no nurse understood me. As soon as the meds hit me I got super hot couldn't breath and started vomiting all over myself. I starred crying because I didn't know what all the meds were going in my Iv and nobody could tell me in English. The meds made me so sick by day 2 I started refusing it. I couldn't eat for 3 days and I just cried and cried because it felt like I was sitting on hot glass. Marisol, dr yanez ,and the other staff visited me a lot to check on me and were very kind. I had even brought pain meds but with everything going in my Iv and not knowing all the meds I didn't want to risk mixing them. By day 4 I had literally been awake over 24hrs to painful to lay so I would walk til my legs gave our then sit on my knees then walk the try to lay in bed over and over. During this time the nurse brought me ice packs and tried to make me comfortable.. I'm not sure why my body reacted so strongly to the meds and this surgery. The first 4 days were agony . Also it wasent penicillin it was cipro they gave me but not knowing what was in the meds was very scary. I went by myself and felt very helpless. When I could finally eat I asked if I could leave and they were watching out for my health and wanted me to stay but I believe I signed myself out . Marisol brought me some food, picked up all my meds and even had them bring me a vitamin Iv to help. She drove me to the airport and I took a wheelchair and cried in pain the whole way home. My husband picked me up and took me straight to the hospital where I got two shots of Dilantin before I could even sit. The er doc said dr yanez did an extremely good job. I had a small breast infection that cleared right up and I'm almost healed now. I was in agony the first week but now pain is pretty much gone I just get tired easily. Having time to think about this experience I would say I thought the staff and doc were great but the English barrier was really hard. Also most people don't react to meds ect like I did. Like my roommate was trying to get up like same day as surgery. All in all that was not a fun time feel a little traumatized but my results already I'm so happy with. They gave me a pretty faja and that has helped swelling so much.
So I got a tummy tuck with muscle repair , breast lift, breast 350cc gummy bear silicone implants, lipo arms and back and fat transfer to butt. I love my results so far can't wait to stop being swollen

Drain out

Saw a surgeon here he agreed dr yanez did a great job and pulled my drain. Lord Jesus that hurt made me whoozy!

3 weeks tomorrow

Ill take pics tomorrow.
My stats before surgery
5ft 1in
118 weight
Deflated 36dd
Size 0
Got a tummy tuck w/ muscle repair, lollipop breast lift 350cc gummy bear silicone implants and full back lipo and fat transfer to butt
After surgery
Not sure yet

Side note

Breast by far were the least painful part just more felt like you were extremely engorged and needed to breast feed and it is really hard to get a good breath. Lipo was the most painful it was excruciating nothing can prepare you for that. You definetly need strong meds after these procedures

House cleaned!

Still pretty swollen but thinking I'm seeing some progress:) I hired a house keeper and we cleaned from 7 am to 6 but I am done!!!!! That was 3 wks worth of 4 kids doing damage lol I am hurting today but I feel like I'm finally feeling better . I took a walk with kids this morning and attempted a little you know what with the husband lol can't wait to be 100%


Safe to say my 36dd's are no more lol

Feeling anxiety and upset

After shower I noticed a black spot on breast terrified of my breast not healing and it being necrosis

Couldn't resist a sale:)

So finding a 34 Ddd at vs stores can be a problem but I found two so I'm happy. My breast feel chaffed and sore a little lately but my tummy tuck pain is almost completely gone. The lipo area are still super tender I guess that's normal.

More pics

No back fat but my butt still slightly bruised

Learning patience :)

Was starting to get more active but now have a sharp upper pain on left side of abdomen that's really painful. Going to really take it easy today.also new pics 5 wks post op don't mind my tired eyes and yesterday's makeup my toddler was up at 1,2,4, and five


I can't wait to get into the gym and start toning everything. I feel kind of bummed to see some girls on here pics right after surgery and then see mine and don't feel my results look that good this soon . I really wanted my butt bigger. Well hopefully crossfit can help.

Feeling blues

Been trying to be positive but super bummed about this hole, and I have been spitting stitches . I'm going to see a plastic surgeon tomorrow to make sure this will heal right. Good news belly is not as swollen.

Re added pics


So a recap was healing great but started spitting a stitch under my left breast. I had a small hole that turned out to not be necrosis thank god. Now the hole is bigger but not infected so I have been washing it gently with hibiclens and air drying it and a triple ointment and gauze. So far no infection I just hope so badly this closes on its own. I really want to start working out again. Pain is gone except where I had lipo and my muscles if I do to much. Saw a plastic surgeon here to check on the hole and he said I have a very high Tt scar? What do you ladies think ?

Re add pics

Yellow hole

Still spitting stitches and waiting on this hole to heal.

Dr moenster

Had a follow up with surgeon here for peace of mind because of the small hole at t junction from lift. She said I'm healing nicely and that dr yanez gave me a very good result. She gave me the ok to start cross fit I'm so excited! I had to gain weight for bbl and my legs and arms need toning again. Dr yanez is very easy to get ahold of I just wanted to see someone in person without traveling. So the small hole had spit a stitch and then was covered with yellow skin they call sloughing. I guess it's not uncommon for that to happen. Scars are already pretty light , and the dr pulled quite a few spitting stitches . You can do it yourself at home if need be. I was told I could wear a regular bra now no sports ones so happy:) pain is almost gone just sore boobs in am

Stats again

Children 4
Breasts 36dd deflated
Size 0 no butt saggy skin
Height 5 ft 1in
Weight 118
Breast ultra high 350cc high profile silicone gummy bears smooth round ended up 34ddd still doesn't look to big
Weight 122 I'm still swollen
Size o still but the butt is filled out in jeans they could only get 300cc of fat for each cheek
Tummy tuck w muscle repair
Lipo entire back /arms it was free

Back at the gym:)

I have to give props to dr Martin yanez I love my results. I feel like the old me again. My breasts evened out, and the areolas are starting to look normal after being cut. My stomach is flat and I love love love wearing normal clothes again no baggy hot clothes for me. I feel like a woman again
The recovery was brutal not gonna lie but surgery has done amazing things I love having abs again. Pain is gone except for skin still hurts from lipo and fat transfer. Took off compression garment a few days swelling came back so back on it goes. All in all I feel awesome

Loving my results

Skin from lipo is still sensitive but feeling a lot stronger. Been working out and it feels awesome to know my tummy can have abs and I'm able to truly be in shape no loose skin. The only thing is working out will cause a little tummy swelling but despite my crazy experience I'm so glad I chose dr Yanez my body is amazing now!!! I had 4 kids in tow the other day and a guy was like your body is fantastic! Not like I need that but I feel like a women again:) my son said I look like a Barbie lol I'll take pics soon

Still need to update pics:)

Loving my new body! I have noticed I swell after the gym still , and if I don't wear my compression garment still hoping that resolved soon. My scars are pretty much healed from lift and my breasts have really evened out. I've noticed no pain anymore in tummy but lipo spots still can be sore. My breast also still get sharps pains and are a little tender when hubby gets grabby. I'm so happy I went through with this though it has changed how I feel so much!

New pic

New pic

Hello girls

Contacted dr Yanez with a question he got right back to me that's really nice for piece of mind

Need revisions

Initially I was happy with results but having a lot of issues that I realized aren't going away. Dr yanez staff does answer me back when I email them but won't help with the revision so now that is another expense
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

The staff and doctor really try to make you feel comfortable. They visited me more than once even after I paid they still treated me the same. I called the office and they answered my questions I had no problem. Update won't fix any of my tummy stuff I saw another surgeon he said sometimes our skin is unpredictable and wasent necessarily the surgeons fault . I do think dr yanez is great for tummy even though I personally need a revision but I wouldn't go for breasts if you want a perfect result

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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