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So after many consultations with different doctors...

So after many consultations with different doctors I chose Dr. Fuentes. I really loved his portfolio and that his noses looked extremely natural. They didn't all look like the same one-size-fits-all typical plastic surgery nose some doctors like to do on every patient. I finally booked my appointment for November and I couldn't be more excited. I am very optimistic.

As far as support goes. I have received mixed opinions from family and friends. I still haven't told some family because I don't know how they will react. Some of my friends are happy for me because they know I really want it. Some of my family and friends continuously try and talk me out of it saying " you don't need it and your nose fits your face, you wouldn't be you without your nose" What if I don't want a big nose? I know they genuinely love me the way I am and I appreciate it. I still would like them to just support me 100% since its my decision. I have the best husband in the world and he loves me the way I am but he is completely supportive because he knows this is something I have to do for myself.

I highly suggest anyone wanting to do plastic surgery think twice before confiding in others about it. Just because you're super excited and know this is the right decision for you doesn't mean everyone will agree with it or support you. People can be extremely judgmental. Plastic surgery is still controversial.

I decided Im going to be completely upfront with it and do a full in depth review. I am proud of finally biting the bullet and doing something Ive wanted since I was 13.

I am staying in a hotel by Cosmed they have on site stay but it is costly per night. I think it is worth it if it fits in your budget and probably more appealing to women traveling alone. It includes food and a night nurse checking up on you. I think it is $200 a night.

Deposit and Blood Test

So I received my test results and sent them to Dr Fuentes he said my results were normal and I am cleared for surgery. I also put my 20% deposit down via account transfer.

I am so excited my surgery is around the corner but I'm also incredibly nervous. I keep getting cold feet where I am second guessing doing it. I think I'm just scared because I've never had surgery or been put under anesthesia. I have been wanting a rhinoplasty my entire life so that is really my motivation to get through the nerves.

Dr Fuentes has been very quick at responding via email when I ask questions. Looking at his work and reading his answers to question on this board in the rhinoplasty sections also help put me at ease. I feel like he really knows his stuff.

I'm hoping my nose comes out natural and I just hope I love it. Will do another update upon arriving to Mexico and meeting with my doctor in person.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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