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Surgery booked with Dr Gongora! Sooooo nervous...

Surgery booked with Dr Gongora!
Sooooo nervous about it!
I always wanted a nice round butt, no too big, just round and sexy.
My butt is flat and not toned anymore, I feel unsexy and always trying to hide it.
As much as I want to have my butt back I am so nervous about having implants.
Please share exp.

Finally I have a butt!

Just recovering, surgery is not as painfull as I imagine! Not even close to breast implants.
The uncomfortable thing is not being able to sit , laying in your stomach is the best option!
Dr and staff are friendly.
Dr has 4 butt implants done just in the 3 days I am being here, means that he is an expert, doing it 100 times, I saw first hand couple of patientes coming for check up; amazinggggg!
I am excited for the butt to start developing and see the real one!
I got 400 oval, he choose them , I just let him choose the best for my body and for my muscle.
I guess we have to be realistic and accept what our body can take and improve.
I can not expect to have a huge JLo round body when I have flacid skin and not fat to be transfer.
I can not demand round implants because the lenght of my body will not accommodate them nicely.
I am nervous about that, but I pray that he choose the right size and shape for me,
My worst fair is to have " wide butt"

10 days post op

Today I am feeling with mixed feelings. I still can not see my butt in the mirrow.
I feel wider from the back and flat in the bottom center of my cheeks.
I need to be most of the time at bed and is getting hard not to be able to do my regular life.
Today I feel that was not necessary for me to go thru this.
I still have my drains, I am scare bcause I will have to removed myself. One is ready I think, but the right still getting a lot of fluid.
With the dr being so far away make feel insecure.
Is normal to feel like this?
I wanted a butt so bad for the last year, but I was getting used to not having it . Now, I feel that my butt is wider but not perkier.
I am still not being able to wear my compression garment, will this make a difference after I start?

2 weeks

I developed a seroma, I had to go to my general dr bcause today most of my body swelling was better as well as the left buttuck, but my right is still hard, painfull and high.
I called the clinic everyday, and the nurses told me that could not be seroma bcause I still have my drains.
Well, de says that the drain is not placed where the seroma developed is in other side of my buttuck.
I am very scared, my dr here said to wait and see if my body will absorb it.bcause once is drain by a needle chances of infection are higher.
What to do??
I start wearing my garment bcause dr said compression may help, but after calling the clinic everyday and ask the same they said was not necessary bcause I still have my drains.
I am getting a lot of mix advices.
Should mi seroma be drain inmediately or should I wait few days as my GD advices ?????

Almost 3 weeks..

Here I am, with a possible infection and with a drainage that looks musky.. Spending Saturday at the emergency room.
Called Dr Gongora to guide me in what to do and still haven't hear from him..
I am scared, not knowing what to do, finding answers in internet and from the girls helping me here, and not able to speak with my doctor, just the nurses.
The ER dr put me in a stronger antibiotic and muscle relaxer pills and advice me to follow up with my Dr...... What to do if your doctor do not call you??????and when you call they said he is being really busy, but then you find out though people here ( new clients) that they were able to speak with the Dr to confirm their surgery and answer their questions.,
I am Desperate and scare at this point!

2 months after...

Time to update my review..
The reason I haven't done it is bcause I was just wating to see the results.
I have to confess that I freak out and I was not patient and expecting to see results immediately.
It is very deceiving to see pics here from girls that after just few days look great, because you expect or think that is the process , but the reality is different.
Every body is different and the healing is different.
I saw myself in the mirrow and I was very depress bcause my butt was big and wide, of course that was sweeling and the muscle very sore!
Now 2 months later the size is a lot smaller, just like the dr said will be and what I was looking for.
I did have the seroma, but again just like the dr Gongora, and the nurses: Liz and Sergio said, that was a normal seroma and will be ok.
The seroma was gone with the antibiotics and with time and was a normal process of the body healing.
I had the problem with the drainage as well, but then after doing more research I find out that if you leave the drain for to long your body will try to encapsulate it. I left mine for 3 weeks thinking in removing it when was almost dry in order to avoid any problems.
I had Monique from the clinic talking to me for long time trying to comfort me explaining that sometimes the body goes to a king of depress stage, and that was normal bcause of the medicine, pain and that we do not see results immediately, to give it time and let the body follow the process.She was right!
Now 8 weeks later, everything had evolute just the way they said.
Right at 6 weeks the sweling was gone, I was able to move with more freedom, I could walk a lot better, my clothes were fitting, I was able to bend and put my shoes and my clothes!
Now at 8 weeks I can move normal, i can walk with heels, I can walk straight.
I still feel the weight of the implants and I feel the pressure from my muscle, but is not painful at all, just weird .
I had the implants and some fat transfer and now I can see that after the swelling is gone I do not have much of the fat transferred, mostly in one of my buttucks, but I am not worry yet, because now I know is going to continue to change and then after see the results Dr Gongora will have a solution if is not the way he wanted, he is a perfectionist and he show a lot of pride ya his work.
The surgery was a clean surgery, the implants are perfectly symmetric, no infection, no wound opening.
With all the stories around realself about other drs infections, I was very blessed to have a good Dr and a good , clean clinic performing this high risk surgery.
As I mentioned before my butt is smaller, (I am very happy about it bcause I never wanted a big butt)
I just hope the remaining fat will stay, bcause if not is going to look flat from the bottom and show a little bit of the edges.
I am still wearing the garment, sleeping in my stomach, driving and sitting with the boopy, eating healthy, taking vitamins and vitamin C, all of this by choise.

I am still nomed from the lipo in my waist, still very itchi and sensitive.

Ladies, one thing that I would like to advice you is that you have to be realistic in your expectations and the recovery.
You will not look like a killer body model if your body is not good now! Drs can not do miracles and totally change our bodies
Same with the recovery, be patient and give time to your body to adapt to the new shape.
Once you choose a good dr , everything else will follow in place...
I am here to help you if you need any info about the surgery, traveling aboard, and any advice that I can help with!

3 moths post op

Hello, I haven't update my recovery lately because as I mentioned before I am not happy with my results but I knew I have to be patiente and give it time.
I will post pictures for the girls who are asking.
Heath wise, I am ok,I do not feel pain except for the uncomfortable feeling of the lipo in the waist, still tender, itchi and with a sharp feeling , like needles.
I am back to my normal life, back at the gym, I even join my sppining class.
Emocionaly , I am not ok yet, I try to dress accordly to not Accentuate my butt, how ironic right? I hide it before bcause was flat and now, because I am self conscious of the shape.
I haven't spoke with Dr Gongora, I email him few times with pictures and my concerns and he respond via email, that we have to wait for the six months to see the real results and is nothing to do now.
And that everybody there at the clinic wants my happiness.
So, as today I do not know why my body looks like this, why still the pain for the lipo, if I should get limphatic massages or keep the garment on for longer time..
Some days are good and I try to focus in in other things and continue my life, some others I am very depress.
I can not see myself in a mirrow and I do not let my husband see me neither.My confidence is nule now. And I am always being very self confident.
I was just hoping for a little lift in my butt and now I feel that my body is totally different.
I will continue to wait until the 6 month mark and have trust in the dr.
I just wish I can understand more what went wrong.
I am just sharing this as an update of the surgery bcause I feel like I should continue updating and all of you can see the end result .

Seating , laying in my butt...

Today I seat in my bed in the lay down seating position for first time to watch the Tv !
oMG! What a feeling, I literally feel like 2 balloons there!
I clearly feel the implants, the location etc.
How can I get used to live like this the rest of my life?
Have to be a heck of an improvement on the butt and shape to justified this extrange feeling.
It is just a little in comfortable, not painfull.
My implants were sticking to the sides, to the hips.
I could not last in that position for too long, I laid in my tummy after feeling that.
I forget to update too that I am not longer size 2 in pants, I am 6.
I can not wear my straight, loose pants that I love because I feel fat, and I can not wear my skinny jeans because I do not look skinny anymore and my legs do not look long and lean anymore neither, I do not understand why I am trying to get use to this shape until the implants hopefully are removed.
I don't know what the dr will suggest to do.
Feeling optimistic because my beauty is internally and a deform body for now is not going to ruin my beautiful life with my family.
I learned the lesson, I was looking for perfectionism ...

Demotivated ...

I want to update because I want all the girls that are looking into surgery to be aware of things that can happen.

I finally receive an answer via email from Jessica the coordinator at Dr GOngora.
I sent her an email regarding the protocol to do a revision.
I want to know details , you know? I have to make arrangements in advance.

I am very demotivated bcause she responded pretty much what I already know, nothing we can do until after six months.
And that I have to go there for a consultation
In my email I asked about the arrangements, you know is not like going to your dr that is 20 minutes away. Is in another country!
Her answer was that I can go there and they can arrange transportation to the airport for 200 dlls and that I can go back the same day or I can stay in a hotel, I do NOT need to stay at the clinic.

Really? No consideration ? Just your regular prices as a new patient?
Very, very sad, bcause when I had my surgery there I had the transportation and I lost my flight bcause they had another patients going to the airport as well and the patient was stop in migration for check up and we all have to wait.
I had to pay 300 dlls more to buy another ticket! Not responsibility from their part as however.
And know they are treating me as a new patient and I have to pay full price? Not even a discount knowing what happened before and that I will go back for a revision consult?
Now, knowing this, what are the chances that my price for my revision or take this implants out will be full price again???
Just to go for a consult ( to fix what is wrong) will cost me no least than 700 dlls!!
I feel beyond depress bcause I really feel I am a problem patient already, but why? Why? I am the one suffering the consequences, should I just be quiet and no ask questions? No inform them of my recovery?
I have anxiety bcause I feel like now that the dr is not going to fix me, or for a price that I will not be able to afford now or In a near future.
I had to go to a surgery here in the states to remove the drain that was stitch inside me ( based in the Drs reports) , is that my fault? Did I ask them to cover that cost?? Noooo, ! And now they can not even say, we pick you up from the airport, you are our patience and we want to help you? Or something?
I spoke with the nurse Sergio , he is truly a great human being and spoke very candid with me, and told me to plan the trip and he will even offer help I want to cry so bad because I really love those people,the staff at the clinic, they are wonderful !
I really believe Dr Gongora is one of the best and that he can fix what is going on, I will not even think about getting a revision with somebody else, but now I am scared,very scared.
I started going to therapy to accept my body, is not that bad you may think,
but just to think that I paid that much money, left my kids for 1 week ( never left them before)
Spent more money in hiring somebody to help at the house and I could recover perfectly. Etc
For this big butt full of cellulite, uneven, wide, is making me depress enough because I feel selfish.
And now to think that I may have to stay like this for who know how long if I can not afford it?.
I know Dr Gongora can fix it, I know it, but now I don't know if I will be able to afford it...
I don't even know how much, but just the way the email state my cost and not even offer for me to stay overnight as a guest, is telling me that my revision will be at a extra cost.

I never tought about the risk, cost of going to another city to have surgery, I did not choose Dr Gongora for being cheap, he is not, but adding all the extras will be a lot !
Just to pay here for the surgery for the drain my co pay is 3000 dlls!
And just bcause the surgeon here in USA made a statement in writing that this was a truly emergency , because my insurance was billing me 7 000 dlls. And Dr here contact them to ( help me, because was COSMETIC SURGERY related and insurance will not cover anything.
Of course Dr Gongora could remove for free, but how could I get there soon enough???
The risk about having your surgeon far away....

I am soooooo sad and hopeless today...

God bless and guide every of you who is looking into surgery to make the right desition and choice.

5 months post op....

Good morning, I just want to drop a few lines to update about the surgery results. I hate when ppl is active in realself before the surgery and then they dissapear and do not answer questions or update anymore and we do not know how the dr was p the results.
So, I do not want to do the same.

I am still not happy, actually still very unhappy, butt implants is MY worst decision ever.
The implants had drop and they do not look as a shelf anymore,
They blend more with my body, but that does not mean is an improvement to my body.
They do not accentuate my figure and they are just big but not wow!
You know what I mean?
Now that they drop they start to look saggy again, ( that was my main problem and the reason I got the surgery)
They lay the weight in my upper leg making the leg look shorter and loose. Actually my upper legs are looser after the lipo .
I want to clarified that I had problems with my skin quality, but now they are worst.
To much lipo is not good, so, girls be aware that aggressive lipo will leave you with saggines if you do not have an optimal skin quality.
That will happen too if you are thin and the little fat that hold the skin is taking out.
I should know better after 5 plastic surgeons here in the states did not want to do a bbl / lipo on me and explain that I did not had fat to be taking out, and the little bit I had will risk the skin
I have gain 10 lbs since surgery.
I feel i do not have control over my body shape bcause does not matter how much i work out the butt and legs aré still the same in size and shape.
Actually working out made my implants droped.
So, I don't know how to proceed.

The scar is barely visible, except for the second surgery here in USA where they have to open me again to take the drainage that was stitched inside, dr cut in the same spot but a little crooked , but that does not burden me at all.
The cut from Dr Gongora was perfect.

I still have pain in one of my glutes that is where I feel the implant moved or is in a different high, feels like is pertruding trought the muscle and is like a sharp pain.

I am 1 month away from my 6 month mark, I still don't know what the solution for this outcome will be, I am mortified to think that I will look worst than how I start with if the implants are removed because my laxity in my skin after the lipo.
So I am still in limbo.

I still do not understand why my implants were placed more torch the hips if I want the protection in the center, the implant seat on the side. When I asked the dr right after the surgery bcause I saw the marking he told me kind of irritated the that is how the implants should be positioned.
And rhat is what I hate the most, that I feel the implant on the side , I wanted the proyection in the middle to look perky from the side and the back!
Actually I wear jeans the other day and I hated the look I asked my husband from his honest opinion ( he always tell me that I am beautiful not matter what)
and he told me that the shape was like looking at a GUY butt!
He agreed that the center do not have perkiness and is on the sides where the implant is!!!
But he is very positive thinking that that will be fix and the Dr will have to fix it.......
And just ask me to be patient ..

So my verdict is: ;)
If you can do BBL do it!!! With the right Dr the fat will not go away, actually will look better with exercise! Sometimes just shaping around the butt will give you a beautiful figure.
NO to butt implants, it is always a risk of moving, you can not control your shape anymore, they feel heavy and you will be self conscious about sex, bcause when you bend, you can feel where the implant is seating ( at least I can and mine shows)
I miss my slim elegant siluette ( in clothes!, bcause naked I was very flat lol) and being able to wear shorts and dresses without worrying that my legs with all this loose skin is showing.
I miss my life back!
It is scary how altering your body can affect in positive or negative way!
I will just keep praying that I can recover my body back!!
I have confidence and I still want to believe that the Dr will find the best outcome for me.
I still want to believe that I choose a great Dr that understand that things did not turn the way WE wanted and he will AGAIN put his heart in my happiness.
After all they are not perfect and I believe he did his best in my surgery, I just think he did not quite understood my desires because we meet for a short amount of time before surgery.
Unfortunaly everything was trought the coordinator, here is how important is to be able to talk and talk and talk directly with the doctors!
But in the positive side... Now that I am 10 lbs heavier and I am being hidding my body let's enjoy to the max this holidays!! Wineeeeeeee where are you!


I am going to add some pictures of me when I start with my transformation , so you can understand what I was looking for with the butt enhancement surgery.

Beach vacación!

Is official. I am at the beach,
My body is worst than ever!
My butt sagg and the worst my legs are sooo saggy that I could not put a bathing suit!
It is the worst body at the beach!!!!
My legs were the lipo was, is soooooooo flacid that is depressing!
My fiends told me: what happened to you??????? ???? Are you ok?
I will post pictures soon..

6 months update

I am updating my review. Nothing important or different has happend , but I of not like when people disappear from their review and we do not know what happened.
I already hit my 6 months mark.
I call Dr Gongora and I spoke with Jessica the coordinator, I will send them pictures of my actual results.
I still need this implants removed or repositioned, they seat low and I can feel the weight on the back of my legs.
I am super nervous, scare because i do not know about the revision:
Are they going to remove them and my butt will look worst than before?
Will my body go back to the same even with the lipo in the upper legs?
Will I need a butt lift????????????
Will I need a lift with a different size and profile??
And the most important:
Will they charge me again?????????
Arggg! Agony!

Please girls pray for me that my Dr will finish his work and fix me, I choose this dr for his reputation and his results, results fail,but I still have the hope that his reputation is great and that he will fix me and make me happy.
Is not like I want to go bigger or I have the bootie greed, I just want a butt that will enhance my body.

I will keep you updated in their answer :)


Diaper look anyone?

Me in workout leggings, I have to tie a sweatshirt in my waist to cover it.
Why are they looking like this???

Picture uploading ...

Cost of revision 6,000 dlls, ir 4,500 to remove them and necessary lift for saggines after the removal.


What is going On with realself???

Hi Girls!
I am getting really frustrated with realself format, I have to sign every time I see the page, even if keep it open! And now I can not see the feedback, just showed the last 8 and that is it, I can not access more! So I am missing all the old ones..
Is this just happening to me or it is general? Helppppp!

Update in my status

Hello Realself family.
I am just updating my current status because I hate when people dissapear and they just review right after the surgery when they are not the real results, positives or negatives.

My implants still burden me, it is definily not the results I paid and wish for.
My body do not look deformed, but still very saggy.
I still can not work out much because looks like the implants will drop more instead toned. That is really burden meeeeeeee, I need to be able to work out.

My right buttock looks flatter than the right and is because the implant has always sited more in the side of the buttock than the center, so the bottom center drop because the implant is not lifting it.
I had this problem from the beginning if you read my review, so I still do not know if was the placement off for millimeters or that the implant shifted and moved inmediately with All the walking at the airport and the people from de Gongora staff did not get me a wheelchair.

I still believe in Dr Gongora, I still see his results lately and I am inlove and think: that is what I want.
His surgery was clean, no infections, and I do not see infections in other patients .
I am planning to go see him on January and find a solution.
His medical staff is wonderful, but the people who took me to the airport was his office staff and did not put special medical attention to me, making me walk at the airport for more than an hour with my luggage, even that I ask them if I need a wheelchair and they said no. right after that I developed the seroma and that make my results worst. Because doing too much too soon will cause complications.
The Dr did not have fault in this .
He is the genius with his talent.
My left implant burden me and feels that is not in the right spot, even my lower back hurts from that side.
I am planning to go see him in January and finally find a solution.
I believe that repositioning the implants is what I need.
I still pray that this nightmare will turn into something positive with beautiful results after he see me in person!!!!
Ladies, any questions I am here to help! ;)

My fantastic ( not) butt results

Living the nightmare.. This are my results one year and a half later. How can this get any worst? I miss my old body and I will regret this the rest of my life. My butt has no proyection and looks like an old woman. I am going to see Dr Gongora the 29 of this month. See for yourself. I will not post a pic without clothes because I am embarrassed .
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