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I always knew I would have a facelift. My mom used...

I always knew I would have a facelift. My mom used to talk about it all the time and never did it. Then she just stopped being the mom I knew. I know it's not all about the facelift. But I did realize that she never did just come through for something for herself that she wanted because maybe she felt too guilty, broke, unspiritual and scared. On the positive she remarried in her late forties to a man who adored her completely (unlike my dad) so she really didn't care that much and felt beautiful.

I went through a miserable split from husband of 18 yrs. The first thing I did when I stopped crying was to find Dr. Quiroz. That was 6 yrs ago. He did the brow and lower eyes. That was easy. But of course I still wanted the lower face and it took me 6 yrs to find the time and the courage and the selfishness (in a good way) to do it.

I made two appts that I cancelled. But I realized that I could make the time in August since my daughter was going camping. I had a now or never moment and managed to get a pretty much last minute opening. I had to just throw my cares to the wind and go. I didn't have any blood tests or EKG. They did it all when I went down. I'm not recommending that approach but that's how I did it. Closed my eyes, held my breath and jumped.

I had a lower face and neck lift and upper eyes. This was much harder than I thought it would be. In retrospect I wish I had known more about the post op misery. Today is day 12 and I feel almost human again. Here's what I wrote in the forum:

Hi all. I'm new. I am on day 11 post lower face and neck lift. One word of wisdom for those who haven't gone yet....if u live in a warm climate or have long summers u may want to reconsider ur ps date....I just dropped my daughter off to her first day of school wearing a pashmina scarf and a suede turtleneck jacket sporting huge black sunglasses at 8 am. Omg. Well hopefully most people have more help or less obligations than I do. It's a good thing I didn't read any of this real self stuff before I went for it. I for sure would have chickened out. Truly I didn't decide for sure until 3 days before I went to Mexico to the good Dr. Quiroz. Things just seemed to work out in a very smooth way for me to be able to go....so I'm sure in another few weeks I will be taut and happy. And then I will figure out how to change my name here. That's just how I felt last night. I did not realize that it takes courage to do this! Congrats to all who have given themselves a gift that Cleo and Nefertiti would kill for. FYI I just read that a friend makes a person happier than 100,000! I plan to use my extended warranty plan to be more useful and make more friends.....so here I am. Virtual hugs to all of you from sunny (way too) California.

Sorry no photos. But I will try to give specifics when I update this

Just one more thing. As a psychotherapist, I think that pre surgery counseling would be a great addition to the overall plan for yourselves. I've gone through some pretty bleak moments in the last two weeks. It scares me to think how that might affect some people. I've heard some very sad stories of post ps depression. Mental health is just as important as clotting blood and a strong heart.

Cosmed is a totally pro operation. Everyone who works there is happy, calm and excellent. The prices have gotten higher but that's life. Best to all of you who are considering it.

Day 19

I'm driving up the coast today for a visit with my old friends. I scheduled this way before the surgery. I so wish I could get out of it because it feels like a lot still. But there are kids involved so it wouldn't be right.....and I've spent a large part of the summer focused on myself. I've been going to work and strangely I haven't had many comments even on looking good or refreshed. one of my clients did say "You look different....hummm, what's going on here" That made me smile. I suppose that most importantly I se a big difference and not seeing that wrinkly neck is making me very happy. It is difficult to not keep looking at myslef and wishing I had asked for a little more of this or that. But, really, I have a very natural change and the things that were really bothering me are gone. Magically, the eyes that looked even worse after the upper whatever you call it are looking better everyday. I have the quintessential "did she or didn't she" and I'm just working on my mental attitude of accepting that's it perfect for me and just the right amount. I think my scars are going to be very nice. Dr. Q stayed very close the the natural crevice in my ears and since it was just a lower there is no scarring visible from the front. My lack of preplanning in retrospect was an issue....but that is a lifelong thing with me lol. I only say it it a problem because I probably would have opted for dermabrasion on my upper lift and a full face lift. But I am happy. I look much better. I feel much better when I look in the mirror. And I feel brave for some odd reason. I would call this a Meryl Streep facelift. You have to look at her and wonder.

one befor photo

the after is on my phone so I will send that soon. trust me, there a big change. I hope its not too close up so actually be able to see.

4 weeks

Hi all,

Still swollen and have to ice every night. I think I look great and not "done". I'm happy to look at myself and se a younger me without the depression and sadness of the last 6 years. The jowls are gone and my neck, though still swollen is tight and smooth. I'm sending some close ups which doesn't really show the full effect but you can see the difference. the scar you see on my neck is an old from so don't factor that in. I couldn't recommend Dr.Quiroz any higher...he's a ten! My scars are barely visable

Hopefully I can come back to this. I just wrote about him in the facelift forum and I can go back and retrieve. In a word, he's the real thing. Here's what I wrote in the forum: I think the man is a very good and diligent artistic PS. He doesn't give too much more than "this is what we should do". And then he does it well. I called down there the first day I was back because I was SO swollen and Minna (the very sweet and beautiful head nurse, scheduler and probably a million other things) put him right on the phone. He just said "I'm not worried about it". He's very calm. And smiles a lot when u see him. His good nature is reassuring. I always think of him as the prince of Tijuana lol. I did do my upper eyes too. That result I'm. It too sure about. I still have hooded eyes. But that may take the swelling to go down completely to totally asses. I'm sure he will do a fix if they're not right and that was easy peassy compared to the rest of it. I felt very comfortable since Dr. Quiroz did my brow lift 6 years ago. It was amazing to se how far he's come since then. The new Vida facility is just gorgeous and completely state of the art. I like to think I helped him with that because over the years I have told so many people about him. The only reason I marked him one star lower in Time Spent is because of me...not him. When I went back to get the stitches out he said something interesting. I asked him if he was happy with the result and he said "very happy....I can always tell how happy I am right after its done and before the swelling sets in". He told me to make Dr. Fuentes my best friend...he's the dermatologist and wants me to do IPL and use a rigorous skin care routine. I felt that was very good advice and will go back down soon and start that. Its less expensive down there. And for me, I love the Latin loving touch....that helped me all around with everything.

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