Butt Implant Disaster with Dr Orlando Figueroa Cerpa - Tijuana, Mexico

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I had butt implant and fat grafting to hips with...

I had butt implant and fat grafting to hips with dr Orlando Figueroa Cerpa this review is very important, I want to warn everyone about dr Orlando Figueroa cerpa in Tijuana, please This is an 100% true story. Do not go to this surgeon, I have heard bad reviews about dr Cerpa before but I didn't listen and decided to go anyway ,that mistake almost cost my life..
He did my blood work before surgery my hemoglobin blood level was only 10', he told me it was still fine to get butt implant and fat grafting even while my blood level was so low, I trusted him. I was under anesthesia for 12 hours, I woke up during the surgery and felt him cutting me, I was yelling!
After surgery at my recovery room, I passed out on my way to the bathroom, his staff helped me get back up to bed... Then I felt asleep, I little later I woke up and was terrifying because I couldn't hear anything buT this extremely loud ringing in my ears. I was panicking, the doctor and nurses came to my room and. was trying to figure out what's going on with me. I can tell they were speaking to me but I couldn't Hear anything... At that moment I thought that was it, like seriously I thought I was dying, I was in extreme pain. I was thinking what have I done to myself, my loves one are going to be devasted!
Then felt asleep. woke up in the morning and was so surprise That I was alive, I'm very emotional writing this it brings back memories. More torture to the story, my insision of the butt implant opened, then I had burn mark from lipo area and developed Seroma from my lipo. he had to take a niddle and poke a whole on the lump full of liquid from the Seroma. that was so painful, I was crying so bad. Man I was in so much pain.. The drain was also so painful !! Anyway i couldn't take it anymore, I decided to go back to the U.S. And went assap to the E.R... They seen my botched butt implant with an oppening at the incision, burn marks, seroma, smh, at E.R after blood work they told me I had a high infection on my blood and I can get septic shock. Of course they took out my implant. They gave me strong antibiotic to fight the infection. I was so relieve when I became healthy again after taking so many antibiotic I had no longer an infection.
they also gave me a blood transfusion at the E.R. I feel so bless to be still alive. But was so depressed after this experience, left with scars and burn mark.
I know There are many great surgeon in Mexico.
I am only warning people about dr cerpa.. Please please research other surgeon in Mexico do not go to dr cerpa, he should not be in this field. He don't know what he is doing. And please if anyone had bad experiences with him please come forward and share your story. You might save someone from total torture, or even dying. I still have scars that I see every single day..

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