Thrilled!! I trusted him with the most important thing to me - San Diego, CA

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San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

I could not be more happy with my experience with Dr. Yoo and his incredible staff. First, the clinic is beautiful, clean and organized. I don't think I have ever waited less for a Dr's appointment in my life! Wow! I highly recommend at least going to a consultation to meet him and get his personal recommendations. I had been doing research on a few aspects of my face that I have always been self conscious about. However, these were features I wanted to make sure were in the right hands - My eyes and my smile! I knew I wanted to go to a doctor who had the most expertise in the facial area...after all...these are my most defining features! I would be devastated if something went wrong. I have always described my smile as big and bright, however I have a very "gummy smile". I always felt like when I smiled my lip would raise really high. Instead of a sweet and graceful grin, I would often flash a very toothy and cheesy smile. I was researching about Botox to relax the muscles in the upper lip - resulting in a beautiful natural looking smile. I went to Dr. Yoo for a consultation and he new EXACTLY what to do! He took the time to carefully examine and measure me in order to asses the perfect amount of units I needed. The botox treatment was quick and painless. It was over before I knew it! In about 2 days I had the natural, glamorous smile I had alway dreamed of! No more raised lip and flashing gums!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Speaking of eyes...As a new college grad the many sleepless nights spent writing essays were finally taking a toll. My appearance was just not bouncing back how I imagined now that I was out of college. Specifically, my under eyes ALWAYS looked so tried, sunken and unrested. No matter how much concealer I piled on, they always seemed to show through. I had done some research on fillers and was curious what my options were. I brought this to Dr. Yoo's attention and he again took the time to carefully examine and make his best recommendations. I ended up moving forward with 1 syringe of Belotero. His injection technique gave me more than I'd hoped for. The treatment took more time than Botox and had a different sensation. Rather that needle pokes it was a deep tissue pressure. Dr. Yoo talked me through every step and I felt so calm and reassured through it all. I was swollen for a few days but once that settled out my under eye hallows looked restored and youthful again!! The skin is smooth and my dark shadows are gone. I feel like I spend half the amount of time doing my make up trying to hide my tired eyes. Over all, Dr. Yoo exceeded my expectations. I will never go any where else for injectables or Botox. It still amazes me that I've had the pleasure of having such an artist work on my most important facial features. I wouldn't trust anyone else!!

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