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Hi everyone, so a little about myself. I am a mom...

Hi everyone, so a little about myself. I am a mom of 4, but have had 5 full term pregnancies. I am a young mother, 24. I am happily married to my wonderful husband.

So I have been doing my research for quite sometime and let me tell you, Realself has truly helped me with choosing the right doctor for me!! All the ladies who post their experiences, before/after pictures, and let us be apart of your journey ... You guys are amazing! Well, I have chosen to go with Dr. Salvador Pantoja. His work is amazing and speaks for itself. I have been speaking with Nadia and I have only wonderful things to say about this office!! They ALWAYS respond within 24hrs, they are very knowledgeable and informative, they truly do care about their patients, and they tell you everything up front (which I love!! No beating around the bush). I am planning on having a BBL, with a possible Tummy Tuck. I am kind of nervous about having both procedures done at the same time. (I am not sure how much pain I could handle). How has everyone felt after having both procedures done?? Does it feel like when you have a Caesarean?? I will continue to post more as my journey continues!! June 2016 come sooner!!!

Must haves, nice to haves, & traveling basics


female urinal

Baby wipes

Antibacterial soap


Alcohol pads

Q-tips (to apply the neosporin)

Gauze pads & medical tape (drain tube)

Tank tops, yoga pants, any type of loose clothes

Easy slip on shoes

Compression socks

Compression sleeve (if getting lipo on the arms)

1 pair of bagged underwear (in case they get stained)

Boppy pillow

Faja or Compression garment (Dr. P provides one but it is better to have an extra)

Epifoam or foam board

Arnica tablets/arnica gel (helps with bruising and swelling)

Stool softeners

Pre-op/post-op vitamins


suction hooks (to hold drain while showering)

Firming lotion

Chux pads

Band aids (to cover incisions)

Extra garment*** (listed twice)


tooth brush/tooth paste



I hope this helps everyone that is just as lost and confused as I am lol

Calling all bbl veterans!!

This question is to all the bbl veterans:

1. Do you think a recovery home is needed?? Or is a hotel fine??

2. How many days do I need to stay before I can fly home (Texas)?? Ex. If I have surgery on Monday, when will the doctor clear me to fly?? (approximately)

Thanks ahead of time :)

Change of doctor!!!

Hi everyone, so I know I have been MIA for awhile but I am back. As my title says, I have changed my doctor to Dr Emmanuel Mallol in the Dominican Republic. I had surgery with him on March 10, 2017 so I am exactly 2 weeks post op!! I absolutely love my results! I have added 3 day before surgery photos that were taken by Dr mallol himself. I will add post op pictures in my next update.

Post op pics!!!

So as promised.... my post op pics!!! I will post from early post op to the latest... ???? I'm still very much swollen but the transformation that my body has gone through is amazing so far ?? I am 2 weeks and 1 day post-op!


My pictures didn't post on my last post ????????????????


My pcp prescribed me an anti-inflammatory (naproxen) to help with my back swelling and in just the few days that I have taken it my back swelling has gone down so much... look at that booty curve ????????????


Follow me on instagram @Futuremalloldoll for more updates!!!

I'm so in love with my results!

12 weeks post! Mallol is a life changer ????????????????
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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