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So today is 9 days, 13 hours and 47 minutes from...

So today is 9 days, 13 hours and 47 minutes from my trip to Tijuana! I've been reading phat_mommy4's blog ( which has been VERY HELPFUL and inspiring. Kudos to her, and Dr. Pantoja. He will be doing my revision and tummy lipo. A friend of mine had a BBL and tummy lipo done by Dr. Pantoja about a month ago and she looks AMAZING! So I amreally excited to go.

I am flying into San Diego and picking up a car in Tijuana. What is the best way to get from the San Diego Airport to the Tijuana Airport? I am traveling with my husband, so I know I will be safe. Any suggestions? We will be staying at La Rocas in Encenda afterwards (mini vacation) and that is why we are renting a car. I'm frantic!!

I have my Arnica and Bromelian being delivered today so I can start that! I started taking a multi vitamin (liquid) with iron. I have a script for my Cipro, just need to get it filled, and lots of comfy dresses.

This is a re-do for me. i will post pics hopefully this evening......

7 days out....

Trying to be patient. ....I'm really excited. Even though work is taxing, its not bothering me because of what is in store for me. Here is a pic of me now. I told Dr. Pantoja I want mine done like phat_mommy4. I have a partial body shot and post it since I'm getting tummy lipo too!

Ready to pack...

Ok, so I got my arnica tea, arnica pills, arnica gel, collagen pills, bromelian. I've been taking my liquid vitamins with iron (yuck) and drinking smoothies made with spinach and lots of fruit and pineapple juice everyday....
Flight paid for, hotel paid for, days off from work, car reserved in Mexico....
Comfy dresses hanging in the closet...wig AND baseball cap ready......
Countdown clock on my phone.......
I'm just ready to pack......

But I need to do some homework....... *sigh*

Where I would LOVE to be....

Wishing.....something close to this would be great!

Trying to focus.....

I leave tomorrow, and I'm at work trying to focus on my conference far so good!!

Day after

All I can say is I am very happy, a lil sore and swollen, but happy. I will post pictures soon. I love the entire Pantoja team!! Side note: leave your man at

Post op pics!!!!!!!

Glad to be back home!!! Tired, will post details tomorrow! Team Pantoja!


That last pic was pre op mark

right pic

This is post op pic, the other one was pre

Epi foam- Assistance needed!

I forgot to get some epi foam, what should I get, sheets or spray foam? How long do I use it???

The Whole Enchilada!!

Ok, so here is the skinny of my trip. Flight good,short and sweet. Marsiella picked us up and took us to get our rental car...excellent! Rental car...not so much. The car rental itself was $60...the deposit was freakin' $ bueno! Took a bus to Encenada..we were staying at Las Rocas (Awesome hotel - do it on a separate trip - quaint, beautiful views!) Bus ride - 45 minutes (after an hour wait) $42....only to discover we had to take a CAB...another $45 to Rosarito to the hotel. The bus was comfortable and I slept finally. The movie was in Spanish....ya think? Finally at Las Rocas, kitchen closed, room was chilly. Hubby - not so happy.

(Had to pause just now Marsiella just called to check on me!)

Anyway, the hotel arranged a cab for the morning ride back to Tijuana and Gabriel was awesome!! $45 round trip! He was on time EVERYTIME we needed him. I think it was better to used the cab then rent a car. Aside from the Military stops on the road..(weird) the rides were cool.

Finally at Dr. Pantoja's office! The receptionist (soo cute) had me do paperwork. The office was Standing ROOM Only at 9:30am!!! I did my blood work, Nadia - que bonita! - took pictures...then after what seemed like an eternity, she took me to my room. NICE ROOM!!!!!

The nurses, EKG dude, the really cute male intern (don't tell my hubby) were all very nice. Those that could, spoke English, I do speak a little Spanish so that was cool too. Everyone was so nice. Everything was so FREAKIN clean! (Even while we waited at the bus station, they moped the floor 3 times!!)

We watched tv, waited for Dr. P to come. He is amazing! My blood work came back great, except my cholesterol was a little high..why? IDK, I eat better than my hubby. My hemoglobin was awesome too! So Dr. Sexy Intern came back and asked a few more then told me to put my gown on. I nodded off and then Nadia and Dr. Pantoja came in to mark me up. On the pics you can see my cock-eyed ta tas...and Dr. P said he would fix that, which he did!! That is why one boobie looks a little lower than the other one. Dr. P said he pulled the muscle up to make the nipples even! (After a month, they should be the same.) YAaaY ME! Then he apologized for the jacked up job my previous PS did on my belly button and offered to fix that! YaaaaY me, again!!

One of the nurses took me to the surgery room, I got my pill earlier for nausea, and then got some oxygen and something else and then I was in a KOOL-AID KOMA! I felt the motion from the lipo, then somebody shook me and said "Wake up Leslie! You are finished!" The entire team brought me back to my room and I slept good. My right leg woke up first, then finally my left leg.

I was greated with this AMAZING bowl of fruit with cottage cheese, granola and honey! MY NEW FAVORITE SNACK/MEAL!! My brilliant hubby only brought ONE pack of cigarettes with him...duh...and they don't sell Newports in Mexico! LOL. Anyway he went out and found some amazing tacos, which I got to get on the way home.

The next morning, I got looked over, got the green light and back to Las Rocas! It finally warmed up on Saturday, we shopped a little, got some awesome tequila to take back at an awesome price. Now he's happy, more tacos and Marsiella took us back... driving the border is a lesson all by itself. Take dollars, the conversion will add fees at the ATM....EVERYONE takes dollars and some prefer it. If you want pesos, Marsiella will take you.

I am so INCREDIBLY happy! Well worth it, and I have TWO friends that want to go, so I'm excited to go back....even if I don't get any work done. Although...hubby did like the new bootay my friend maybe.......

implant size

I forgot to tell my size. Initially,I was 340/315 cc, (Dr. P guessed right). Now, I have 545 ccs just n each...happy!

Mack truck

So when I wake up and get out of bed, BBC I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck or spent two hours in a boxing the bag! Once I move around, it gets better, thank God! ! the itching has begun. ..omg. My cinchers are funny, one is short one is long....both end up jammed under my breasts. ..really?!?! Waiting for my epifoam to arrive.

Two more days of these support hose...did I mention its a balmy 105 degrees here in Az? Yea....that's not working out, cause pants help them stay up...sorta. lol....and now thats 2 105 degree heat. At least it's dry heat. O___o I want to loose a few pounds...I will with these tights!

My ^$%#@( garment

OK, so I have decided to stick with my short waist cincher since the long one is wrinkly and I don't want to heal wrinkly. I will start using it again when my epifoam arrives. I am excited, swelling is going down because I can button one row smaller!! YAY!!

*Sigh* life of a

What kind of garment does anyone suggest for tummy lipo?

The snowman challenge

Skintight helped me out with her posts. I was wondering about the foam/board/garment thing and she confirmed it all! I was told the foam helps you heal better and it should be next to your skin...wherever it is (I don't even have an abdominal board) I feel like the kid in a snowsuit, my current garment doesn't have a pee hole, so most days I'm just rockin the cincher, padding (wrapped with gauze to hold in place) and going commando. I do have another one coming....prayerfully soon...with a pee hole. Oh and by the way, I live in Arizona, a cool day is 102 in the shade....I stood STILL outside and felt sweat running down my back. *Divalife*

I was supposed to take some pictures of my too small tops in my new tatas...maybe tomorrow when hubby is awake to enjoy...he keeps missing the fun. (Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary....he sleeps (wink)

I will post some other pics tho


I have no idea why...but sometimes these babies feel like they are expanding!! I must be hallucinating from all these meds and supplements...LMAO!!

A little Frustrated......

I must be PMS'ing or family can be so selfish or spoiled and it's my own fault. I cooked dinner tonight, a pretty good one, I might add. I have cooked big breakfasts pretty much everyday since I got home. Not once does anyone clean up the kitchen, and tonight, I asked if they would and even after saying they would, all of them walked out and left it a hot mess. I ended up doing it anyway. When I don't cook, I'm viewed as a three headed martian. That's ok though, I go back to work tomorrow and they will get wishing beans and wonder bread! Wishing for some beans and wondering where the bread is.....ha!

That is all. :)

Lipo Scars - OMFG!! WTF!!

Ok, so does anyone know how long it takes these dang lipo scars to heal? Yesterday, SOMEHOW, I put alcohol on my two wounds...EVERYONE knows the PEROXIDE bottle is BROWN and the ALCOHOL bottle is WHITE. Yes, the lights were on, and even if they were can SMELL the alcohol. At first, I was fine, and then the STING! WTF was I thinking?!?!? long does it take for these holes to heal and does any one have any suggestions? I put peroxide on them, and these 50 eleven layers of stuff, and I live in ARIZONA where the LOW temp is 100 degrees....really?? So I sweat...ya think? How are these things supposed to heal when the dang scab keeps coming off? top it monthly I got foam and squeem and fajas squeezing the life out of me ~ LITERALLY!!! Today it was 110 degrees. (And I wonder why I have a headache..) I'm supposed to be doing homework, yet here I

Ohhhh.....and my Boss told me I need to cover up 0__o

So I have been wearing leggings, scarfs and jackets to work everyday since before my surgery.... (Some people come to work in pajama pants, and I wear dresses, but I guess they are too cute ! or something.)

Did I mention I live in ARizoNa!?! Even the weather man said it would feel like the demons from hell would be sticking us with tridents....

But NOooooo, I had to do this in the freakin' summer.....


New pics

These are some bras since before the first BA....glad I kept them!

The bra love..

Happy 2 weeks!! "Keep on Fluffing Baby!!)

So, I have finished all my Cipro!! YAaaay! And, I managed not to get a YEAST infection!! Double Yaaay! In this heat, that would be maddening! I finished all my Accolate!! Yaaay My doctor had me take it to prevent capsular contracture. I know my ta tas are soft and fluffing all day long!! Triple Yaay!!

I drove today, hmmmm. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. (My son was acting an a$$ and I had to go seek him out.) That's a blog for another - (also known as "Choke A Child day ~ Celebrate wisely.)

I have homework to finish some homework, but my head is banging...damn period.

Um...lost count of what day this is...

Of course, today is Friday, two weeks after sx...I drove today...wasn't bad...

It's Frieday!! (Fried from the Arizona Sun!)

Ok, so I added pictures of my massage tools. A silicone mini rolling pin and a hand massager. I saw a video on Youtube where the PS demonstrated using a rolling pin on areas that had been lipo'ed..(that's not a real word!) Anyway, he said that after about 2 weeks when the remaining fat starts to liquify, to take a rolling pin and ROLL the fat away so it doesn't solidify in the lipo'ed areas. It makes sense, I wish I would work on NON-lipo'ed (not a real word) areas. So I ordered one from wallyword earlier this week ($12), apparently they don't feel the need to carry them in the stores, and it's cool, because it saved me time and gas hunting in the hot Arizona sun looking for one. I did find in the store the little hand held massager (which apparently isn't a real word either). This little joker was a whopping $6!! (I think I broke the bank with these two items.) Anyway, the massager feels really good and will have to suffice until I can get a real lymphatic massage. Apparently, my "loving" husband only wants to feel me up.... we won't mention the other things he dying to do to/with my new boobies... 0__o....
I finally ordered my ab board and it got shipped out TODAY!! Yaaa hooo!! Hopefully it will be here next week.

So the second picture is me with two, count 'em 2, pieces of lipo foam and a corset that I own. That is why I look like the Michelin man. I thought I would try it, since I can't get to the "Mexican Booty Store" (affectionately referred to by guess who - yep, da hubby) To get a new garment. Where he got that from, IDK! Except that maybe when we go to the swap meets, there is always a booth, run by Mexicans, that sell these garments that we covet so much.

I think I may just wear the corset by itself, I have a large and a medium. I put my waist cincher (also not a real word) over the corset, and although it may be compressing, I just feel like the aforementioned tire dude.

The last picture is my girls today! 15 days old, although I forgot how many days it had been. I think the antibiotics sucked the smarts out of my brain...I have CRS - BIGTIME!! You would think that my throat wouldn't be sore since I have OD on antibiotics, but still is, sorta. Maybe it's a side affect of the drugs.
(I can't remember what the drugs are ACTUALLY for after I look at all the dang side affects.)

I am so ready to take this tape off my boobies. That is where the itching is...5 more days!! Then I get to take the stitches out. My husband has volunteered for that...really. Let em make a doctor's appointment for Wednesday...

And today, it was 111 degrees. I wore jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a scarf to work. I must be confused....nope, just following my boss' request to 'cover up'...The only thing about that is, I see everyone else with their arms out and I just sweat all the more. Ha! The up side is, someone turned the air on BLAST and I ended up being quite comfortable...then I went outside....

Ya jiggling baby...go 'head baby

My tummy is starting to get soft!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!!! I got my rolling pin, the pilsbury dough boy ain't got nothing on me! Imma roll this stomach so flat!!! I'm excited because my ab board should be here Tuesday! !

Drum roll........I finished my a B- yeah yeah! !! It was truly a challenge as all the meds I took really made me
S T O O P I D!!!!
So now, I am 8 weeks away from my MPA - Masters in Public Administration!!!

Until then...keep on fluffing baby. ..ya jiggling baby! Lol

18 days!!!

So, one of the 'symptoms' of PS is depression. Why would anyone be depressed if it went well? Can't work out, can't pig out, can't get out, can't get turned out....I guess that would depressed too

Dang Teenangers.............

So I'm excited ALL DAY LONG about the arrival of my ab board!!!

Only.....I get home to find out that my lovely wonderful teenagers have slept their lives away today and didn't hear the DOORBELL...

So, now I have to wait until tomorrow to get my board....

**sigh** It's chock a child day" somewhere....

Until tomorrow

Layers, .....I'm like a 7 layer salad

Ok, last night I washed my lipo foam. this morning. ..not dry...really..its 1000 degrees and 2 wittle pieces of foam, that was HAND WASHED....didn't dry in 10 yeah. .ok. So while I was waiting, I put my medium corset on...and pulled the strings....ever try to tie a corset by yourself? disjointed shoulders here either.

So, I ended up sleeping in it and wearing it to

Midday...I had boning poking me like a porcupine..every effing where....needless to say...corset was SNATCHED off!!!
I stopped at the post office and got my flat snow man...uh ab board. Lol
Now, the foam is dry, but I forgot what the order is .....foam, board, garment? I do know it's not garment, board foam...ha! That would not work.

I got my scar sheets today. .and tomorrow


Pics I promised

Won't post belly button, I will spare

One more week and then scar therapy begins! !

pics issues. ..

21 Days

My girls are legal!

I can't even remember what I posted at work......

So I wrote a entry while at work. I thought it was pretty good...

What was it about, you ask? I can't flippin' remember. (Last time I write a good entry at work....I swear my laptop hates me sometimes. And I was wondering why no one responded...duh...nothing to respond to - ya think?

I did have one question, which way is up with the dang ab board? Is it right side up snowman or fat side up ice cream cone? I have no clue, it's not like it came with instructions either.

Maybe sideways like a lazy 8......aaahhhh!

So today, I have on the ab board, in the middle, lipo foam on the sides, all wrapped by a sweat belt, topped off by my cincher......the good thing is it is was 95 most of the day.... How many people do you know rejoice at 95 degrees? I may be the only one...

It's coming back to me now, some of it anyway.

I emailed pictures to Dr. Pantoja after I got my stitches removed, well all but one. He said that I'm healing faster than most patients! I have to attribute it to Arnica, Bromelian and Collagen.

Did I mention I hate taking pills....from now on, I'm doing liquid....And I am missing my multi-vitamins, so I ordered liquid vitamins, and I will be ordering liquid collagen.....

Naw, I'm not ready for jello....I still love chewing a good steak...


New garment

Size small, with shoulder straps! $12!! At the swap meet. .boy, does it compress!! I love it!

This is a test.......

Trying to post and make sure it sticks this time!!

I'm still here - all Barbie Dolled Up!!

Ok, so I apologize for being MIA.... I have been running away from my Just kidding, although he is ALOT MORE ATTENTIVE now, then before. After wearing foam, ab board, cincher and other garments when I come home from work, I have to BREATHE....
So I am peeling off layers at the door...which leaves maybe some tiny shorts and my sports bra...

0_o and then the caveman comes in and goes... " his 'Rico Suave" voice...and the rest become TMI! I don't mind, I'm happy he is happier. I did if for ME, just ME..he gets the benefits...LOL

So I started at 34 inches on my waist, and I am now 29 1/2 inches! I could not be happier!! The majority of my stitches have healed, but I have a few spots that are being ornery...I'm ready to start my scar therapy....the silicone sheets are waiting in the wings...I was thinking of doing all the scars at the same time.....IDK

So my friend has some bras that are 34d ....I was a 36c or there about...I want to wait until the scars heal before I get a fitting....but that 34d no bueno... the cup was waaaay too small...I may be looking at DOUBLE Ds!!

I haven't gotten my official clearance to work out.. I am soo ready! But I have started doing squats with just me. Last night I did some pilates ab work and braced myself for pain, but I was good this morning!! I sleep in foam, board, cincher...and that helps. (Hubby no happy...he wants skin...that's what my thighs are for...

I didn't get a BBL and I'm scared to think how I would look if I had. I am so, so, so, happy with how I look now, I know some squats are really gonna have me happy.

I do have a 2inch x 2inch 'bubble' (if you will) in my ab area. I haven't been able to find affordable massage, so I'm going to have to take matters into my own hands, and massage this joker to death!

DEATH to FAT bubbles!!!

I think once I start burning some more fat...I will be ok...Gonna post a pic from my phone.

little waist

43 day old boobies!!

Feeling good.....

Plastic surgery is not always pretty...we laugh, we cry, we giggle like school girls trying on new bras and dresses. We get happy we may even get frustrated because it is taking too dang long to heal and we are soooo ready to SHOW OFF the new goods. Ya think...? I look forward to the garmentless, snowman free dress days...especially here in Az. (Yeah oh we have MEGA humidity now ALONG with the heat.) More sweat = smaller the only way I can look at it and not explode! That's a good thing. ....One implant is bigger so one aerola is bigger. ..ta tas...SAME SIZE. .. WAIST on the way to XTRA SMALL...Oh I forgot about impatient....I'm real ready to start my scar treatments...I told you. ain't always pretty. ..but it shol is worth it!!!

Two Questions

1)Torn between xs squeem and colombian garment...


Garmentless sleep....

Sooo I decided last night to sleep without my garments, foam, board.....blah, blah, blah...I thought it would be a nice treat for my hubby, and not to mention I went 20 hours straight with it mid day break...

Hmmm...well, I made it ok, but my back hurt. Really? My BACK?!?! There was no surgery on my back. ok confession time..I have the beginning signs of mild arthritis in my back. ....I guess my BACK appreciates these compressing garments or my body is just spoiled. ...maybe both..

As for hubby. ..he didn't notice until this morning. ..I could have slept tied up. O_o

It's Friedday again

THE temperature in the house is 98 degrees...the air conditioning is broken. ...the up side, I may be bigger than 38D....

Whew!!! the air is fixed!!!! YaaaaY!!!!! I slept last night with NOooo Garments!! ThAt was a first. ...I broke a sweat just sitting on the toilet. (TMI) Sweating is good. ...means fat loss in my book!!!

Oh and iit was soo h ot. I told hubby "Nooo touching."

Gonna do some sit ups and squats and go to sleep. ..unless I fall asleep on the floor.
Until the next post. ..


So it has been almost 2 months and my right boobie scar can't heal because I keep sweating. . So I'm trying honey. . I read/heard that it is a good remedy... so imma try it on this boobie...stay tuned....

So far so good with the honey

It has been two days with the honey and the scabs are staying in place. Yay! !!!!!
I also read Shea butter works well too. I have more itching. ..but its healing! (THANKTHE SSCAR gods!!!)

I started with the silicon sheets today. On old and new scars.....I can tell it works. .I'm itching like a hype...

I'm not a Pooh Bear, but I'm grumbly....

Ok, so a few days ago, I started this honey/scar routine. I googled scars, scar treatments, BA scars, BA scars that won't heal...I feel like my name should be 'Bing" not anyway....I kept getting the honey results, so honey...Imma do you. I really don't know at this point if it is getting better or worse. I'm going to go 7 days, hopefully not snatch any scabs off. Besides my boobie hurts...just da one....

So I nodded off just now and turned myself into a bobble-head. You should have seen how many letters of foolishness I had to delete....

I was supposed to be doing homework...that didn't work out for me this time.

A duh......

Ok, so I looked at the picture I posted when I got my stitches out and based on HOW that picture of my scars looked I am COMPLETELY BEFUDDLED as to how this longer scar on my boobie turned into something from Frankenstein's workshop.

The honey thing....uh no, I decided to let that alone. It REALLY didn't look like it was getting any better, just souring...ya think? Probably because of all this dang heat. So I took that foolishness off, washed my boobie, then cleaned the scar with peroxide....I dabbed it with alcohol. (Not really a good idea...STANG like heck!!!)

I tried butterfly closures and ended up wasting 5 of those. I took some REGULAR band-aids that stick to everything and pulled them tight so as to 'close' these scars and bit in the hopes that they FINALLY heal. Duct tape would have done the same thing.

I believe I was doing quite well as long as I stuck to my healing regimen. Once I stopped the bromelian, arnica and collagen ish went foul.....oh and booze...hubby gonna have to coffee either....(resumed both of those habits too soon and should not have at all...ijs)

So this boobie is all bandaged up ~ looks like something I would have done when I was 4 or 5.

Dry, bandaged boobie ~ fingers crossed. I think this is what may happen when you let a NON PS to the job of a PS....

Oh, and Friday, I went garment-less ALL FREAKIN' DAY...
BAD the time I got home I was swollen, sore and pissed. One night of my garment, foam, board...and ALL better!!

Word of advice: Wear your garments, take your meds/supplements, avoid alcohol, follow your after care, and eat salads until you can workout....

I'm tipping the scale at 148 (again) thank GOD my waist is still 29 inches and holding.

That is all.

A happy pic.

Rock and hard place

Ok. ... here is my dilemma. ...I need to wear my garments, I need to heal, I live in hot as Hades where it feels like the devils will come out and poke you with their tridents....

I digressed....too hot. I figured out that it is the compression garments that are impeding my healing. ... to hot to make a freakin scab. ... and too many bandages AND garments make a mildewy environment. ...unnnnn stank!!

So oooo, I'm going to sleep garmentless after my peroxide bath and see how it looks in the morning. Even though the bandages started getting moisty... the scars SEEM to be getting better. ...

I forgot to share the news that the band-aid s.... broke me out. .. seriously? !?! I may end up with a half a mastectomy. ... I'm going to snatch this boobie offn if it doesn't start acting right. ...

And the beat goes on....


I slept without my garments AND I went to work without wearing them. ...

In the positive side. ... my dresses are not as snug as they used to be! !!! Yaaay me!!! And they look sexier...giggle giggle

I didn't feel sore until just now. ..although my back has been bothering me a bit. ..I think because of the rain O_?

My scars seem to be responding to the air they have been able to breathe and my PS emailed me and said air and hydrogen peroxide. I took it a step further still and put on a cotton bra. Not too much sweating! !! YAAAYY ME again! !
Phatmommie also told me what she used and I got some enroute...Yahoo weee!!

And then...a bunch of doctors responded to my question about my scar. .I got good real responses too!!

So on the boobie scale. . Today was a 10!! And then they fluffed some more

And it ain't even HUMP Day!!! (IN THE camel voice) yeah yeah!!


I got introduced to Dr. Pantoja by a girl I work with. I gave her an extremely hard time about going to Mexico for her procedure and then I went myself. I had been wanting a revision for some time and when money became available, I followed her to the same doctor. I guess that made me a hypocrite, but we go with the best recommendation.

Smurfs -- Holla if ya hear me!!!

So thanks to Phatmommy...I got my Tegaderm..its great!!! This tata is doing great! !!

And. . Thanks to Amazon same day delivery I got my XS Squeem (black) been breaking me so it took a while for me to order it. Well I spent the week garmentless... so I could give my scars AIR to breathe... and I have missed the feeling of being squeezed python-like... but hey, what can you do?

I was thinking I should have gotten a small squeem... but I think I did ok by getting a XS

I'm still trying to breathe now. ..

I will say this much I most definitely look like I have dreamed of looking like

..... turning blue over here. ...

Holla if you hear me. .ok...I will take a whisper if you are trying to breathe. ...

Picture update!!!

For you viewing pleasure. ..

Feeling like Pinocchio

All these dang wires... under wire, garment wire. ... wires poking me here there and every where! !! Glad there are no sharp edges otherwise I'd be flat chested too!

Hmmm... will I destroy my garment if I take the wires out????

We are 2!

Two months old! !! Yay. . Party time! My scars are almost healed m. .. yay! !! I haven't really been wearing my garment so they CAN heal. Although. .I did try to wear my xs SQUEEM today. Well that didn't work out to well because. ....

As soon as I got in the car. . That joker rolled up on me and the compreshion.. that was ALREADY smurfable ...

Wait for it.....

Doubled! !!! I tried to fix it, but since I was trying to get to work today. ..I opted to take it off. ...

In the gas station. ...o_0

Smurfdom Sleep

I tried to post this last night. . And I hope I didn't sleep post on anyone's page. .. but I put on my XS squeem... and tried to sleep in it.

FAIL!! Ok, maybe because I haven't been wearing my garment and .. so as to let my scars heal. .or my a$$ expanded. .. but

Back to the medium for a while. ..

A good night for sweet dreams. ..

Stuck on

I should be working. .. but instead I'm snapping. .pictures in the bathroom at work. ..lmao!!! I need RS 12 step.....

Finally. ...side by side

I needed an app to make this picture. .. even I'm impressed. .. lol

I like this one better ... lol

New app.. just having fun. . Lol

Gotta focus. ..

Ok. ...I have 5 days left in this class and 2 assignments. ...I gotta get it done. ..I will try to. .. buy I can't promise to update. .. it is hard to stay away. ... but it is only 5 more days. ...

I was curious. ...

38 - bust
29 1/2 - waist
40 - hips

I swear I'm doing homework! !!!

Love to my RS Sisters....

I'm going hard for the next several hours to finish this homework worth 360 points! !!! But I wanted to post a pic for y'all. Muah !!!! Luv yall!!!

Gotta get sum coffee first..zzzzz

I Did It!!!

I finished my class. .. and now have a Master's degree in Public Administration!!!! I will catch up on responses soon. ... right now I have a bottle of Moscato on ice. ....

I went out last night. ...


So. .. Mr. Man...laid his big Apple head in my boobie this morning and this sucker has been hurting all day! !! Aaargggghhhhh

Such a day. ...

Emotions all over the place. ...everytime we go out by husband comments on some girl's azz. I jokingly said I was going to get my azz dome and he said he would rather have the money. I am doing squats, I keep going from 145 to 150 and I really need to loose 20 pounds. I think that will give me what I want. .even in the buttt area

On top of that. .. my Dad passed away yesterday. ....

Sorry. . I'm all over the place emotionally

The love has been overwhelming! !!

If I didn't get any love from anywhere else I would be just fine with the out pouring of love from all my RS sisters! !! You ask ha and been a real pillar of strength for me. I cannot express how much appreciation I have for you and the love you have given me. .. and we haven't even met! !!! Yeah. .. I'm still smurfin'......

dumb phone...

You have been**

100 Days and counting......

So yesterday made 100 days that I have had my new twins.... The gorgeous things they are....and yes, I kinda fell off my waist training, eating habits, etc....sooo

Wednesday, I jump my ambitious self on the scale and guess what? 149.6

WTH.?....crickets....... 0_o

My goal weight is any with my bright self decide to wear my squeem

Yes, my squeem...the SMALL squeem......seriously?

I was good, as long as I was standing. Um hum, yup! Then I hopped in my car and proceeded to get some coffee from the Circle K...extra shot of caffeine.

So good. A lil smurfin' happening, but it's been a while, so I continue.

I get my coffee, and a few stares, some oogles and some's cool.

I jump my happy azz back in my car and hit the highway. Now mind you, it's a 25-30 minute drive to work, barring traffic. I'm drinking my coffee, singing out loud..

THen it starts.....


I convince myself, "you can make the ride"...and I suck my stomach in...sip some coffee. Coffee is GUD this morning, I drink more. I sing, I drink...

I feel the coffee trying to return to the cup....whaaaaaaaaaaa (in my minion voice)

Oh Hell NAW!! I'm driving, I can't throw up, then the tightness of the garment seems to get EVEN MORE TIGHTER...

I have to make a decision. Seat belt comes off, I reach under my dress to unfasten the squeem....My phone rings....really?

Seatbelt goes back on, DAMN garment. I am past smurfdom at this point. Close to a deeper shade of purple. THANK GOD the traffic is moving. I can't even remember who I was talking to on the phone, or what the conversation was about..I wanted to get that garment off, get to work so I could stand up and do that one important thing...BREATHE!

So, I keep driving, trying to bring the conversation to and end. FINALLY. Now, traffic had slowed down WHILE I was ON the phone, slow enough that I could have taken the garment off. AS SOON and I put the phone down and unfasten the seat belt....VROOOMM..........traffic picks up speed.

Decisions, decisions,, drive, garment....hell the radio stopped playing good music, so now there are no distractions.

I take the seatbelt off, and continue TRYING to unfasten the garment. Now we ALL know how hard it is to take the garment off when standing still. Try that at 65 mph...behind the wheel. I know it was dangerous. I put the seat belt on during my ride and off again.

Ever get to that LAST hook and notice how TIGHT that part is.....OMG!!

Needless to say, I got it unfastened, finished my coffee and got to work.

Everything was good, until I got out of the car and realized that I had a whole lot going on behind me....the garment was hanging on under my dress...

Thankfully, I got it BEFORE I walked into work....

100 days......and counting! :)

where ya been????

I know I have been missing a long long long time.... so much has happened. ..I graduated! Yay. ..I have been incredibly busy at work. ... this is a good thing. Home life is a roller coaster. .. kids are ok. .. hubby. ... I'm at a cross roads with him. I'm back up to 151, but still sexy and curvy as ever. I'm glad I still a waist...!!! And you can see I cut my hair and died it blonde! I miss you guys. .I see the updates. ..I just don't get to respond always.

New year.....

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well. I have not had a chance to catch up on your blogs, but I will try. Much has happened since my last post. My hair is still short, but I'm back to black. (I got over the blonde). Work picked up a bunch!!! That's a good thing, it gave me a chance to shine a little, I plan for it to move me to GREATER things. Marriage is OVER! Don't worry, it was my decision. It really should have happened years ago. You can't keep throwing DIAMONDS in the dirt and expecting they will shine for you.

Anyway, I have been found by 'new' sisters - other children by my father and I have a special guy who is being a TRUE life is not so bad, just full of change.

No where but up!

And the girls....thy are awesome....I have to get back on my workout...I got back up to 160! OMG!! but I'm down to 152. Waist is still small but not like before, Imma get back to that real soon.

Luv you guys!
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