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I have been consulting with Dr. Gongora and Dr....

I have been consulting with Dr. Gongora and Dr. Cerpa for buttock implants. My main concern is not achieving a gigantic arse but rather have the procedure give me a more hour of an glass figure. My figure is a bit of a disgrace currently. Even after years of dedication to the gym and squats along with any other bum exercise you could think of.
So I was set to give my deposit to Dr. Gongora but the his assistant wrote that, by the way to avoid complications we will not lipo your waist/abdominals. I thought wait I have had this issue of no matter what I do I can't get rid of that wee pocket of fat right at the bottom of my waistline. This is the first surgeon saying that they will not lipo my lower aps/waist because of the risk of complications. That was one of the main reasons I was having the procedure. I picked Dr. Gongora because it included a 5 night stay at his clinic. Dr. Cerpa only has you one night and then its off to the hotel. He does check on you every day I am told. I actually was able to speak with Dr. Cerpa on the phone. But it was difficult to get a straight answer out of him when I asked if I could go back to work after two weeks time. That and if you email him, he himself will write you back and it may take a week or two for him to respond. He is very knowledgable and kind. Dr. Gongora's assistant Jessica was quick with email replies which made the process much easier.
So I am torn. Dr. Cerpa lacks the aftercare facilities but will do the waist/abs lipo. Dr. Gorgora has the lovely aftercare clinic but will not do the waist lipo..... decisions....decisions.

Dr. Gongora's response

Jessica (Dr. Gongora's assistant) wrote, "Please keep in mind this is not a matter of him not wanting to do it, it is a genuine concern and a way to avoid complications. You will be spending most of your recovery on your abdomen, and if lipo on your abs is added it can kill the skin, cause necrosis, etc."
He must of had some patients run into some complications I reckon. I am exactly 5' 10" in height. I am going to contact Dr. Cerpa and see if he has issues about that. I have seen all these reviews of happy Gongora patients but never a mention that he will not lipo their waist.

Dr. Cerpa responds

Dr. Cerpa got back to me about the question of if he would lipo my lower abdomen;
"I have not encountered complications combining liposuction and butt implants, in a select patient body type. That means that we are talking about persons with similar caracteristics like you (everyone is different) : younger patients, who don’t smoke, weight, amount of fat, body complexion, mid liposuction, etc. I think it's safe as long as the appropriate precautions are make in terms of preventing problems.
Another important point is to reach your aesthetic goal, you need to have liposuction in your abdomen, flanks, waist and love handles; to contour your body and buttocks area (to make your waist more tight) and then the fat is transferred to hips region to make them more rounded."

I honestly don't feel I can get the results I want without lipo on my lower abdomen/belly.

Surgery Complete

This clinic is ran like a well oiled machine. Everyone know their place. Dr. Gongora and his surgical team so kind and out going. It helped to loosen me up and not worry. Wee Jessica lifted me from my hotel the morning of surgery right on time. Clinic is very clean. I has given 350cc oval implants. He even gives you the box they came in for the warranty. I slept on and off the first night because I was uncomfortable just after surgery. The next day I was up and moving about. I drained loads of fluid. Better today though (second day after surgery). It's all a mind game with the pain. I was in a severe car accident and that was far worse of a recovery compared to this.
The WIFI works well here and utube and the like run fine on it. Watching videos to pass the time. Second night of sleeping was better and I was given a sleeping tablet and I actually slept though out the night which surprised me.
A another thing, you are going to swell up everywhere on your body even your eye lids. But this is formal. I do mean everywhere...
He asked him to lipo my belly there was a bit of "baby fat"in my belly button area that no matter what I did I could get rid of it. He usually doesn't lip your belly because you must lay in it so much after surgery. All the nurses are experienced and kind! Photos I will do later because of the lipo and my extremely fair skin the bruising looks quite severe.


The swelling is intense and I am swollen everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. They assure me it normal so I just have to wait and heal. I am beginning to lose track of the days here. I finally saw my results and I am very happy. I can not wait till I am allowed to shower. You can get in the shower and get into the places I need to though lol

3 Month Mark

Well I am nearly 100% back to normal. I am very pleased with my results. The surgeon and his staff are so professional. Yes I have attached photos. As you can see I had nothing. Skin and bone. The transformation on my bum is brilliant. He lipo'ed my lower abdomen (thank god lol) and sides/love handles. he tried to lipo my back but I had no fat whatsoever there. He was able to put 200 cc's each cheek but most are the 350 cc implants. I just had him pick the size. Any questions please contact me and I would be happy to answer.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Very energetic and professional surgeon and surgical staff. The nurses are patient and kind. Dr. Gongora would check with me throughout the day to make certain I was satisfied.

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