DO NOT Go to This Doctor! He Caused Infection and Wouldnt Issue Refund! Mexico, MX

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I went to see Dr. Cerpa and it was a nightmare....

I went to see Dr. Cerpa and it was a nightmare. This will be a long story but I will start from the beginning. first off, I gave him a deposit for the surgery. When i got to his office, it was small and it looked very poor. there were even holes in the walls. however, i tried not to judge his surgical skill by his office. however, i thought that if a doctor is making enough money from his patients he should be able to make his office look nice. dr fuentes office, for example is very nice and he is in mexico. We started going over everything and he asked me if i was on any medications. I said yes, that i was on antibiotics for chronic lyme disease. Then he just mentioned that i forgot to mention this, he did not say that he couldnt do the surgery or that he would have to look into my disease or anything he just wrote down my medications. After the surgery when things started to go wrong is when he tried to allude to my lyme disease being the cause of things going wrong instead of taking responsibility for his surgical skills. Let me tell you that i have had other surgeries. I have had breast implants, I have had lipo, I have had fat grafting. I have never had any issues with these surgeries except for this one. I had also been told by my doctors that my lyme disease would not affect any surgery i chose to have and all that lyme disease causes is pain, like muscle pain and arthritis. So then because of the bad things that i had read about Dr. Cerpa, i asked him to sign something that said that if there was to be a correction for surgery that he would do it. It took me three hours of arguing with this doctor before he would sign this paper. I didnt even know if this paper would be helpful, because with how this doctor likes to argue he could totally have messed up my body and argued that it looked fine after.The way that this doctor argued and his attitude was unprofessional. I saw that from the beginning but I had already given him my deposit which was half of the surgery and I was afraid he wasnt going to give it back. I tried to focus on all of the good reviews that this doctor received. However, more and more people are seeing that these good reviews are dwindling down. I was even warned by a woman on here named noveleo about this doctor, but i didnt listen. I really should have listened. I asked this doctor about noveleo and one other woman i believe her name is shamika. and dr cerpa said that these women are liars and are angry. He told me that noveleo was a woman from mexico and she wanted a ridiculous sized implant for her body that he couldnt give her without putting her safety in danger. the implant would have stretched her skin so much and he wouldnt have been able to stitch her up after. So he gave her a smaller implant and told her that when her skin was stretched she could come back and get a bigger implant in a couple years. she decided to go to dr fuentes after this and get a bigger implant and is now happy. so he said was she wanted was unrealistic, and i dont really know what to believe. maybe if she responds to this post she can say anything more that she wants to say, but i agree with her that this doctor is bad news still. And he told me about shamika, he said she was told she needed a blood transfusion after her surgery and it was against her religion supposedly to do this and because of this she developed an infection and had to have the implants removed. anyways, i had the surgery and after i was really sore. I had drains in my body, and i was draining for a long time. the whole time i kept in touch with dr fuentes who was right down the street and i would ask him questions because my gut instinct told me to be weary of this doctor. dr fuentes would come to check on me from time to time. Dr fuentes did lipo and fat grafting on me, and the fat grafting to my butt didnt give me the results i wanted. my butt looked saggy and droopy and i wanted it to be more round. i am not sure why some people can have great results with fat grafting and others cant. the lipo from him was also a bit lumpy, he told me to massage it and i did but the lumps did not go away. dr fuentes as a person was very nice to me though, and he does not have the same attitude as dr cerpa. Even though my lipo was lumpy, i am thinking of going back to dr fuentes for my butt implants because he treats his patients well and i saw pictures of his butt implants and they look fine. I trust that if dr fuentes made a mistake that he would correct it and i dont think he would put me in danger. So anyways, i was draining for over two weeks.

When it became three weeks i asked dr cerpa why and he said it must be my lyme disease. I didnt believe this, and started to worry for my safety. I asked dr fuentes about it and he said that wasnt true. that made me angry that this doctor was trying to blame this on me. that is unprofessional. then he bought tools to try to stop the draining and suggested i it hpay for these tools, even though it was most likely his surgical skills that caused this problem in the first place. he wanted me to pay $400 for these tools that he bought that he would probably be using on other patients in the future when he came against the same problem. finally it had become a month and i was still draining and dr fuentes suggested i might have an infection. he cultured the drainage from my butt to see if there was bacteria present and it came back that i didnt have an infection. he told me that i could however, have a subclinical infection that would not show up on the test. So after the two weeks I had already bought a return flight that i had to change because Dr. Cerpa said i had to stay longer. I had to pay another $300 to buy another flight. I thought Dr. Cerpa should be paying for these things but he insisited that it was my body that was causing these problems. So then I was still bleeding and Dr Cerpa told me that he wanted me to come into his office to do a surgery to stop the bleeding. So i went into his office and he said he was looking for a blood vessel that might be bleeding so he could cauterize it. he put me under anesthesia, and when i woke up he said he thinks he found the blood vessel and cauterized it. I had to buy an additional plane ticket, so another $300 because Dr. Cerpa said he needed me to stay longer. By now it was a little over a month and I had an open wound about 2 inches long on my butt crack and drains still in my body. I kept asking why this was happening, and every time Dr Cerpa would say different things as if he forgot what he said before. But each time he would reply with some way to blame me. He told me i must be moving around too much. That it was my lyme disease. He was angry that Dr fuentes would check on me, and he asked if he said anything bad about him when he came to visit. he asked me this because he probably knows all of the bad things people say about him. He was defensive and angry whenever anyone criticizes him. Thats not professional.

SO now it is over a month and i am still not healed and i have had to pay for two more plane tickets and hotels, food etc. I had to pay an additional $2000 for these things. So I told Dr Cerpa I think he should be paying for at least some of the hotel because this is not my fault that this complication is happening. He agreed to pay for three days of my hotel. after the three days, i was still bleeding. he asked me again to stay for more time and i told him i could not afford it. I told him i really had to go home now. he told me that i would be fine if i went home. He said the wound would heal on its own and he had sent many patients home with an open wound and they healed. Dr fuentes said that i would heal eventually if there was no infection. So i got on a plane and went home and the plane ride was so uncomfortable i even asked the flight attendants if i could stand for part of the flight. I was bleeding alot on the plane from the pressure of sitting for so long. When i got back home the bleeding was worse and continued. I kept in contact with Dr. Cerpa and he just told me to update him. I was staying at my mothers house at the time. My mother who had surgery recently on her hip had nurses coming to check on her. They checked on me and told me that i was having too much bleeding and advised I go to the E.R. It made me angry that Dr. Cerpa did not advise me to go to the E.R. when i was losing all this blood, he did not have my health and safety in mind and did not want to be blamed for his mistakes i suppose.

When i got to the E.R. they told me that i had a huge wound in my crack which i already knew but they acted like they were alarmed by it. then they did a cat scan on the implants and that showed air around the implants. they told me that the implants were being exposed to air by the wound being open in my crack and that this can cause bacterial contamination around the implants and whenever this occurs they suggest the implants to be removed. I was upset, i felt i wasted all this time and money and now was being told to remove the implants. Dr. Cerpa had warned me before i went home about seeing doctors for my butt implants in the u.s. He said that they often dont know much about butt implants and if i am having an issue with them they often advise to remove them when i dont necessarily have to. I thought about this and I contacted Dr Cerpa. He told me that i dont have to remove the implants and that i should go on antibiotics and get a WOUND VAC machine to close the wound, what he had asked me to pay for in mexico he was asking me to get another one now for myself. I contacted Dr Fuentes and he said that if I have an infection the antibiotics would only keep the infection at bay but when i stop taking them the infection could come back. This was not a risk i wanted to take and i shouldnt have had to take and i also did not want to risk having to have additional surgeries because I had to get back to work. It should be my choice at that point if i wanted to remove the implants, and i did . After I removed them the doctors stitched me up and told me that because i had an infection for so long I was probably going to drain for awhile and they told me that they found two bacterias present in the implant. One was a resistant strain of e coli and another was a common bacteria. They also told me that they found that one of the implants was ruptured, it was the side that was draining more. the surgeon told me that it was most likely from the time of insertion that this implant was ruptured. they gave me two antibiotics and i was draining again for over two weeks.

When i asked for a refund for the butt implants, Dr Cerpa did not respond right away. It took him two weeks to respond and he told me that I could have salvaged the implant and gone on antibiotics. He told me that the surgeon who removed the implant ruptured my implant even though the ruptured side was the side that was swollen and draining more for so long and still is. He doesnt want to refund me now. So I am going to tell everyone here my story in hopes i can save someone from dealing with this doctor because i went through hell and this doctor still doesnt want to take responibility or give me a refund even for all of the trouble i went through. Some doctors will issue a refund out of good faith if a patient really went through alot even if it wasnt their fault. he will not even do that, he is refusing. It is now February, and I had my surgery last november and i still have an infection with drains in! The surgeon here says that if my butt does not stop draining he will have to make a very large incision and go in and remove the pocket that was created by the implant. I will have a large scar if this happens. DO NOT GO TO DR CERPA!

Very bad bedside manner, cannot take criticism, arrogant and defensive

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