45 Years Old Woman, 100 Lb Weight Loss Multiple Procedures with DR Quiroz, Tijuana Mexico, MO

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Background: I am a 45 years young freshly divorced woman, no kids, plastic surgery/vascular surgery nurse in Canada. I am 5'10" & I have lost a total of 110 lbs over the past 3 years, I now weigh 142lbs. I had a tiny waist with lots of lower body loose skin & saggy breasts. Even at my heaviest I never had a nice full round bum, it was wide & flat. Jeans & pants looked terrible on me even while thin. I always knew that after my weigh loss I would seek plastic surgical help in redefining my physique.

Being a plastics nurse I knew I could not afford the multiple procedures it would take to redefine my body. I wanted to have a full lower body lift, fat grafting to buttocks to redefine the shape (Brazilian Butt Lift) & breast lift. I was unsure if I would need implants to fill out my breast tissue with a lift. I began researching Mexican plastic surgeons.

Choosing an excellent surgeon: Being a plastics nurse I am hyper aware that there are amazing surgeons and then mediocre surgeons, I began my research by reading hundreds of reviews of surgeons in Mexico and South America. I consulted with colleagues that are plastic surgeons here in Canada and they recommended that if i was going out of country to have surgery to chose to Mexico over South America because in their experience they had seen more serious post op infections from surgery in South America, so I dropped that locale as a surgical destination. Also, doing my home work on the Mexican healthcare system, I understood that it is modeled after the European healthcare system and were actually ahead of the USA & Canada in the latest surgical techniques & practices.
I read hundreds of reviews on plastic surgery sites and Dr Quiroz's name kept coming to my attention for specializing in post bariatric weight loss. As well a friend whom is also a nurse had seen him in Canada lecturing on post bariatric weight loss plastic surgery, she called me and said, " Hes amazing, he is passionate about helping people, he is skilled and was one of the first in Mexico to specialize in his field and I know he is your guy"

Surgeons: Dr Quiroz's name & one other surgeon kept coming up as the two best. I focused on their reviews and as a nurse I chose Dr Quiroz because the few negative reviews he had were In my experience & opinion as a medical professional who makes a living in a surgical environment based on lack of knowledge of standard surgical complications, commonplace in OR's all over the world, not just in Mexico. There were literally no complaints of his surgical technique, it was all about him not handholding enough. Because the US medical system is privatized, the surgeons get paid for handholding, in the rest of the world they dont. So the surgeons I work with do not check every single patient daily postop after the first 2 days because after the first two days they know who is having serious complications & prioritize their patients accordingly & trust the professional nurses they work with to inform them of any changes to the stable patients. Makes sense they are focused on upcoming surgeries & their sick patients.
On the other hand the other surgeon I focused my research on, the complaints were on his surgical technique. He had some botched surgeries & more than a few reviews stating this. Lets be real, all surgeons have a percentage of human err, they are not Gods and depending on what they have to work with in the first place, they are not miracle workers, you are not going to look like a super model at age 45+ after a life of yoyo dieting & child birth. I looked into Dr Quiroz's credentials closely & monitored his every surgical review. I liked what I read & what I was coming to understand of him as a surgeon.

I would also like to comment that in my experience all surgeons charge a OR and anesthesiologist fee for surgical revisions. Do your homework on MRSA because it lives in every single OR on the planet, lots of people contract it in ORs all over the world, it is not a sign of a dirty OR, it is a sign that there is bacteria every where on the planet and as humans we can not control or eliminate this fact, we can only use best practices to try to eliminate it in surgical settings, its not foolproof.

Dr Quiroz: What can I say, I made the best choice possible & in my professional opinionand as a client of his . I know from research that DR Quiroz's ORs have a relatively low MRSA contraction percentage comparatively. In my opinion, I believe he is one of the best plastic surgeons working in Western Mexico. He immediately returned my phonecall & consulted me regarding the procedures I wanted to have done. He was professional, courteous & honest about what he felt he could accomplish with my results postop. I didnt expect miracles but I knew because of my research I was going to get the best possible outcome with Dr Quiroz because he is a specialist in his field with outstanding surgical technique with proven results. Time and again results. I booked for Sept. 30th 2014.

In person he is not arrogant like some surgeons, very genuine, warm, caring, knowledgeable & honest surgeon. I love him and will be going back for more procedures with him next fall ( more fat to bum & inner thigh lift plus some dentistry) but thats another review :0) I have the utmost confidence in Dr Quiroz's skills as a surgeon and know him & trust him to be an authentic, wonderful human being :0) hes the man!!!! Thanks to his expertise and surgical skills I have an amazing body, waaay better than I ever couldve hoped for in results!! Best boobs, tummy & butt EVER!!!!!!

Vida Wellness Center: I was picked up at the San Diego airport by a driver who was courteous & pleasant and she drove me to Dr Quiroz's surgical center in Tijuana called Vida Wellness Center. Its beautiful, modern design, clean and bright. My room was large with a marble bathroom & had a very modern yet comfortable design with very zen like undertones to the decor. The location is in a nice part of Tijuana with a modern shopping center within 3 blocks including a Walmart, a Faja shop and a GNC supplement shop for protein extras, a world class soccer stadium within 3 blocks, a casino with a greyhound dog racing track within 3 blocks. I felt very comfortable walking between the clinic & these locales by myself and did so frequently when I was able.
Vida Wellness was much more than just plastics, I got dental work there including zoom whitening, I got Botox, massage etc. The clinic has cosmedic & traditional dentistry, a gynecologist specializing in biodentical hormone replacement, a dermatologist with the latest and best laser treatments, a spa with skin care and bariatric surgical center as well offering gastric sleeves & lap bands. The only complaint I have about the facility is they need to provide specialty matress' for the clients staying in the surgical center for longer than a few nights, I stayed for 14 days and really couldve used a better mattress.

Surgery: I met the OR nurses and the anesthesiologist Dr. Estrada, who I have to say is a bariatric weight loss client himself and is a very warm, caring, considerate and genuine person. I really liked him and felt safe in his care immediately. He explained which anesthetics he would be giving me and the effect of each one. One of the OR nurses, Mary also stands out as being a very caring nurturing nurse :0) They put me to sleep and I felt I was in the right place at the right time with the best people I couldve asked for to help me achieve best possible results :0)

Postop: Man I was swollen. I really had no pain the first 2 days and was well managed with Tylenol ES, oral Ketorolac & Xanax to take the edge off. I used the Xanax twice the entire time. When my pain was increased to about a 7/10 on the 3rd day, Dr Estrada ordered a IM shot of analgesic, I cant remember which but it immediately was effective & that was the only time I needed anything extra in all of my immediate postop healing. I have since come to understand that in Mexico they do not jump to the narcotics for pain control as we do in USA & Canada and understanding the risks associated with hospital narcotic use, Im totally okay with that. The fact is youve just had major surgery, there is going to be some pain & uncomfortableness. I dont think alot of people dont understand this. They think they should be 100% pain free post op and this is an unrealistic expectation. On the same note, you dont want to be anything above a 5/10 on the pain scale with 10/10 being crying & panting like a dog in pain. Not "yeah Im sleeping but when asked its 10/10 pain." Again unrealistic expectations.

Incisions: Thank God Im a surgical nurse because if I wasnt I wouldve been freaked right out. I looked like Frankenstein sewn back together!! People think plastic surgeons use tiny precise sutures for the entire body when in fact they dont. They will use the fine suturing for faces, hands etc. The thing that matters is that the suture margins are well approximated, aligned with no gaps and that the sutures are deep enough and well placed as to not dehisce or pull apart. You will see in my pics what i mean. Also these large low body lift sutures with form a "scar ridge" which you will also see in my pics. This can be very freaky looking but it does go away after healing. My boobs looked great right after surgery & have not been painful at all, zero pain!! Lots of bruising as you will see :0)

Complications: I think its 9% of lower body lift patients globally experience femoral nerve swelling. Mine happened on day 10 postop. I was fine and then my right leg had the worst nerve pain ever which scared me. It felt like I was being electrocuted and kicked by a horse at the same time. I have a whole new appreciation for my vascular patients who have had amputations & complain of excruciating nerve pain. It was only certain positions that would trigger it so I learned quickly how to avoid it with positioning. When I walked I had to drag my leg and I was scared it might be permanent. Dr Quiroz came to see me and explained that it has been rarely known to happen but assured me that it would go away over time as the swelling on my femoral nerve decreased. In his surgical experience he had only had one other patient with this exception. He explained that he was more concerned about infection & more serious complications as the nerve pain was not compromising my surgical results. I was happy with that as I trust his knowledge & expertise. It began on day 10 postop and was gone by day 20.

My drains were putting out a tonne and as a result I had low hemoglobin. Dr Quiroz explained that I didnt have any bleeds in the OR and that it was my drains putting out so much. I think my hemoglobin was 7.2. In Canada we immediately hang packed red blood cells but again it is different practice in Mexico, not less or not as good practice, just different. They infused 3 litres of iron and vitamins over a 4 day period to stimulate my bodys own production of hemoglobin. On day 4 I asked to purchase 3 units of packed red blood cells because i was sick of being so sick. They were $400 each but by the time I was ready to have blood infused, my hemoglobin was up & I wasnt sick anymore. So I wasnt charged for the blood and I carried on. I wouldve preferred if i was asked if I wanted blood in the first place because I wouldve said "hell yes" & paid for the blood right off of the bat and not been sick for 5 days, but thats just me :0)

My coccyx area also opened up, pretty much standard for this type of procedure. The area combined with being so swollen and not being able to lay on my side compromised that area. A small 1" section of my sutures opened up after about 8 days post op. It was fine as I was so swollen, it allowed more drainage of fluid from my back. Dr Quiroz looked at it and it was fine. Once I got home I self referred to a wound care clinic in the community and had it packed & it was healed completely within 2 weeks.

Surgical outcomes: OMFG!! Holy shit!! Amazeballs!!! In my case, my surgical outcomes were waaay better than I expected. My boobs look like teenage girl breasts, Dr Quiroz said to me that they are a work of art & he should be proud because they freaking are!! No implants but they look like there is implants, they are 34 D. he said to me that if I chose to put implants in the future, he would do them for free because he has faith I wont do it, because they are perfect right now, and hes right!! My scars are healing really nicely and I can tell when they are done healing they will be virtually invisible. My stomach is flat as a board and so tight you can bounce a dime off of it, I have a 4 pack of abs on the top!!! I was born without a belly button, so he made me one & it is a cute, small inny that is perfect- you'll see- how did he do that!! I guess mad surgical skills!! LOL!! Im still swollen through the hips & back, more so on the right side so my waist isnt 100% defined yet. My ass has a beautiful shape, I was so thin, he didnt have much fat to harvest to graft to my ass but Ive gained 5 lbs since coming home so hopefully I can keep that extra weight on that he can pull from my "saddlebags" to give me a little bit more in the rump. Not much more, just a little, he already put 250ml of fat in each ass cheek. I also would like more fat put in my lips as once the swelling went down, they arent as full as i realize I would like but to his credit I was imperative that he not over do my lips and I got a very natural outcome as he promised. I want a little extra ooomph I decided!!

Recovery Boutique nurses:: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Mi familia

My Butt!!

As asked for, here is a pic of my bum. I'm wearing g my Faja & I took it at work so had to crop everything out. Without the Faja my bum isn't this big but as mentioned, I barely had any fat for Dr Quiroz to harvest. I'm hoping to have more put into it. I'll take another pic on my days off without the Faja so you can see it better.

Update 3.5 months later

I just wanted to quickly update & mention I will be posting pics when Im not at work on night shift :0) Im almost completely healed. I have gained some weight since surgery as I had my lap band loosened prior to surgery to make sure I could get adequate protein intake. Im still a bit swollen on the upper side of my incision on my backside. The lower portion is not swollen at all, so weird!! I havnt been able to wear any compression since the first month because when I switched to my faja, my new bellybutton couldnt take the crease in the fabric. My belly button was getting rubbed raw from the stiffness of the faja and was looking like it was going to keloid & was also weeping. I packed it with a silver infused antimicrobial dressing & it has healed nicely. So Im thinking Monday i will try compression again as I think my low back could really use it. My boobs are still amazing & I am still wearing a sports bra 24/7. I am also wearing scar strips 24/7 and have been since arriving home. My scars are almost completely flat now and the color is fading much quicker than I expected & due to my fair skin, I expect them to be almost invisible once completely healed. I plan to see Dr Quiroz again in the fall for an inner thigh lift. Two girlfriends have been to see him since my surgery and my Mom will be going for a facelift with him as my research has shown he is one of the top guys for facelifts as well! Go figure :0) Anyhow, I will post new pics once Im not working an insane amount & am at home :0)

scars postop 3.5 months

Hi :0) so my scars are fading nicely & I expect they will be pretty much invisible after a year. Here is some updated pics. My sports bra put some weird creases in my boobs so those aren't scars, just marks from my bra.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Quick note to fill in stars. Dr Quiroz has telephoned me to followup on my recovery as well as receiving emails from his staff. Please see my above review of Dr Quiroz.

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