Lipo Brazilian Butt Lift " Surgery Tomorrow" - Mexico, MO

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Im getting my surgery done tomorrow ! To be honest...

im getting my surgery done tomorrow ! To be honest I'm freaking out because I never done surgery in Mexico ! I'm pretty sure that's normal but anyhow I'm a thin person I was trying to gain more weight but my metabolism is insanely fast ! but I hope he gets fat from other places ! I just wish he could of include lipo under the jaw line and arms or some type or lipo package or maybe he does my Spanish is pretty off to communicate, The office looks Nice and clean and the staff are friendly .. I haven't personally met the doctor yet .. they do consultations via email which is nice because I live in LA .. saves me the 3 hour drive . well wish me luck and I hope I get that bubble butt that I want

Post- op surgery

I had my surgery yesterday .. It was fast they gave me some chill pills because I was soo nervous .. They had my personal room which it was cool .. I didn't know u could spend the night, they have night nurses too , if I would of known .. but I got a hotel down the street .. When i woke up from the surgery the nurses weren't rushing me or anything like in the U.S they kinda kick you out once you wake up.. I was nauseas I was throwing up after but its normal .. Right now I'm just laying on my stomach and yes it's painful .. I can't take a shower till tomorrow .. Right now I'm just wrapped up tight with bandages

3 day post op

It's a bitch to sleep on your stomach but I'm hanging there .. I had to go Walgreens they forgot to stitch one of the incisions so I put some neosporin .. Annoyed !


the results .. I did get a pear shape I wanted a little bigger behind but I'm fine with this

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