35 Year Old Implants Being Removed with Lift. Hoping for All to Go Well. - Thousand Oaks, CA

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First of all, I want to thank all you beautiful...

First of all, I want to thank all you beautiful and brave ladies out there who have contributed to this site! Without you I don't think I would have had the courage to go ahead with this surgery even though I have wanted to do it since I first had my implants put in. My story starts back in 1979. I had small breasts, but at the time I didn't realize that they were beautiful and perfect! Several of my friends had implants and I thought I would look better if I had them too. In 1979 I went to a very popular PS in the area. He had done several of my friends and had even been on a couple of T.V. shows as an amazing surgeon. I told him I just wanted to go from a full A to a full B cup. I was 5'3" and 103 lbs. When I woke up from surgery I was a a DDcup and he had created a Uniboob and lowered my intframammory fold(breast crease) over an inch. My whole chest was one giant boob!! My whole breast, nipple and areola were completely numb and continue to be to this day, I was unable to nurse my daughters as no milk ever came in which He assured me would not happen, It was horrible and I HATED how I looked!! He told me I would have to wait 1-2 years to see how things "settled". 

After 2 years nothing had changed, I was heart broken and looked like a freak. The PS agreed to do a revision, although he charged me again full price for the surgery!! He reduced the size of the implants and tried to fix the uniboob, but I still have a weird piece of skin between the two breasts where they are not quite separated. He did not address the lowering of the Inframammory fold (breast crease). Because of that I have never been able to wear a 2 piece bathing suite or even find a bra that fits properly. My "crease" always hangs out below the band of a bathing suite, bra, or any top that has a seam at the base of the breast. I have hated my boobs for 35 years!! About 25 years ago I discovered a"lump" under my right breast. Another Surgeon removed it. It was a large white stringy looking thing and he said he had never seen anything like it. He sent it in for a biopsy, the lab wasn't sure what it was so they sent to Bethesda Medical Center in Maryland.

The report I got back from the Center was that it wasn't malignant. At the time I had 2 young daughters, and was just so happy, I didn't have cancer that I did't pursue it, but looking back I'm sure that the implants were ruptured and leaking. I guess I will find out on Aug 4th. Fast forward...I am 61 years old and still hate my implants!! every time I go for a mammogram the Drs. say they are old and look like they could be ruptured (although I have not had a MRI) I have had so much pain in my boobs for such a long time, they feel so heavy and uncomfortable that I have decided to finally get them out!! I am scheduled for surgery on Aug 4th 2014. With Dr. Gil Kryger, I have heard wonderful things about him, and his brother on this site, and also from several of my friends who are Drs. and Nurses who work with them. I'm so hoping that this will be a better outcome than my original surgery. I have decided to have the implants removed with a lift. I have had the implants for 35 years, I am 61 years old, have had 2 kids, and have gained 15 lbs since 1979 HaHa!! thats life! But the main reason for the lift is to hopefully raise my breast cease that was lowered in the first surgery. I just want to be able to be able to buy a bra and not fall out the bottom!! I'm just so scared after reading all the complications that others have had from having a lift. I just hope I'm not pushing the envelope here, and again trying to remake my body. I'm so embarrassed to have to tell my daughters how foolish I was 35 years ago. My oldest daughter is expecting my first Grandchild this fall and I just want to be past all of this by then. I feel bad sounding like such a winer, when there are so many people out there with so many more serious issues than me, but thanks to all you you for listening to my story, as I said in the beginning. I am so thankful for all of you and your amazing stories.

July 30th Almost there!!

Hi Ladies!
I apologize for not updating earlier, but I was on vacation and now am trying to make up for lost time at work especially since I will be gone for another week because of my surgery!! I went for my post op yesterday and my surgeon answered all my questions, unfortunately I came up with a couple more after I left, so hopefully I can ask them before the surgery?? At this point I really am so sick of anguishing over this every waking moment that I just cant wait for it to be over!! I have filled all my prescriptions, have several jammies ready that button up the front. I'm very blessed because of all the back surgeries that my husbands had we had to get one of those beds that you can raise and lower the head and feet! I have a feeling that is going to come in very handy since I am a BIG stomach sleeper and will not be happy to have to sleep on my back! My surgeon said I would come home with a surgical bra, but I should pick up a soft front closing one for support after, but I'm not sure what size I should get. I can hardly buy a bra for these big things that I have now, so I'm not really sure what size to even get?? I'll go to the store tomorrow and check it out HaHa!! I told both my daughters and my younger one was so funny!! her comment was "well I guess I can stop looking in the mirror every morning, wondering when my boobs will get big like my moms" we both laughed and I told her, her boobs were PERFECT and to never change them. I told her about all the problems I had had because of implants especially the fact that I could not nurse her. She was very sad for me. She was always talking about getting implants when she got older, but now she's totally against them. I think that so many young women are not really aware of all the problems that can come about from implants. Thank goodness my older daughter has always been happy with her breasts, and never even has considered anything like implants!! I am going to be very busy for the next few days between now and 8/4 (The BIG day) I have to work and my daughter and her husband are moving this weekend, which is great because I was so worried they would move shortly after my surgery and I wouldn't be able to help them. So blessed how that all worked out. I want to Thank all of you who have sent me encouraging words and thoughts, this website has been a lifeline during a difficult time. I promise to update with photos and details as soon as I can after my surgery, and look forward to continuing updates from those of you who have taken the "plunge" and those of you preparing to. You are all amazing XOXO

Today's the Day!!

Hello Ladies!
Well today's the big day! I'm leaving in about 10 min for the surgery center, surprisingly, I'm not as nervous as I was all last week. I thank you for all your prayers and thoughtful words. I'll post as soon as I am able!!

On the other side!!

35 year old implants out!! woohoo!! I had a great experience at the surgery center everyone was so competent and caring. My doctor gave me a pill one hour before surgery that is supposed to really help with nausea, (I have a big problem with that after any surgery) It was amazing I woke up with not a twinge of nausea and have not had any problem with nausea at all!! I believe the name of it is emend?? They still use anti nausea meds in the IV,but this was amazing!! My surgeon said everything went well with the surgery. My right implant was completely ruptured and he said it was a a big mess with silicone all over the place, the left one was intact, they said that was pretty crazy after 35 years. As you know I opted to have a lift at the same time, because of the money, having to have additional surgery, my age and length of time they were in. The good news is I only had to have a lolliepop lift, I was told before surgery I was going to have an anchor lift. My surgeon did say that when implants are removed you just have to wait until you get in to see what you're dealing with. I will find out when I go back why that decision was made. I'm almost afraid to be too excited but so far so good! I was tired yesterday after surgery. I took a pain pill and rested and was very comfortable. The worst part of the night was Having to sleep on my back!! that and getting up every 1/2 - 1 hour to pee! Between the IV and all the water I drank when I got home, it was crazy.
My throat hurt all day and night, but it feels fine today. I am switching to Motrin today because the pain is not bad and Motrin will help with the inflammation. I don't want deal with the bathroom issues that codeine can cause, thats never any fun :( My drains have to say in until I only have 20cc of drainage, they are not uncomfortable, but just a pain to deal with. My Dr. says I can take a shower today!!! just pin the drains on a towel around my neck, wow I was surprised by that!! Im sooo happy with the size although I know they're still swollen. I am posting some pictures, don't pay attention to the weird looking points in the front of my boob, that is a seam in the bra not my nipple haha!! I will post more pics braless in the next day or so. I want to thank all for you for reading this rather long review, I'm just so happy to be past the surgery that I'm a kinda of a natural high! haha. I just pray now that my healing will go well with no complications, Its just a day by day thing. Thank you for all you thoughts and prayers!
ps sorry pics are upside down! dont know whats up with that!!

Drains out and feeling Great!!

Hi Ladies,
Well it was a great week! I got my drains out on Monday. Went to a party that night(several people asked if I had lost weight!!) and back to work on Tue! For those of you worried about having the drains removed, It didn't hurt a bit!! felt a little weird because I could feel the tubing being pulled through the breast but NO pain. I have been all week, lots of energy and minor discomfort, the hardest thing is just not going back to my regular activities. Im not supposed to lift my arms over my head and its uncomfortable to bend down and reach out like to scrub a floor or bath tub. Feeling like my house is a big mess haha! I love the feeling of lightness especially on a hot summer day! so wonderful not to have those big sweaty bags hanging off me, sorry to be so gross, but its true!! I"m really looking forward to going out and buying some new bras, I tried a few of my old ones on and just laughed, needless to say they all went into the trash! I have to wear a surgical bra or sports bra for 6 weeks. I also don't get my stitches out for 6 weeks, that was a little surprising to me :( but I am allowed to sleep on my stomach Yay!! I've posted a few pictures for you to see. I know they are not perfect, but Im thrilled. The Drs. and I had a couple of conversations before the surgery, because of the two previous surgeries there were certain things they were going to try their best to fix. One of my big issues was the repair of the symmastia They were able to make it better, but it can't be totally repaired. My other big issue was the the breast crease that had been lowered. Although they said there wasn't much that could be done about that, I think its defiantly higher and Im so happy. Im so glad this is all behind my, I was sooo stressed out for so long trying to make this decision, and at this point its one of the best things Ive ever done. Prayers and happy healing to all you who are thinking of removal, or have had it done. Let me know if you have any questions. and I'll keep you posted XOXOXO

3 1/2 months post implant removal

Hi Ladies!
I just wanted to give you an update on whats going on with my progress. Well first of all I'm still Sooo!! happy that I had my implants removed!! I don"t regret it for a minute!! As I said before, only that I didn't do it sooner!! I wrote in my last update that my breast crease was raised after being lowered by original implant surgery, well I think that was wish full thinking. Now that things are starting to settle in, that it's not the case, my left breast especially still has a tendency to fall out the bottom of my bra. Oh well, I just need to get over that! My Dr's did a wonderful job considering what they had to work with LOL. They said that after a year maybe I might want to consider trying to make an adjustment on the right side which still has a few scaring issues because of my previous implant surgeries and the growth (silicone leakage???) that had to be removed on the side of my breast. I really don know if I'm even going to deal with it. I'm so happy with how I look in clothes and so who really cares at 61 what I look like without clothes on except my Husband, who thinks I look fabulous haha! I do wear the silicone strips all day and then at night take them off, and apply sweet almond oil on my boobs to give them a little moisture. Im being patient about the scaring, my Dr. says the scars look good for this point in the recovery time. I am posting a few pictures so you can see where I'm at this time. I know my boobs are not perfect, but I love them!! I took a picture of me in a style of bra that I haven't! I been able to wear for 35 years!! I am so thankful for all of you who gave me support and encouragement through this time. You are all such amazing women and I see everyday that there are more and more women crossing to the other side. This website is truly an amazing testament to the bravery and resilience of all the women out there that have gone through this experience!
Blessings to you all!!

scar strips, right breast still has scars from previous surgeries

Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kryger listened to what I wanted and explained all my options without trying to push me into anything . Dr Kryger, his office staff, and surgical center staff were wonderful, very kind and attentive. I would highly recommend Dr Kryger! and the Speciality Surgical institute

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