Tummy Tuck Part 2: 6 Months and More - The Woodlands, TX

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To first read part 1 of my Tummy Tuck journey,...

To first read part 1 of my Tummy Tuck journey, please click here.

I finally had a new link put up to breakup the TT...

I finally had a new link put up to breakup the TT journey. This half of the journey will be to explore 6 months & more. It will be about not so much recovery anymore but about adjusting to the new body & learning how to make improvements to the tummy I could never improve upon before. I'm excited again. I went thru my slump after vacation & I've finally bounced back after 2.5 month of continuing to try & try & try again, lol! It happens, I'm just glad it's over & behind me. I've got my motivation back, & when I see bad food I view it as....that's gonna ruin my figure versus mmmm, yummy! Nothing & I mean nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I'm not 100% yet, I now have 8lbs to lose. But, I'm feeling good again & I love being able to wear things because I want to, not because I have to in order to hide a body part or cover up. So with that said I'm posting a few pics before my hubby & I head out of the house. He's taking me to look at a car. Ok, sure the outfit I have on is great for hiding the tummy, but if I hadn't of gotten my arms a little more toned again, I wouldn't have worn it. And it's 82° today.....hello!

Well it's been a week since my last update. I've...

Well it's been a week since my last update. I've worked out 14 out of 16 days so far. So I'm doing really well with the workouts. I had lost some weight & was doing well, then all of a sudden the 5 lbs I took off slowly creeped back on. I don't get it. It really pisses me off. I don't really see it on myself & it's not swelling. I don't feel like I'm swelling at all. It's just one of those Weightloss Jedi mind tricks. Ugh! It sucks. I know I have to keep pushing, cuz there is no other alternative. I posted a pic, it doesn't really reflect how I feel. When I look at myself from the front I think it looks pretty good. It's the side profile that gets me. I can tell I'm wider & I have looked better. I'm still just not as lean or cut as I'd like to be or once was. I had bought a cute new workout outfit for the gym, & I thought I looked pretty good. When I got to the gym I saw myself in the mirror. My top was fitted, but my shorts to my surprise were just too damn big. And that just doesn't look good, like at all. So I needed to exchange my new gym clothes for small's. That felt pretty good. Ok, like I said no swelling & I've been doing ab work with no problems. Maybe you can tell in the pic? Alrighty then, TTYL.

Not much to update, but I'm happy to say that I...

Not much to update, but I'm happy to say that I started my laser hair removal for my bikini area. Some of you ladies already know that the who-ha gets raised about 2 inches. And for those of you that don't yet....SURPRISE!! haha! It's sounds weird, but really it's a good thing because what you don't realize is that the upper thigh skin gets a little leg lift too. It's more bang for ur buck! I've been getting my legs lasered & I threw in the arm pits too. Did I mention I hate hair? Except on the head? If you haven't figured it out, I'm not a big fan, lol! Currently, all is well with my TT. I'm still trying to get my weight back under control. I was doing well, then all the sudden the 5lbs I lost crept back on while continuing to workout. Then my allergies flared & I didn't read the signs thinking I was coming down sick because my oldest was sick with fever. I get the knock u on ur ass full blown cold allergies. Oh, I was miserable & that added another 5lbs. All this in like 1 weeks time!!!! This put me at my heaviest in a really long time. So, I've been keeping at it & cleaning up my diet. Oh, the struggles we have to go thru. But, like today I really didn't want to go to the gym, but I went any way. Eventually, I will kick this & post some new pics.

Well, I can't believe I let my 7 month TT...

Well, I can't believe I let my 7 month TT anniversary go by & didn't even post anything. I've just been working on the bod, trying to get it back in shape & adding some focus to the abs & my terribly flat butt! I've never been a fan of abs, there was never a point. Now there is. I'm a little self conscience, especially when I'm not comfortable doing something. Put, me in the gym & I can hang tough with meat heads in the free weight section....no biggie. Put, me in the ab section & I turn into the little shy school girl who feels like all eyes on her thinking, boy is she doing those wrong, lol! So I tell myself I'll just come home & finish my ab workout. But, guess what....that usually doesn't happen. So I've decided to bite the bullet & just do them at the gym. I can honestly say I am seeing results already. I looked in the mirror & I can truly see 2 oblique muscles showing. No mistaking it. That's pretty damn exciting! I've been focusing most of my ab routine on obliques becuz those buggers control the love handles...who knew? My sides are good, meaning there is not much fat there so seeing the oblique muscles develol is fairly easy. But middle section of my abs has a thin layer of fat on them so hopefully I can get rid of that in time, & eventually that skin will be thin & I can have abs that show. I don't notice any swelling, but I do notice on the day I decide to take off from the gym I feel like all the swelling catches up to me & I feel bloated till I get back in the gym again. Anyone else feel this way?

I added a few scar pics. You can see it's fading....

I added a few scar pics. You can see it's fading. I have scar tissue in the middle from opening & spitting stitches. Over the years that will flatten out & fade away. That how my scarring works. The rest is flat & has the thin white line starting from the outside of my scar in. The red areas around the scar are fading as the scar moves inward as well. Those darker marks under my skin make the scar appear wider than it is. I don't know what is causing them but they are fading & eventually I will be left with a thin white line. The only part of my scar that u can feel to the touch is only on my midline where scar tissue has developed.

Back & Flanks looking better

Just a quick update. I've been workout & really trying to re-sculpt certain areas I've never bothered with before. I think my body is responding quickly to the changes. I noticed that my flanks look curvier & flatter if you will. I think u can really see the difference in the pic. I've been doing lower back exercises & oblique exercises to work on that area. I'll have to take a pic of my lower back becuz muscles are coming thru that once again I never saw b4 because I never bothered. I don't think I'll loose any more size. I think this is where I'll stay but I'll just be re-shaping from this point forward. Happy Healing everyone!

Wearing White!!!!!

This is a post about the color white. White.....what can I say, I avoided that color like the plague. White makes u look bigger, white shows the rolls, the bulge, the fat! Ugh! Oh, how I never looked at ANYTHING white! I always opted for black shirts. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the color black, it's actually my favorite color anyway. Metal Momma stands for heavy metal rock, so a closet w/o black clothes is blasphamy!!! LMAO! Well, I am stoked to say that I no longer have to be predudice against white!! I rocked a white tank today. And it felt good to have no rolls, no bulges, and no back or bra fat.....can I get a AMEN!! I really believe the extra gym exercises on the back & obliques are helping with the love handles. and it feels so good to wear a bra & know that no skin is hanging over. So I'm posting some picks of my tightie whitie tank. Something for the soon to be'ers & healers to look toward to! Have a great weekend!

Stages of Spitting Stitches (WARNING...graphic pics!)

I thought I would show some different stages of spitting stitches. It happens early & believe it or not....it happens late in the game too. I've had all kinds. I've had the standard stitch eject, I've had a thick gooey blob eject, and I've had the yellowish puss stage. The softer to more liquidy the stitch is the older it is. Sometimes, the body just says "oh hell no" & starts to push the stitch out rather than let it dissolve completely. My rejects have come out looking like a stitch, a zit, a blood blister, or a boil/whelp. Thru all this I've learned not to be scared & get rid of the reject ASAP. The sooner the better & the less likely for scar tissue to form. I waited too long when they 1st started (3weeks) b4 I realized they weren't going anywhere. Hopefully, this will help someone who is going thru this early & even late in the game. My last one occurred at 5 mo post op. I was told to keep the scar hydrated & so far no more blood blisters/boils. WARNING!! The pics are graphic & gross! You've been warned!

Question, Suggestion??? And a quick update...almost 9 mo po.

I'll be 9 months post op on July 11th. I have no issues, no soreness, I'm not sure if I swell or not. I don't really think I do, but I can't explain how I can drop a few pounds & then a few days later those pounds will creep back on. That has been my endless cycle lately & it's truly frustrating. Because regardless I always feel bigger when the scale says I'm heavier whether it's true or not. Depending on designer I can wear a women's size 4 or 6 & juniors 5 or 6. I have about 7lbs on me that I wish I could get off but I can't. I'll take off 3, but 3 back on even tho I'm doing nothing different. Maybe it's because I had started increasing my weights. But, then I do know I have weight on me because I can see it in certain areas. Any way...I'm rambling. I have been working abs pretty consistently & I posted a pic of that. Also when I lay out my tummy gets red & it's not sunburn. It's the oddest thing, I wonder what it is? I was hoping someone on here might know. The redness goes away after I cool off a few hours later. I wonder if it does this because that area is not attached or is that fluid under the skin, scar tissue??? What the heck? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyway, still happy that I did this no matter what!

Revision Scheduled...Oct 16th, I'm almost 1 year PO!!!!!

Well I've decided to do an update. October 11th will be my 1 year anniversary. Not much has really changed so I didn't feel it necessary to update lately. I've put on about 5-10lbs depending on the day and I just can't seem to kick it to the curb. I also however haven't been able to get more than 4 days in a week to workout. And with my stubborn ass body I have to at least get 5-6 days in to stay level and continue to lose weight. Otherwise I just recycling the pound or 2 I gained from being off. Oh, the frustration. But, at least now I am getting toned again and that feels way better. I am scheduled to have a scar revision Oct 16th. I had debated it for a while and I feel it will further my results in a good way. I don't like the thicker scar in the middle due to the skin separating and having massive stitches spitting in that area. My scar should really look like my sides, non existent. I also I a teeny tiny dog ear on my right side. I'm having that removed. And what really pushed me over to going through with the revision is the weird ass bulgy shelf thingy on my left side. It really bugs the shit out of me. I guess because most people dismiss it like, it's not that bad. Whatever! Just acknowledge it people, lol! My right side profile has a nice smooth line, then my left has this like....well bulge! If you've read my posts it's the same area I have complained about since day one. The same area that was dismissed as my hipbone. I finally stood my ground and said, look this is not my hipbone, this is either excess skin or a fatty deposit or both, idk....I don't like it, please look close and see what I am talking about. My PS did and she still thinks I'm hypercritical, lol! But, she thinks even if she pulled the skin down it would still bulge out. So she suggested that she lipo that area to make sure it lies flat. I said ok, whatever it takes. So I go under for 90 mins. Not real excited about that, but as I've been told in order to get optimum results it is best. The office setting is just too limited and I do believe that. And guess what?? I get a drain, hahaha! I kinda figured :P I posted some new pics and in the meantime I'm just trying to work out as much as possible before it's time to hit the Lazy boy. Take care all you flatties!!!!

Revision Scheduled...Oct 16th, I'm almost 1 year PO!!!!!

Revision surgery in the morning!!

Well I can't believe it. It's been a year & now I'm having my revision surgery in the morning. Crazy!! All is going well. I do love my tummy now & working abs has been really fun & rewarding, lol! So funny to say now, who'd a thunk it!! I've finally gotten in a pretty good routine again, but now I must give it all up. I know now that I'll just stick to my weight routine to keep the muscles toned. I just hope I get past the nappy wappy time narcolepsy quickly, lol! That was one of the hardest things before was the constant sleepiness from the anethesia. I'm set to be under for 90 mins this time, which is only 30 mins less than before. Any way, just an update & one last photo before I get all changed!!! Take care ladies!

Home after Revision Surgery!!!

Home from surgery & I think everything went well. Waking up from anesthesia is the worst. But, once I got up & moving felt I 100 times better. And guess what??...No DRAIN!! I guess my PS decided I didn't need it once she was in there. I can tell she really worked that side that bothered me. I think it looks better already. But, it's probably gonna look all crazy once the swelling kicks in. My PS said I would be more swollen than before because lipo is worse. When I came home my binder & dressing on one side were soaked so I had to change them. That's when I decided to take a peek & snap some pics. Then after seeing my surgery wounds I got all clammy & weak, & pale faced, lol! I do so well till my eyes tattle tail to my brain & then it's....run to couch b4 I pass out! Run, Metal Momma....Ruuuun!

The only thing I can think of is...

Itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy!!!! LOL! Oh man, the itchies! It feels so good to lightly scratch my sides but then it's so tender I really can't enjoy it. Vicious!! I stopped taking pain meds after the 1st day of surgery. I just couldn't take the involuntary naps! They drive me nuts! I'm bruised & battered, but I'm so excited. I really can't wait till the swelling goes down because I think I'm gonna really be happy! I do worry so much that my midline section is gonna split open & scar again, But I shouldn't do that.

Update, Update, Update!!!!! 6 days po revision, itchy craze explained!

My post op about wasn't set till Fri, but I couldn't take it. I was so itchy & I noticed red whelps coming from my tape. I panicked, I didn't want a repeat of skin splitting. My PS squeezed me in & good thing, turns out I'm allergic to the adhesive. So the tape has been removed & you can see in the pic how red certain areas are because of it. Now that I think of it my scar looked like that the 1st time but I was numb from the MR I must not have noticed. I was afraid to look down in the examining room, I said everything sealed shut? My PS said yes, I was like holy f'ing shit!!!!! Whoop-whoop!!! Can I get hell yeah!!! Oh man, I was so damn happy. Now looking at my comparison of my scar I'm like super excited. Look at my new scar!!!! It's, one sealed shut, no openings, two a thin line, & three it has moved down!!!! Look how much wider the distance is between my BB & my vertical. And LOOK AT HOW MUCH SHORTER MY VERTICAL IS!!!! OMFG!!!! And ladies who have been through this already know that the scar is gonna move down once the swelling subsides. Man, I am super happy right now. I hope healing keeps going in the right direction.

Yo Itch!!! Allergic reaction on the war path!

Man, I thought having the tape removed would make things better. But, seems they have to get worse first. Geez, it itches & it hurts like hell. I posted a pic to show just how made it is. You can see exactly where the tape was....replaced by lovely red itchy whelps. Ugh!!! Oh & it's the end of the day & I'm a swollen mess so ignore all that, lol!

More irritation

Ugh! When is this gonna stop already! The blister areas are kind better, but now I have one side that's going bat shit crazy!!!
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