13 Hours Away from Being Sleeved! Thousand Oaks, CA

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Hi RS community! I am a 43 yr old mother of 3...

Hi RS community! I am a 43 yr old mother of 3 that has been over weight on and off as long as I can remember. I have been a member and read your reviews religiously. I am finally ready to post. I am 13 hours away from being sleeved. I am so excited. Looking forward to the progress you all have had and posting it here along with yours.

2 days post op no food/liquids.

sooo I had my surgery on Friday. I am still here in the hospital. I'm having trouble with the liquid in my drain. The tests are showing something funky. We're gunna do a test tomorrow to make sure my tummy is not leaking. Pain is controlled with the mess. I was up walking since day 1 which I think helped with the gas. Everything has gone well. I'm looking forward to going home and really starting the work.

Still no food or drink

hey guys! I'm 3days post op. I am still having a pro let with the levels in the liquid in my drain. Went today to tale a dye test to make sure there is no leak. That being said,still no food or liquids!!! Pain is getting better, I m just sleepy now a lot. I haven't gotten on the scale yet. All these IVs, I feel like a water ballon. Drama and food depervation n all, I have no regrets this far.

Let's add one more thing!

Soooo day 5 and I'm still here( hospital). I had hoped to be home by now but I guess not. I'm still having trouble with the blood count. Now let's add 1 more thing and have blood in my urine!!!! On to of it all, I've still had nothing to eat/drink.. So today they took away all my meds to see if that changed anything as far as the amylase in the blood. If not then it's back in for surgery to check the staple line for leaks, and the pancreas. Man I hope tomorrow yields some definite answers.

finally home!!!!

So after 9 days in the hospital , 7 days of no food, and blood issues, i am finally home!!! I finally got to drink liquids on the eve of the 7th post op day. the blood issues- amylase and lipase issue is still there but we're gunna deal with that from home with my primary. I am so glad for this to be over and to finally start on my road to recovery and greatness. i don't regret any part of this process. i appreciate my Dr for being so diligent and committed.

Liquids liquids go away!

So I'm home feeling fine for the most part. No pain. I am however still nauseous daily and on clear liquids! I spent am extra week in the hospital with no oral intake at all so I am a lil behind. I am currently 2 weeks post op and have (only) lost 12lbs. Not a bad number but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I haven't have anything but broth, water and juice for over a week. So one would assume that amount of loss to be normal. With the nausea I haven't been getting down the suggested calories or liquid amounts. Hoping to start the gym next week and full liquids including protein shakes. Loooking for a bigger scale jump. Wish me luck.

I'mmmm back!!

Hi guys , it's been a while since I've posted and so much has happened. Last I told you, i had my sleeve surgery. I had a few hiccups along the way but I eventually mad it to my goal weight

Circumferential body lift

Sooo here I am again. I had my sleeve surgery June 29, 2015. I reached my goal weight a while ago and have moved forward with cosmetic work. I had a circumferential body lift! I am a week post op at the moment. Surgery was 10/5/16. I am super excited to see the results. My surgeon was Dr Debra Johnson from Sacramento plastic surgery center. The process was smooth. All out of pocket as it was not covered by insurance but hope it will be worth it. I'm already loving my stomach. Will keep you posted.
Thousand Oaks Bariatric Surgeon

i started this process in Sacramento with D Dubb as I call him, last year. Due to a thyroid issue that he found during my pre-surgery tests, I had to postpone my surgery. In the process he closed his practice in Sacramento and decided to only work from his Thousand Oaks office. I followed him!! He's awesome and so worth the travel and expense.

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