Butt Impants in Tijuana- Day 6 and Recovering - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hello all! This is only my 2nd review so I hope...

Hello all! This is only my 2nd review so I hope I'm doing this right. I should have started it earlier in the process, but at least I'm doing it now.
I've been wanting to get butt implants for many, many years. I've always been small but managed to gain almost 20 pounds a few years ago so that I could have it sucked out and put into my lateral gluteal depressions. I didn't have enough for a full BBL, and filling in my side butt dents was my main concern anyway. It looked great for a few years, but as I lost the weight and went back to my normal size, my fat was disappearing, also. I think about half reabsorbed. I don't regret that procedure, though, because it really helped with my shape. I tended to gain weight around my flanks, and that is where the fat was taken from. I don't gain weight there anymore so that's a plus, too! Anyway, I knew that I didn't want to try and gain weight again so I started researching butt implants, mainly on Real Self and on Make Me Heal. I heard a lot of negative comments from doctors and some negative from the reviewers, as well, but because of the fact that I'm in good health, don't smoke, and planned on following the doctor's orders to a "T," I decided to go for it.
I planned on doing it in the US at first because there are some girls on here that have gotten really good results from US doctors, however, after more research, I decided that I wanted to get it done out of the country so I could have the cohesive gel implants because they are softer (I actually got to feel both in my surgeon's office, and they are, indeed, quite a bit softer). I didn't go out of the country for a better price because with hotel/air travel it has definitely been more expensive for me to do it this way. I narrowed it down to Gongora, Gutierrez, and Cerpa. I chose Cerpa because he sent me the most detailed responses to my questions and the best photographs of his work. I was EXTREMELY nervous to come here (I'm still here in Tijuana in a hotel) and do this. Even though my consult with him the night before my surgery lasted THREE HOURS (due to all of my questions), I still almost chickened out. I literally almost just decided to not do it even though I came all this way. One thing that I decided to do was to go with a lot smaller of implant than I had originally chosen. He ordered 275 cc and 300 cc (I'm wanting to do this without a big change...just add a little more fullness and widen my hip area). When I saw how big they were, it just freaked me out. He ordered 200 cc and 250 cc oval shape (to widen the hip area, as I already had a little projection) that night. I went with the 200 cc so that they wouldn't be so obvious, although Dr. Cerpa said that the 250 cc would look better (which they probably would).The next day I spent even more time with him marking me up (literally like almost a half hour), and then I took a pill to relax me to give me the epidural. The surgery seriously took way over 6 hours, but I only was really awake during the last 2 hours of it, and I was watching concerts on an ipod! I think I remember Marc Anthony on one of them, as a matter of fact! My body was completely numb from the waist down, though, so I felt no pain. I'd never had an epidural so it was REALLY weird when they were moving my legs after surgery, like they weren't attached to my body...super freaky.
The recovery wasn't (isn't) bad. The first night was a breeze (granted, I have a really high pain tolerance). The next day I could not bend over or squat AT ALL. The short taxi to the hotel was not fun.
Now that I'm settled in, though, things are way better. The only thing painful to me are the drains. I'm ready to get them out but dreading it at the same time.
I'll be recovering at Hotel Real Del Rio for two weeks. Dr. Cerpa comes by everyday and drains my tubes and has even brought me really good food every night, too! I wasn't expecting that so it was a pleasant surprise. I'll continue this review later. Take care, girls! I'll add before/after photos at the end.

Day 8

Day 8 has not been fun. I was informed last night by my doctor that I should start lying on my back some throughout the day. I tried, but the drains just make things too painful for that. I'm expecting to get my drains out on Sunday. I figure I will switch to my back more at that point. My concerns right now are:
what the scars from the drains will look like
the actual scar not sealing completely before I leave
Yes, of course, I did choose too small of a size, but I knew if I accidentally went too big I would be completely depressed while I was here. I also seriously don't want anyone to know except my boyfriend (duh) and my best friend. The plus size to choosing a small size is that I doubt anyone will assume I went and did this, AND I don't have to get all new clothes. I have some really cute clothes that I'm excited that I will look a lot better in! Even my sweats that I'm wearing down here look a lot better! So far I'm still happy with my choice...just nervous about the above concerns.


I meant the plus "side," not size...ha

Day 9

I had a couple of tears come to my eyes as I tried to pull my garment over my drains, especially on the left side. The tubes go from inside your muscle cavity and through the tissues and skin so if you can imagine, it's quite uncomfortable. When he came by tonight I had him wrap and tape the drain area so it would be less mobile and cause less rubbing. It has really helped. One thing I was really worried about today and Googling my butt off about was leaving here with an open wound. I've had liquid coming out of the incision the past two days, but when Dr. Cerpa looked at it with a light he said that the wound is actually still closed (yay) and that the liquid is due to the retractor, which is the surgical instrument used to pull your skin apart. It kills the fat cells and causes them to turn to liquid. That news made me really happy. Just to be on the safe side, though, I purchased another round of antibiotics and some tissue granulation medication that's in powder form that causes the wound to dry up. I hope it works.

By the way, a doctor cleaning, inspecting, and powdering your rear becomes "un-awkward" pretty quickly because of how much help you have to have the first couple of days. I came down here alone so they had to help me with EVERYTHING...putting on socks, garment, shoes, pants...yeah, you get to know each other at rapid speed! ha ha

Day 10

Last night was pretty miserable because of the drains irritating me no matter how much gauze is packed around them, and my catheter is starting to make me feel like I'm getting a bladder infection. I had the urge to urinate really bad all night, and no matter how much I madaged to go, it never went away. I believe today will be the day it comes out...so that will be one tube down the drain and 2 more to go!


"managed," not madaged.

Does anyone else find it extremely annoying that we can't go in and edit our posts? Maybe we can, and I just don't know how!

Day 12

I have been lying on my back for the past couple of nights. It doesn't feel weird (probably because my implants are so small) or hurt because my drains came out last night, and I feel so much better! I thought it was really going to hurt, but he gave me a pill to relax me and a numbing agent. Actually the 2 injections he gave me last night hurt worse than the drains coming out. The injections were an analgesic and an anti inflammatory. I don't know how much the drain exits are draining still because they are bandaged up. Here are my worries now:
I didn't go big enough (this was a given, and I figured I would do this).
When I bend over really far there is a dent above the implant. I actually couldn't even sleep last night because it was worrying me so much. I'm afraid I didn't have enough fat to cover this implant. I researched and researched about it last night but couldn't find much information as to why it looks like this.
My incision is still not completely closed. He said I was actually at about 5 cm deep. I thought it had closed and was just draining some fluid, but this appears to not be the case. I will have to clean and care for this wound on my own over the next month. I hope I don't get an infection. If anyone has any insight on this please let me know!!! I will ask the doctor when he comes to clean my incision tonight about the implant being visible.

14 day update

Tonight when Dr. Cerpa came by he shot me an antibiotic in my lower butt and shot some anesthetic around the drain sites so he could clean them and then scrape them. That would have really hurt had he not numbed it because I could still feel it! He has apparently been cleaning and scraping the incision, too, but it must still be numb because I haven't really felt it. He put some more granulation tissue in the incision and bandaged me up. It's still open, but the drainage doesn't have an odor, and it's red, which is a good thing. It's trying to dry up (I wish it would hurry on up). I also showed him my area of concern with my implant possibly showing, but I have to bend over like I'm going to touch my toes to see it. I guess it's kind of a trade off. If you put more in the muscle, it's going to stick out more, which is what you want. The implant itself isn't visible because it's inside my muscles, but now my muscle sticks out more. I think if you're skinny you have to deal with these problems. It's kind of like with my breast implants. I was Googling "implant rippling," which is what I'm experiencing right now, and all the doctors say that thinner women have a higher risk of experiencing this because there's less tissue coverage. It also says that exercising this area can make it worse so if any of you have that problem, there's a good excuse to skip the gym!

Today, believe it or not, was my first venture out of my room besides walking down to the lobby to pay 2 times and once to switch rooms because my heater wouldn't work (it was actually in the 40s at night, and I just dealt with it because I didn't want to move my body). I saw the daylight! I tried to walk to a store to get yogurt, which will help put the good bacteria back in my tummy since all the antibiotics have depleted them. I got around the corner and realized I had no idea where I was going and also didn't want to run across the traffic with a traumatized rear end so I came straight back to the room. I'll attempt again tomorrow.

just to clarify

Just to clarify, when I mentioned ''implant rippling," I was referring to my boobies. The butt cannot ripple. I figured you all knew that, but just in case, I wanted to throw that in there!

Getting back into the swing of things

I just wanted to do a quick update. I'm back home now. The plane ride was very uncomfortable because of the internal stitches I have on my left side that are sharp on my tissues. I sqirmed the whole time. My incision is still a gaping hole, but that is very common with its placement. It's just red, though, and is not infected. I found Manuka Honey (I double checked with the surgeon) is a good thing to put in the incision, along with the granulation tissue. They both are similar in their actions, but the honey also acts as an antiseptic. Lying down and putting granulation tissue and honey is your butt crack is quite the chore. I will email anyone pictures if they'd like to see the results (and befores). I'm not quite comfortable posting them on here.

Things are not going well.

Until last night I was happy with my result, but at this point I would never recommend a skinny girl to get butt implants. I want to make it clear that I'm not bashing butt implants or my doctor. I still feel like they're a good choice for some people and that my doctor placed them correctly, HOWEVER, as the swelling subsided (I thought it was already gone) it left me with a visible outline around the whole implant that sticks out, is painfully obvious, and looks like theass of an alien. I'm not kidding. I'm waiting for a response from my surgeon, but this is not looking good and is very depressing. I would do anything to take it back, and I'm very scared.

Question for any chica/gal/lassie that might be reading this

If any of you have had a similar situation, can you please, please message me? ....whether you are easing my worries or giving me bad news, I would like to hear from you.

Doctor's Response

My surgeon contacted me. We will be talking Saturday, but he said in the meantime to be patient so that the muscles can stretch and the implant outline can soften. He's been pretty on point with everything else so far so I'm going to try to put my trust in that answer. The only reason I'm afraid that it might not be satisfactory is because it will have to soften A LOT for it to look remotely natural. I can see the whole implant and not just the outline even when I just lean forward or go to sit. I'm hoping he's right because I really don't want to have to get these removed!

While I'm here updating I'll give you a rundown of some costs. Some people will be different if you need more medications, a different size garment, need to stay longer at the clinic, etc. This is just what I paid. Yours might be different.
$4,800 surgery/anesthesia/24 hour nurse/implants/supplies/clinic stay with food and drinks
$390 plane ticket
$140 Transport roundtrip to/from San Diego airport
$90 garment
$200 antibiotics/anti inflammatories/Debrisan(if wound opens)/antiseptics
$1,500 Hotel stay (I stayed a few days extra)
$5 taxi after surgery (you can walk to the clinic. It's so close, but you need to take one from the clinic after your stay there)

I can't think of anything else right now. About hotels: I stayed at the Hacienda Del Rio the night before surgery. It was really nice, and the room service was good (didn't want to get out at night by myself), but for a Wednesday night, it was LOUD until very late. I was right on the street, though, so if you move around back I think you'll be okay. It would be a good choice, and it has free breakfast, good WiFi, big beds, clean. I went to the Hotel Real Del Rio for the rest of my stay, although, if I didn't have tubes hanging out of my body I probably would have moved back to the first one just to save a few bucks (not really enough to matter. It's a really good hotel, and it has higher level rooms so it can be quieter, but it, too, has a club across the street and loud music on the weekends and some other nights. The beds were comfy, the room service was really good (although don't order salads if you want to have dressing on the side because they'll have no clue what the heck you're talking about. I finally gave up after receiving a salad with no dressing at all, a salad with no cheese, and a salad that had so much dressing on it that it was like soup..no joke), and the WiFi works. The only issue I had was the fact that my king bed room when I got there had no a/c or heat (it was cold at night), and I was uncomfortable because of that but too lazy to move because I had gotten all of my junk unpacked before i realized no one was going to fix it (or could fix it ...or knew what I was saying...not sure which). I moved a few days in to a different room with two beds. It works out better that way because the doctor can clean you on one, and you can sleep on the other (Hacienda has double beds, too, and they're bigger).


This is from the doctor:
Hope you have been well. I had sent you an e-mail, responding your questions. Please could you inform me you, how are you, and how is you healing process.
Dr. Orlando Figueroa Cerpa

I sent him this:
''Hello. I need some questions addressed, please. I'm respecting that the full results aren't evident yet, but I need to know some things so I can plan/prepare for an additional surgery if it's neccessary.

Is there a possibility that I may not have enough fat and/or muscle to have these implants? I know I need to wait on them to settle, but I need to know if there is a chance that they may have to come out."

He said:
Definitely you don’t have too much fat in the gluteal area and your muscles are not very thick, this is the reason because you don’t have a big butt. Now you need to evaluate or balance about the total positives aesthetic results in your butt area and your total body before surgery and after surgery having the implants; even with your concern about the out lining. Like any operation there are risks and benefits to any procedure. Over time your body and mind will accommodate the implant it as its own just like breast implants.  The implants will look and feel more natural over time ( 6 months after surgery).
 About the out lining, you have to understand that the implants placed between the muscle are stretching out the muscle, some fat and the your skin, but your butt look great, with time the out lining will smooth out.
About your results the implants are placed in the correct position, very symmetrical getting you a beautiful shape of your butt
Before surgery your buttocks, it is also quite “square” in shape which make you look or characterized by straight lines and square volumes in the picture after the surgery even the out lining from the implants, you look/have curvy, shapely lines and round volumes. Before surgery you had square shape butt. with the implants now you have “A-shape buttocks; and now you have a several characteristics which I feel contribute to keeping  your buttocks permanently round-shaped. These include:

1.- Now you have a greatest projection, and this is located exact where should be. I feel there is enough projection in the middle and lower areas; look at the bottom of your butt cheek, your butt looks soft and does flow nicely with your posterior thigh.

2.- Your butt crease is less visible, and now is shorter because the implants are lifting the whole tissues (muscle, some fat and skin), producing fullness in the lower aspect of your buttocks.

3.- Your outer thigh bone (trochanteric) depression, with the implants now is very shallow.

4.-Your buttocks fat with the implants it is more firmness

5.- Your muscle with the implants is more firmness and have great tone. A beautiful butt is round-shaped and firm, regardless the out lining from the implants

6.- From the back you look more curvy now, you have a better cup at the bottom, at the top and sides (butt smile)
 Even the out lining producing by the implants when you "walk" your implants move ( I mean there is jiggle) and if you watch the space where your butt meets your folds is very natural. Now you have a greatest projection, and this is located exact where should be. I feel there is enough projection in the middle and lower areas.

Is under the muscle a better way to place the implants if you're thin? Have you seen any girl's implants look this way and then become more natural?
The buttock implant should always be placed within the gluteus maximus muscle. In this position, the implant is less palpable, less visible, and does not sag or shift/migrate over time.
Under the gluteus muscle implant placement produce projection just on top of butt area, the reason is because in this plane (under the muscle) the pocket dissection can not move down, there is the sciatic nerve there. Then placement the implants under the muscle tend to give a lot of projection in the upper portion of the buttocks.
In your case you had loose skin in the inferior gluteal area and a little volume, then the indication was placing the implants intra-muscular, where it is possible to move the pocket dissection down the buttock’s inferior aspect while avoiding injury to the sciatic nerve; this way to get a better inferior gluteal fullness and to lift the whole tissues (skin, muscle and fat) there, this produce better aesthetic results in patients requiring inferior gluteal fullness like you.
How long do I need to wait to remove them if they don't start to look more normal?
I advise you to evaluate the benefits that you have with the implants and think you about how you would look after removing them.
Please see the attachment files and judge and evaluate by yourself.
Best regards,
Dr. Orlando Figueroa Cerpa

hesitant to add photos

but I'll start with this Before and After

here's another

I'm not sure if I'm glad I did this yet or not.


Thank you for getting back to me. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with your butt implants.  

Honestly I think and my experience about the visible outline of your implants, is in relation about your own perception and about your thoughs.  You need to be realistic and have real expectations, again you need to evaluate  how you look better even with the outline, before or after your surgery. For me you look great even with the outline; this is a very difficult surgery, you have invested considerable effort in getting the implants so it would seem reasonable to attempt to try wait the advise time.
Just like implants anywhere in the body (breast implants, hips implants, arms implants, legs implants, etc.) your implants will look and feel more natural over time (6 months after surgery), after they have settled in; then over time your body and mind will accommodate it as its own just like breast implants, cheeks implants, nose implants, etc.

If you don’t have enought fat under your skin, and your muscles are thin in your butt área, then when you bent over you will see the outline of your bones, the same is for the face, people who have cheek implants, breast implants if they loss to much weight you will see the outline of the cheek implants and the outline of the orbital bone , nose bone, jaw bone, etc. Is the same for the arms and legs. Then i advise to gain a few Lbs. to camouflage the implant outline when you bend over.

If you look at your breast implants  when you bent over you wil see the outline of your breast implants, if you squezze them you will see the outline too.

The process of healing for buttocks implant procedure requires the formation of a scar tissue around the implants. This will keep the implant from moving. This process starts at one week and is maximal at six weeks. After that, the palpability and the outline will decrease, but it takes four to six months for the implants to be incorporated in the body image where patient will forget about them. Overall palpability and the outline is directly related to the amount of fat present.
Please I need to see your pictures standing up, sitting, bending down different views: front, side (left and right), oblique and posterior views to evaluate you.
Best Regards,
Dr. Orlando Figueroa Cerpa
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

So far, I have been really extremely impressed with Dr. Cerpa. He answers every question that I have and is very attentive. He's also very nice and easy to talk to. He seems to really care about his patients and their outcomes. I had read some bad reviews on him (which, quite frankly, scared the piss out of me) that almost made me change my mind several times about choosing him as my surgeon. I'm SO, SO glad that I decided to make my own judgement on him! He's gone over and above what I expected of him several times over. Hopefully it will let me update this section so I can cover the whole 2 week interaction with him. Day 12: I think Dr. Cerpa is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I've ever been to. I really think he is a very skilled surgeon.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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