29 Year Old- Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty - Mexico

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Im so excited to have finally booked my surgery...

Im so excited to have finally booked my surgery date for Nov 2016. My ears are pretty large and they stick out quite a lot so Im getting my ears pinned back and an earlobe reduction. Also im getting a rhinoplasty to improve the shape of my nose, my nose is also very large and masculine for my face. I met Dr Fuentes a few months ago, and i was very impressed by his work, he seems very knowledgeable and will frankly tell you what will look natural and what does not. He is a very patient person, he has answer all my questions and my multiple emails. Im so excited the day is right around the corner. I will update you guys with my progress as the day gets closer.

Less than 2 weeks before surgery

Driving to Tijuana

Hi everyone, so the big day is tomorrow, and so today we are driving to Tijuana. Words cant express how nervous and excited i feel. I hope i can get some rest tonight but i doubt it as Im feeling super anxious. I will update later. Wish me luck!

Surgery went well!!

My surgery went well. I can't express enough about the quality of service i received from Dr Fuentes and all his staff. They were WONDERFUL and made me feel great thoughout the whole process. The procedured felt like a blink of an eye. As if I had taken a nap and when i woke up boom! I was done. :)
I did feel a bit nauseated, hungry and sleepy when i woke up. I was able to see my ears in the mirror and my goodness i remember saying to myself, are those cute small ears mine now? And my nose lenght and tip also looked super cute, i was loving what i was seeing. Today, my ears got super swollen like sausages and they hurt quite a bit, but it is still bearable. My nose has been bleeding less today thank goodness! And im still loving they way it looks. I will post pictures later. One thing i did noticed, but never heard of anyone else going through during their recovery was that my hands and arms got swollen last night and they were super discomforting, i massaged them a lot and today they are back to normal thank goodness. I think it could have been a side effect from the anesthesia or IV. Who knows! I'm super greatful for my husband, who has been such a great support system i dont think i could have done it without him! And im also so glad i went through these two procedures. This is something i had wanted for many many years and i finally had the courage to go with it. :)

Before and after pics


1 week post opt update

So this week has been a roller-coaster for me. I've caught a cold right after my rhinoplasty surgery so you can only imagine how my recovery went down. I've had for the most part okay days. Its really hard not being able to blow my nose. My bruising and swelling have really come down a lot. I keep on applying polysporine ointment, but my stitches are still there. Wonder how long until they dissolve. My ears are looking smaller and in turn cuter. I will get my nasal cast off today, and you guys im super nervous for the big reveal. I like what i see now w/ the cast on, i just hope i like what i will see w/ no cast on as well. I know this will change the way my face will look, i just dont know how much yet. So i will update you guys later!

Cast is off!!

So the cast is off! And I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results. I think Dr Fuentes did a really good job on my nose. Not going to lie, it took me a moment to get used to seeing my new nose, at first i didnt know what to think of it. Its in a way like seeing someone else, but when i put the after picture next to my before, I'm liking it more and more. :)

Couldn't have picked a better surgeon! Doctor Fuentes is Amazing!!

So i showed off my new nose and ears on Thanksgiving and at work today and I have to say i've been receiving tons and tons of complements! Everyone is amazed at the surgeons skills. Words cant express how happy i feel. Dr. Fuentes has exceeded my expectations. He is very nice person and very professional. My husband and I were very impressed. Huge thanks to Dr Fuentes and his team for an amazing job!! :)
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