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Background: I used to be a lot heavier. I lost a...

Background: I used to be a lot heavier. I lost a lot of weight through healthy diet and exercise, although I have never been able to get to a normal weight. After struggling for many years to complete my journey to a healthy weight, I hope this procedure will give me the tool I need to get to my goal. I am 5'2 and 182#. My start weight was 185.

I started my pre-op diet for VSG yesterday. I am so hungry and irritable. I have warned all my friends and professional contacts about my potential grumpiness on this diet. I am trying to watch myself, but it is hard!

It has only been a day and a half and I am already tired of protein shakes. I can have vegetables, so I bought some carrots and cucumbers to snack on. I usually eat a lot of salads, but plain veggies are yuck.

I like Jello

I am already sick of protein powder and never want to see the stuff again. I have been doing Vega, Spiru-tein, and PlantFusion. They are easy for me to make at home or work, so I didn't get any prepackaged ones.

I have had a lot of vegetable soups, and steamed veggies. My co-workers were looking at my lunch yesterday like I was crazy. Why is that person eating 3 pounds of broccoli?

I am getting my itinerary together to go to Tiajuana. I am driving with my girlfriend.

I bought some sugar-free jello in raspberry favor. I usually hate sugar-free food because it is unnatural, but I was kinda desperate to see something besides protein powder and plain salads.

I'm not as hungry today, but I still feel weak. I was almost able to work normally, but I still took a nap during my lunch break.

I am so thankful to everyone who put reviews up on this site. It has put me at ease and let me know what to expect.

Preop Diet Sucks!

I have survived a week of the preop diet, and it sucks so bad. I'm sooo hungry and light-headed. It makes it really hard to focus on my work. I have been adding cinnamon to my protein shakes. It makes them more tolerable and changes the taste a bit. I see food and fruit all around me and I just want to inhale it. My roommate was making a Spam and cheese sandwich a couple days ago for dinner. I abhor cheese and spam, but I was sitting behind her drooling at it. I couldn't help myself!!

On a better note, I lost 2 pounds. I am currently 179.7. The nutritionists want me to be 176 by next week. I don't know if that is going to happen, but I am sure going to try. I haven't had the energy to push myself to exercise because I'm so hungry and lightheaded.

I want this sleeve surgery so bad, but I'm dreaming about French fries...is this normal?

Surgery is Over

I had my surgery yesterday.

We arrived the day before. The driver was supposed to pick us up at the airport at 10a. (OCC wanted us to park at the airport) We were waiting at 9:30a. He arrived at almost 11a and told us we had to wait for another party. We departed the airport at 11:25 or so. After a 10 hour drive, that extra waiting for the driver was annoying, but I tried to stay patient.

The actual drive into Mexico was fine. The other patient, our companions, and I went straight to the clinic for testing. I filled out consent forms. I saw the nutritionist. I weighed 177#. She explained the post-op diet. I saw the cardiologist. He did an EKG and asked me some questions about my medical history.

I asked to talk to Dr. Ortiz before my surgery. He came and answered my questions. He is very personable and likes to joke and tell stories.

I was back to the hotel in the early afternoon. The hotel is satisfactory. I'm used to 4-5 star hotels, and the Marriott meets my standards, so I think most people would be happy staying here. There is 24/7 room service at $10-17 a meal, so The prices are reasonable and my companion thought the food was pretty good. I brought my own vegetable bouillon and they have been quick to send up hot water and Popsicles.

The day of surgery, we had to be in the hotel lobby at 6:15a. We were at the clinic at 6:30a. Some other patients had their check-ins with the nutritionist and cardiologist. We waited in the lobby and watched a movie. A bunch of discharged patients came out to the lobby, then we started going back.

They put me in a room. I got changed, got an IV, talked to Dr. Ortiz again, and then I was wheeled in a wheelchair to the OR. The last thing I remember was laying on the operating table. I woke up in the recovery room. There was always someone watching me in the recovery room. I only remember a parade of blue gowns going in and out of the OR. Dr. Ortiz talked to me again (I don't remember exactly when.)

The next time I woke up, I was in my room. The other surgeon came and talked to me. The hospital wing was so quiet. I watched Netflix, drank water, and walked up and down the hall. I slept really well. Whenever I needed something, I just pressed this little blue button, and someone would come within 30 seconds. I probably pressed it 10 times to ask for more water/Popsicles/questions. The staff always introduced themselves and had a positive attitude. They would also explain to me what they were doing when changing my medicine, which I found very comforting.

This morning I was discharged around 7 and came back to the hotel. My incisions look excellent and I have a moderate stomach ache. I have had no dehydration and no problems drinking water/broth.

I am taking it easy today resting in bed, walking in the room, and working with my spirometer.

I actually feel better today than my last couple days on the pre-op diet. I was so dizzy on the pre-op diet, but now I feel okay.

Lost Weight

I got home from the OCC late last night. I weighed myself this morning. I'm at 174.7. I'm very happy about that. I feel fine except for soreness in my abdomen when I sit up or cough. I go back to work tomorrow. Walking is tiring, but I can do it.

Weight went up

I have been trying not to get dehydrated, but it's hard. I went back to work yesterday, and I am sooo busy!! I get out of breath easily (not normal for me), and it's hard for me to stand up.

My weight went up to 173.9 this morning. I was hoping for more weight loss. For some reason, I am also repulsed by my protein shake this morning. I drank a 1/4 c of vegetable juice.

I feel light-headed, but I can't bring myself to drink the shake. Maybe later today.

My stomach has been gurgling and painful. I will have a sharp pain and what feels like a hiccup. It does feel a lot better today than yesterday.

15 down, clothes still fit

It is really cool to wake up every morning and have lost weight. I am at 168.3 from 185ish.

My clothes still fit fine, so I must have been wearing really tight clothes. >.> No one has noticed my weight loss either which is nice. I hope all my family and aquiaintances don't say anything about my weight.

I have had some heartburn, hiccups, diarrhea, and stomach aches. Nothing too horrible though. Everything would resolve itself in an hour or so.

I am getting tired of this post-op diet. I get to start soft foods on Saturday. Yay!

It's easier for me to walk up stairs and walk my dog. I look forward to it getting even easier!

Weigh the same

Today is the first day since surgery that my weight didn't move. I'm still at 168.3. I guess I hit the second week plateau. I'm going to just weigh myself on Sunday like I normally do instead of everyday.

I was craving all sorts of food yesterday. Is that horrible or what?


I weigh 164.9.

I have started puréed foods. I have been measuring out 4 tablespoons of food per meal. Food is lasting forever in my house.

One of my favorite pairs of pants is too loose. I have been wearing a belt.

For the past few days, I had a stomachache. I don't know if it is actually inside or just my incision. I hope it goes away soon.

I am excited to be able to exercise again.

Stomachaches and Burping

My weightloss seems to have really slowed down. I am 162.6 as of yesterday.

I started exercising again yesterday. I usually just do walks and yoga, but I'm hoping to find something else I like.

I have still been having stomachaches after I eat, then I will have lots of burping. I am trying to eat slower and eat less. It hasn't been helping.

I am a little dehydrated today because of the stomachaches, I haven't felt like having anything.

I am supposed to have a f/u call with the clinic so I will see what they say.

Almost 25 pounds down.

It's been just over a month and I am 25 pounds down. I have saved a lot on groceries and I feel pretty good. I wish my weight loss was faster, but I will just keep working at it day by day.

I am 161. I am so close to the '50s. My lowest weight in my adult life was 148, so it will definitely be a game changer when I break that.

I went to a party on NYE and my suit was loose. I bought it pretty small, but it needs to be taken in now. Some of my other clothes are loose, but still wearable.

I have lost weight in my shoulders, back, and legs, so the waists on my pants still fit. Very weird.

I feel light walking around, as if I am floating.

Old Habits Die Hard

I'm 160.4.

I have been struggling to lose more weight. I have been emphasizing protein and trying to eat slowly. Even with the help of the sleeve, old habits are very hard to break. I still eat too fast, and I can eat a lot more now than I could right after surgery. I am trying not to graze, but I still crave a lot of snacks even when I am not hungry. I know this is a mental thing I need to break.

I really need to start exercising more. I have never really been motivated to do stenuous exercise, but I think it is time.

This change is hard, but I'm glad of the weight I have lost so far. 20 more pounds and I am not overweight.

Slow and Steady

I have been really working on my diet. I'm getting better day by day. I have been losing little by little. It seems soooo slow, but this is the first time in my life I have been able to confidently lose weight and change my mindset around food.

I'm 152.3 pounds.

I was also able to fit into a smaller pant size for the first time. Some of my shirts are starting to look like tents. 12.3 pounds to go until I am no longer considered overweight. I am optimistic that I can meet that goal.
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