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Hi I'm 22 years old and I plan to get the gastric...

Hi I'm 22 years old and I plan to get the gastric sleeve surgery. I'm 5'6 and 255 lbs my God smh I just let myself go! I have been over weight sense I was 11 yrs old. And it has been the hardest for me to lose weight. I would be motivated for a month exercising eating good. Then I just stop and gain it back. I love food!! Lol I usually stayed around 220 lb and my highest was 260 lbs. I gained that in 3 months smh depression played a big part of that. So I want to get Gastric sleeve to help me lose weight and become more confident. It's hard being young and overweight. Literally I barely go out to have fun... My insurance doesn't cover weight lose surgery.. nd it cost over $15k in the US so I've been doing my research on "Long Term VSG " and the reviews turned out to be good. And the procedure cost $2999. So I paid my deposit it was $300 and I've booked my plane tickets!

Adding a couple pictures.

I debated with myself about adding these pictures lol. But I want other to see my transformation so it can inspire them. So we'll worth it!! ;)

I can't wait any longer! Surgery date May 9th 2016

I'm so excised to be getting this surgery!! It will be life changing to me. I feel like being smaller will bring out my confidence way more. I feel it inside me but I get to shy and I don't open up. I don't dance I just do the cute shake side to side girlie dance. I feel like someone's watching me.. nd is going to judge. Lol paranoid right!! But as I stated right now I'm 255 I plan to lose atleast 20 lbs before my surgery. That way I hopefully fingers crossed won't have as much lose skin!! I have huge arms so I'm really trying to go hard and work out my arms. I never been comfortable with my arms I live in Atlanta and I always were a long sleeve or one that comes down to my elbow.. or jacket... it's bad!! Not to mention I have this crease in my arm.. my arm has a roll.. ughh lol..

How I plan to lose 20 lbs before Surgery.

I've been taking phentermine over 4 years on and off... it works some times. You can atleast lose 5lbs with this pill.. but I noticed if you workout and take the pill it works a little better. But it's not good enough for me because I always gain it back. Any who I'm going to go hard for this last month. I plan to exercise atleast 3 to 4 times a week. And take my phentermine up until 2 weeks before the surgery. I don't want the phentermine in my system when I get the surgery... Also I plan to eat at home NO MORE Eating out!!! I bought alot of grocery probably not the very best. But it's better cooked at home... I got Ground turkey, grilled chicken, tuna, potatoes, oranges etc.. It's a challenge but I think I can do it.

Information about the process of getting surgery in Mexico.

Hi ladies! So I've been getting alot of questions about how it works.. what's the process of getting the Surgery in Tijuana. Okay so I found "Long Term VSG" on YouTube just looking at Gastric sleeve patients I ran across them. They had good reviews so I Google "Long Term VSG" and called the number and left a voicemail. I got a callback from Ruben. He pretty much explained to me that I'm going to Fly to San Diego, Ca and their drive will pick me up to drive me across the border. Their clinic where the surgery is done is 15 to 20 minutes away from the border.They day you arrive to San Diego is the day you get your surgery done. They require that you schedule your flight for a earlier arrival between 9am and 11am.. So after your surgery you stay 1 night at the clinic. Then day 2 you go to their recovery home. Day 3 they take you back to the airport and you fly home. Also besides the $2999 they require you to pay $150 for the Medicine package... And you are required to send a $300 deposit to their Bank of America account. This deposit is to secure your Surgery Date. After you pay the $300 you don't have to pay again til the day of surgery which will be $2,699 left you have to pay. They will send you all the information in a email before you move forward with paying anything...

Before you go to Mexico!!

Before I did anything. I went to my primary doctor I've been going to for 6 years now. And had her take my blood work. I let her know I was getting the Gastric sleeve in Mexico. So she checked my Cholesterol (it was high before), Hcg (pregnancy test) and a few other things. But these 2 were my main concern (everything else was good btw) sense I know I don't have any other health problems. My cholesterol was still high so my doctor wants me to take medicine for that. She wanted me to wait for surgery but I told her I will take my medicine and in a month if it doesn't go down I won't get surgery. This was March 30th... so now I'm taking my medicine everyday. And not eating out anymore. No ice cream... I could cry I love ice cream so much!! Steak and shake happy hour was my addiction!! Even though my doctor says she doesn't want me to get the surgery just yet. I still paid my deposit and got my plane tickets (I'll explain in next post). That's because I believe in myself I want this surgery so bad. I'm going to make sure my cholesterol goes down!!! Several months ago my cholesterol was 240 that's very high!! Then now it's 179 I don't know how sense I wasn't taking the meds before nor was I eating different. But it's suppose to be 130 to be qualified as good!! So if I can get from 240 to 179 without trying I know if I try I can get there!! So in a month I'm going to go back to my doctor to check it again. I know I'm probably silly for buying the plane ticket and paying my deposit without knowing for sure if I can get the surgery or not... because honestly if my cholesterol is still too high I'm not going threw with the surgery. I can still fly to San Diego but I'll be out of $300 deposit because it's non refundable!

Plane tickets and Who I'm going with.

So I'm going with My mom and stepdad. We plan to try and make it a little family trip. I've been checking on plane tickets prices for days. Finally I looked on Travelocity I found an amazing deal!! 3 plane tickets round trip and a hotel for $225 each!! What a steal. So that's why I bought my tickets with no hesitation!! Because the day before it was $1200 total and now it was $676 total. I checked other sites to Kayak, priceline, TripAdvisor etc the same around $1200... so we plan to fly down May 7th on a Saturday then I get my surgery on Monday. Then Wednesday night we fly home... I couldve got my surgery on Saturday but my plane arrives to late. That's why I picked Monday.

Passport ??

Okay so most of us are told you need a passport to go outside of the country. But to go into Mexico they're a little more lenient to the rules. I was told by Ruben and others that have went to Mexico that you don't have to have a passport. Sense Ruben ( the guy from VSG does this all the time he knows what he's talking about). He says all you need is a "Certified Birth Certificate" and a "Driver license" to get into Mexico. FYI I would bring a Utility bill just incase. ( Just extra proof).... So that is what I'm doing. I'm not gonna spend $130+ for a passport... Now if you have lost your birth certificate you can order one online. I did. It cost me $35 and took about 3 weeks. Just look up reorder birth certificate and you'll be directed to the correct site... Mind you the Birth certificate needs to be Certified!! Very important!! It can not I repeat can not be a Copy! I just don't want anyone to get there and be turned around. Also the fact that you will be picked up by a driver from the VSG facility . ( which ever one you choose ex: Long Term Vsg or A Lighter me)... They have been doing this for years so the people at the Border knows them. I spoke with both Facilities btw but choose Long Term VSG because it's cheaper for the same service... just the hotel isn't included with Long Term Vsg. That's what makes it cheaper.. I try to be direct and open with all the information that I know or can think of. But if you have any questions that I didn't answer yet. Feel free to ask. Thank you.

Struggling on my diet.

I would really like to lose 20 lbs before I get the surgery. But it's been hard I only lost 1lb ... ugh and I've been eating at home and going to the gym. I did eat out once tho. :/ But this is what I go through when I actually try to diet and exercise I don't lose... nd that makes me give up my diets.." Like okay I can't lose weight minus well eat what I want"... this is and has always been my mindset and this is why I need this surgery. It will really be a kick in the butt for me. Heck some if the foods I like I probably won't be able to eat anymore... I'm a simple person lol I only like a few food items. I never switch it up. I'm the person that goes to a restaurant and always order the same thing. Bacon cheese burger and fries with honey mustard on the side.. to dip my burger and fries.. I know that's bad lol but so good. It will make you cross your eyes after taking a bite of the deliciousness... I wish I liked seafood that would be a little more healthier but I don't... I do like tuna tho but only tuna helper.. nd there's pasta nd cheese in that so that's not good.. smh. Why can't good foods taste good to us?? The million dollar question!!... Also I'm still taking my Phentermine which is a appetite suppressant. But I think my body is immune do it now. And that's why it's not working that well.. That's something to try to ladies if you never taken phentermine before. There's videos on YouTube about it too.. I love YouTube!! Has everything lol. But anyways I'm gonna continue trying to diet and exercise. Maybe I'm losing inches and not pounds. Who knows.

Post Op Care

I don't plan to go back to Mexico for Post op care... If something was to happen or I was uncertain about something. I can always go to my primary physician. This is why it's good to have a good relationship with your doctor. I've been going to this clinic for 6 years now. So they know me there very well. And they could prescribe me medicine if needed. Or give me a referral to someone if needed. So I feel very comfortable with my decision. Not only that My mom, stepdad, and brother all had the surgery. It was here in the US tho when my mom had great insurance. But if something felt unusual it's easy to ask them for advice because they all been through it. And what I might be experiencing might not be as severe as I think. I've never really had any problems with past surgeries. I'm not allergic to anything. I do well with anesthesia. So I'm very confident. I guess you just really gotta know yourself

Ranting a little don't mean to offend anyone!

Each day I get closer I get so excited!! I keep looking at other people's pictures and their results... I even keep looking at my hotel I'm going to be staying in lol. I feel like a kid that's getting ready to go to Disney World. That's how excited I am!! I'm so tired of putting on a nice blouse and my arms won't fit all the way and I have to go up an extra size so they can fit. Then the shirt looks too big on me in the front... I want to be able to shop in any store I want!! Nothing is worse then going in a store thinking they would have a size XL atleast, and they stop at size Large and you have to walk out embarrassed!! I don't want that any more for me. I want a change! And I can't do it on my own. So with my hard earned money I'm going to spend it and get this surgery I need. I really don't care when people say this is the easy way out. I can Careless lol it actually makes me laugh. But some people do care. And I want to say you can do whatever you want to your body. And you don't need anyone's opinion. You can ask for advice but you don't always have to follow it! It's your personal choice and if someone loves you they will be okay with it. And if they're not they wouldn't show you because they don't want to hurt you. Some choices you just have to make your best judgements and go for it!! Some people will support breast implants, butt injects, nose jobs, and botox... but they don't support a surgery that can help save your life!?!? Huh?!? You're okay with someone getting a surgery to change what physical beauty God gave them but you're not okay with someone getting a surgery to help live a longer life... Now I'm not against cosmetic surgeries what so ever. Everyone has something they wish they can change about theirself. They have their own views about what's beautiful on them... I'm just making a point that people are so judgemental and don't know all the facts. This surgery does help with weight lose but also it helps with medical problems. Like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes etc... and if you don't have these things yet you can get them being a bigger person... So this surgery is very beneficial and I'm so glad they can do this type of surgery. The point of this little rant is I want people to feel good about the decisions they make. And stop letting someone else's judgements cloud their decision... Do what's best for you!! Because at the end of the day you have to be happy with yourself! You have to live with yourself. So you want weight lose surgery, you want new boobs, smaller boobs, a bigger butt, a little botox. DO IT!! lol Love yourself!! I just heard J Cole song "Love Yourz".. it's so encouraging and empowering!! "No such thing as a life that's better then yours" ..." You're never gonna be happy until you love yours!!".. if you haven't heard that song go check it out. Listen to the Clean version though. Lol.

Gastric sleeve seminar

Just an FYI if you feel like you need more information on Gastric sleeve. You can attend a FREE seminar here in the U.S. You don't have to have good insurance to do this.. Some hospitals offer it for free and some cost.. So call around to your local hospitals and ask for the Bariatric department. And ask do they have free seminars to learn more about the Sleeve... It doesn't hurt especially if you feel uncertain about going to Mexico.


I think we all at one point in our life thought we were fat until we gained more weight. Now we wish we could go back to that size. I'm having that moment now. This is me 30 to 40 lbs lighter. I want this back :( lol and I thought I was so fat here smh now looking at myself. What a big difference!

Preparing for liquid Diet in 2 days

I got everything I need to start this liquid diet. For the first week I might do liquid and the Akins diet then the second week just all liquid. ( The doctor says this is okay)... I'll start my Vitamins After surgery. I actually happen to like The Special K protein shakes so I was happy they were on sale at Walmart. P.s. sorry about the background I make jewelry so it gets messy.

I'm Sleeved!!

Hey ladies nd gents I'm Sleeved yeah. As of yesterday. The first day I felt horrible gas pain was the absolute worst!! Omg it hurts so bad. But today I feel alot better I do have my moments tho. Also I have bad on nd off hiccups that hurt like hell. I think that's a part of the gas pains. It has to come out some way. I haven't felt hungry but now I do. I'm currently eating on ice. I can eat at 9. That's 6 hours away. So I'm gonna try to sleep it off. I have more things to report but I will probably when I get back to Georgia.

I'm Back home let's talk!

Hey ladies I made it back home safe nd sound. Finally have a moment to tell yall about my whole experience while I'm sitting here sipping on my protein shake. So I went down to San Diego on May 7th with my parents it was fun we went to universal Hollywood studios. Roscoe's Chicken and waffles. It was lovely!!! Yes I went to Roscoe's. Hint I didn't do good on my 2 week diet. Some days I did others I didn't. I did so bad I weighed 265 lbs at Surgery. SMH!! I gained 10 lbs!! 265 is officially my highest. I've been picking up weight like crazy sense the start of the year. Nd apparently the gym didn't help me any. Anywho May 9th the day of surgery. My parents took me to San Diego airport for Annette from "Long Term VSG" to pick me up. She picked me up and a couple. My parents followed her over the border. It was very easy getting thru the border no one even checked us. We drove straight threw. Apparently their President was in town so that's why there was no one there? Idk. But anyways if u drive down there be Careful!! They are horrible drivers!! Omg they don't care they will peep at u too. They drive very close to you and they'll cut you off. It's crazy. Anyways I got to the Clinic Tijuana isn't the nicest looking place. The clinic outside could definitely use some improvement big time. We went inside the waiting room was small. "They have Wifi" FYI. We waited for a while then the lady took me to the back to ask me my medical history. And filled out the paper for me. Instead of handing me a packet and making me do it myself. Which was nice lol. After this they took my blood " I have small veins" they had a hard time finding a place to draw my blood. This happens to me all the time. I can't tell you how many times I went to the hospital and I would have bruises because I was stuck so many times because they couldn't find were to draw from. Finally after I told them my primary physician draws from my "wrist" they got it. It's a weird part on the side of my wrist lol. After that me and the other girl Jen were in the same room waiting with a curtain between us. I loved Jen she was so nice!!! The lady came in to take our payments and both me Nd her had a problem getting our money to pay. Side note " Don't wait til you get to Mexico to take your money out. Come with it". I myself tried paying with my debit card I called the day before in the U.S stating I would be in Mexico please don't block my cards. Both companies blocked my cards. I called they said it was unblocked it wasnt. So lucky they were nice enough to let me pay the rest tomorrow after surgery. " My mom had to go into the U.S to pull money out the Atm." Around 5pm surgery was performed. Everything went well when I woke up I was sleep as hell. My eyes kept closing. My mom was talkin to me you okay. "I'm okay mom I'm just so tired," I said. I was sleepy all that day. Jen had her surgery before me. When I tell yall she was so helpful like a second mother!! Omg everytime I needed something she would say don't move here I come are you okay when I would move around alot in the bed. She felt way better then me she was up alot. We both slept in that room that night. " They had a surgery room with all the lights, a recovery/ waking up area, then a area for us to rest. That whole night I pretty much was tired I peed all night long. There was a nurse there all night I would be up at 2,4, or 6 am. Nd that nurse was there as soon as she heard me roll my big butt out the bed she was there helping me get to the restroom just a wake away. She kept me and Jen hydrated she kept changing our IV's and giving us cups of crushed ice. Which was good. I didn't feel hungry at all. The next day we went to go do a leak test at another clinic. They took x-rays everything was all good then we went to the recovery home. There's 4 rooms there me and Jen had our own room. It was beautiful there!! They had a kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bathrooms with showers on each side of the house, and 4 bdrooms. There were 2 doctors there. One didn't really speak English but all you had to do was point if u needed something or use ur Google translator. But she knew what I needed with out telling her. She was a sweetheart I came in nd laid down she grabbed 2 pillows out the closet and put them under my sides like tucked me in basically. I couldn't ask for better hospitality!! There was no side eye or secret whispering in Spanish. They were just genuinely nice!! They can in a heartbeat if you needed help. Do you know anywhere they do this at here in the States?? No... Me either.. I was loving it. I had my own tv I watched tv til I got tired. Around 9:30 the doctor another one came and did a second leak test. No leaks so I ate some broth that night. At that point I was hungry. Nd the broth helped with me passing gas to relieve the pain. Same thing nurse was there all night to help us get around. The next morning we chilled for a little while this camera guy came in asked if I wanted to do a YouTube video I said yes. I was nervous lol. But he was nice he said I did good. Finally around 11am another driver came and took us back to San Diego airport. Me, Jen and her husband all had birth certificates and our ID'S. We had No problem getting threw the Border!! The driver had a medical pass so we got threw in about 15 minutes. They didn't have to check the car or anything just asked why we were in Mexico. We said surgery. We got to the airport the driver got out helped with bags. And we were on our way. I got Jen my vsg buddies phone number to stay in touch. Her and her husband were the nicest people ever! Omg her husband spoke Spanish so he translated when I needed him to. Questions I would ask would be like when are we leaving and simple things. So I could report back to my parents who were back in San Diego after my surgery. They went back threw rhe border theirself they said they went down the wrong lane and had a hard time getting threw. They had their car search too. It was dark when they left and they left by theirselves. They were giving directions and a medical pass. But still got lost. So my parents said they're gonna stay in San Diego the rest of the trip. Me and my mom Glided "video chat" eachother the whole time I was there. I think that's pretty much everything yall I tried to explain everything lol to answer everyone's questions. If you have anymore questions for me please don't hesitate to ask.

Another quick post.

Harry Potter
Studio tour
The cars that they picked us up in.. the first one was this nice GMC truck. And the ride to the recovery home and back threw the Border was in smaller cars. But it was comfortable. The cars were all clean down to the cup holders it was professional. They got out helped with bags very nice. The last driver was so cute!! Omg cute and sweet. He was the whole package. FYI this is a family owned business so the drivers were Annette nephews. She told us her father owned the business first then her brother took over. And of course there's so of them that aren't family but work for them. Anywho here's some pictures from Universal Hollywood studios and etc. I had an amazing time you guys.

Day 12 Post Op

Yay Day 12 and I'm 14 lbs down. Feeling good slight pain when I twist to the right. Protein is hard to get down. I'm in Phase 2 now. I eat oatmeal nd I mixed some protein powder in it and I couldn't taste the protein at all! So that's my little truck to getting the protein in.

Follow me on YOUTUBE!!

Hey everyone I made a YouTube channel after alot of debating with myself. This is huge for me!! And I feel like if I make a YouTube channel I can get more support. Nd it will motivate me to STICK to my diet to a healthier lighter me. Here's my link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIHA6PbjvLs

Here's the video "Long term Vsg" posted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5503YQlDpo

Thanks a million!

I want to eat!!

Guys I'm getting depressed about not being able to eat. Smh. I want to eat so bad. All these food commercials don't help! I still have bad food cravings. I need professional help. I can't wait til I get enough money to get a nutritionist. I'm struggling here.

Some things I'm going through

Hey yall so I have a few things that's bothering me. First off back in July 2015 I got on depo birth control so I haven't had my period. 5 days after the surgery my period started and it comes out brown. ( old blood I'm guessing) And it hasn't stopped yet. TMI but it never really touches my panties it appears when I wipe. I hope this goes away ugh I hate it! Second almost everytime I eat I get super tired!! Like I want to get in my bed. Not only that I feel a little nausea I guess because my stomach is getting use to starting real foods again. Did anyone have these problems in their 4th to 5th week? I'm not liking this feeling.

One Month Post op

Yayy!!! Finally one month post op!! I'm excited time is flying and looks like I'll be the size I want by my bday on June 29th... (the size I was comfortable at once before) it's not my goal but it's a good start!! I'm down 23 lbs!! I'm still not able to eat much at all!!! There's no point of going out to eat with friends even if the food is healthy. It would be a waste.

Body shots

I'm embarrassed of these pictures I won't keep them up long. I'll be deleting the skin pix. But any who. I don't notice to much of a difference in the pictures but I can looking at myself. Idk if u guys can tell or not.

TMI Sex questions!!? Help

Hey ladies I have a TMI question. If you're not comfortable talking about sex then this isn't what you wanna hear. So I'm about 7 weeks out now. First time having sex since surgery and something isn't right. Now I did have a little more energy on tip didn't get to tired as I used too. The problem is my natural moisture isn't as moist as it used to be. It's actually harder to get the natural moisture going. I've been working on my water intake more today tho then before hopefully that's the problem. Did anyone else have this problem?? I never had this problem in the past and now that I do I'm really not liking it!!

Almost 3 months post update

Hey everyone I made a youtube channel to keep you guys updated and myself motivated. Surgery weight 265 I am now 228 that's a 37lb weight loss!!! I am so happy!! I've been looking at clothes I know I should wait but I'm so happy for myself!! My long period is finally over for now anyways. I'm still barely eating I love my Slim Jim it's the easiest to eat. I eat small salads, grilled chicken, and devil tuna eggs. I'm taking my vitamin D pills. I would also like to say I've taking Phentermine for 3 days to kick start my weight loss again. I was having bad hungry cravings and found myself munching every 30 minutes. This is why I used my phentermine that my doctor approves for me. I hope everyone else is doing great on their journey. Thanks for following. ;)

7 months post op

Hey all sorry I've been M.I.A I did advise everyone that I will be gone and to follow me on Youtube. But that's okay I'm gonna do a quick up date lol. I'm 7 months out and im 64 lbs down!!!!! Yesssss!! So happy and i had a breast reduction at 6 months post op on November 16th. I love the new girls.. I'm like a C cup now.

1 year Post Op and TT

Hey ladies!! I know I've been MIA lol sorry but I just wanted to wait til I was 1 year Post Op. And I've made it I started at 265 and I am 186 now!! Yay!!! ... 79 lbs down from my gastric sleeve . So now i want to get all the way together and get a Tummy tuck (TT) and a Arm lift... Yes so I've been looking for surgeons here In Georgia only 1 offered a good price $9500 BUT she has no reviews no pictures online and only been in the business for 6 years... so that's a NO for me.... so I looked in Miami and found someone Dr. Mel Ortega and was quoted $8500 for Extended tummy tuck and arm lift. This price is amazing and his reviews are great. I have paid my $500 deposit and bought my plane ticket. My surgery date is July 7th. But now I just need to find a surgery buddy to cut the cost of a hotel cuz boy do they cost in Miami... I plan to fly down a day before so July 6th - 14th.... total of 8 nights... is anyone going to Miami on these dates? I need to stay close to the Miami airport. The facilities name where I'll be having surgery at is called Spectrum and Aesthetics.

Dr. Maytorena did an amazing job on me. And I'm so thankful I found him!! His staff was awesome. They were all so nice! They talked to my mom reassured her. She even felt comfort leaving me there in their cate while she was back in San Diego. They had free Wifi so I didn't have to pay for my data. I loved that! I'm just so happy I made this decision. The timing couldn't have been perfect. Thank you Dr. Maytorena for taking care of me.

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