5'7", 117 + 325/350cc- Small implants not worth it!

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I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can...

I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. I am 31 years old, no children and just couldn't stand feeling like I looked like a twelve year old girl undressed. I didn't want to do it for the attention but just to feel like a woman. I am 5'7", 117lbs and 27" ribcage (very petite) so I wanted to choose something that would look natural and proportionate to my body. My options were the 360cc , 400cc UHP or 325cc, 350cc Natrelle style 20. My BWD is only 10.5" so I didn't have much room to go bigger. I choose the high profile style 20 bc I heard that the UHP can look too round and unnatural. I ended up with the 350cc in my left 325cc in my right breast to even them out. So far, I feel happy with the results. They look small to me but I hear that they will drop and get larger. I can't wait!

3 days Post op

2 days post op

13 days post op

Okay....so I am feeling a lot better since the first week of surgery. I am finally able to sleep at night. I was waking up from back aches and pains. I forgot how nice it was tone able to sleep on my stomach. Those days are over!!! Anyway, they are feeling less foreign to me and are starting to settle a bit. I think that my skin must have been really tight bc they are still at my collarbone. How long does it take for them to D& F? I hope that they will get fuller. The swelling is down so they feel smaller to me :(

Implants are still high

Another pic

Side view

There isn't much projection from the side. I'm almost as flat as before. I hope that they drop and will get more projection. :(

They seem to be dropping

Meds for the first week


Well, I am feeling a bit down bc lately the feedback from most of my friends has been that I could've "gone bigger" in size. It is so frustrating to go through all the pain and anxiety of planning a major surgery (not to mention the $$$). My whole reason to get a BA was to feel sexier in my clothes. Right now, I feel that my breasts look so flat from the side. I kinda look like a B cup! I kinda feel embarrassed too that I told everyone about it and they were probably expecting me to look so much different. I dont know if i should consider a revision. Has anyone else felt this way?

Day 21 but still high

I had to try on a bra for the 1st time

They seem to be shrinking! Lol

350 cc Natrelle 20 & 4.9 Projection~

I know that my breast shape is changing because they are flattening a bit but the implant is still on my collarbone. It feels weird! I am constantly feeling like there is something under my skin and it is uncomfortable. Hopefully, this feeling will go away and they will feel like a part of me and not something foreign.

They seem to be softening

34 C bra after

Before 32A

Comfortable bra

I bought this bra before surgery at Walmart for only $10!!! It's is super comfortable to sleep in. Also, I am attempting to dye my roots for the first time post-op. wish me luck :)

Waiting for them to drop still

I drew a line with my eyeliner just to show where the implants are in relation to my neck and shoulders. Can't wait for them to drop!!!

My thoughts...

So...here's an update. I have been feeling more positive these last few days. Yes, the "boob greed" monster rears its ugly head occasionally when I see a woman with larger breasts. Still, I feel like the whole experience of having a BA was a positive one. I do not feel embarrassed when changing in the locker room at the gym anymore. I also can fill out my tops (still size small) and bras and not have to stuff some awkward rubber inserts in them. The only advice that I have for girls considering this is to not try to size yourself. Rely on the expertise of your PS. I am happy and content with my 325cc & 350cc. However, would I have chosen the next size up? Yes, Absolutely! Don't get me wrong... I love the shape of my breasts and they are perky and fit my body. But I feel that I could also pull off a curvier bust and still look natural. I feel like no one would ever know that I had a BA if they didn't know me beforehand. That can be both a good and bad thing (depending on how you look at it). Natural is beautiful too and I feel that even my size 32AAAAA's (exaggerating a bit) before were beautiful!!!! All women should feel sexy and beautiful about themselves. We don't need to be perfect on the outside to feel this way. After all, beauty is subjective. Feel beautiful on the inside and it will make you look even more beautiful on the outside. I know that for me personally this experience has been an emotional roller coaster. I appreciate all the support and love from the girls on this site. Thank you much!!! Xoxo

This was me 3 weeks ago

I can't wait to try on bras!

I'm so excited to go bra shopping soon. They are opening a Nordstrom's near me and can't wait to shop there. Everyone says that is the place to shop for bras bc they carry the 30" & 32" band in larger sizes. Also want to check out VS! I just have to be patient since mine haven't dropped all the way yet.

Trying on bras

I found this bra at Walmart. Just wanted to be ready for when I am able to wear regular bras again. Unfortunately it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a C Cup in less than a 36 band. I'm really a 32 but usually buy 34 cause that's all I can find period.

My size Sm sports bra still fits

Lingerie shopping

I couldn't help myself and had to try on a few more bras but I'm not buying one yet until my implants fully drop and fluff.

Feeling impatient

I know that it's too early to see my final results but when I look in the mirror I feel like they are incredibly small. Maybe it's bc they are only projecting about 1" more than my natural breasts did. It's weird bc they are 3x's as round. I don't seem to have any cleavage either. Also, my left breast has been squeaking! Yes, that's right...squeaking like you can hear the implant. It's bizarre! Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone had any advice about the high profile implants and if they do give you cleavage and project more? Right now, I am really looking like a B cup in size but they are so round I can fit into a large C small D.

Measurement time

I had to pull out the measuring tape cause curiosity got the better of me. Before, I was 32" 24" 36" and now I am 35" 24" 36" . I don't know what that means as far as bra sizing.

More pics

I was shopping with a girlfriend today and we went in Victorias Secret. I couldn't resist trying on a few more bras but I am adamant about waiting to buy one until my breasts settle. There were some really cute ones! I love the blue and white balconette.

My family is in town.

So, my in-laws are in town for a week and they are spending the afternoons by the pool. I haven't found a way to tell them yet that I got a BA. They will probably find out soon enough. I'm not sure how to approach the topic if I am asked.

Ordered a new bikini

I found this swimsuit on amiclubwear.com and it is super cute but kinda revealing. I will wear it around my pool at home.

Bikini shopping

It's been a while since I have been on here. A lot has happened since... We are planning a trip to Pensacola in August so I have to pick out a few swimsuits before then. I went on VS website and most swimsuits are back ordered. I will probably order a 32 C and return it if it doesn't fit. Also, I am looking for a new job. I am in sales and when I took a week my new boss said that it hurt my numbers. I am working 55 hrs + a week and tired of feeling guilty for taking some time off. Sry to go on about my personal life. I know that this is a website for cosmetic surgery. I just need to vent a little.

New pics

Are they ever going to drop?

I feel like they are definitely softer but they still have a ways to go. Does anyone know how many months it can take to see the final results?

Too small?

I am still undecided about the size bc I like how they look in push-up bras but when I'm wearing no bra, I feel that they are tiny. It's maybe cause I have big hips and butt. I know that I am still getting adjusted to them but perhaps down the road, I will go bigger.

Full body

Bra hunting cont..

I was at Target, Kohls, & Dillard's the other day and could not find a 32 C or D bra that wasn't heavily padded. Does anyone else notice how difficult it is to find a bra that is not padded or push-up? I relied on the add-a-size bras before my BA but I really want to see if mine are true to size. Where is a good place to find soft or lightly lined bras?

Feeling good again

I just want to thank all of the lovely ladies on here for your word of encouragement. I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. I realized that all my stress was causing a huge strain on my marriage and making me a miserable person to be around. Sometimes it is best to just be thankful for all the blessings in your life. I know that I made the best choice on implant size because I chose the 2nd to largest implant that my body could handle. I could only have gone up to UHP 360cc (not much different... 5.1 projection instead of 4.9) and the 400 UHP were pushing the envelope because they were way over my BDW and the PS wasn't sure they would fit. With that said, I feel much more confident that I chose the right size. I am going to embrace my new body and try to remind myself that the reason that I had a BA was to feel more confident & sexy. Now, I can say that I definitely do feel that way!

Maybe it's all in my head

I haven't been on here as much for the last few weeks due to personal issues. I just want to report that I am feeling way better about my breasts! I realized that most of models & celebreties that were on my boob wish pic list are not as big as I had imagined before. When you are a flat AAAA.. cup, everyone seems to have bigger boobs. However, when I look around now, I realize that mine look a little too big & round compared to the natural ones. If you are feeling bad about your size, just check out these pics that I found on the internet... Not sure if any of them have had work done since...but it just shows that what we percieve is not always reality. I sas my breast implants as too small, when they are actually big in proportion to my frame and I would look silly if they were bigger!

More bikini pics...

How much will they change???

Okay.... So, I am now wondering what to expect in the next 6 months to a year. For all of you ladies who have reached that point... Do they continue to drop and fluff more? What kind of changes did you see over time? Just curious :))


My day at the mall

Yesterday I went to the mall with me of my gf's and we ended up back in VS (seriously can't go to the mall without stopping in there). Well anyways, get this... I'm a 32D in the unpadded unlined bras and 32DD in push-up bras. Surprisingly, I was busting out of both sizes. I definitely know that mine still have a ways to go to settle bc they look like I'm wearing a push-up bra 24/7. I was just shocked and a little happy to know that I'm not that small. I know VS sizes run a little bigger but my friend is a 34D and she looks plenty busty...I can't imagine if I would have gone bigger...I would have to custom order bras! I'm not saying that my breasts look terribly big under clothing but I am glad that I can fit comfortably in a 32D or even 34C at a department store cause its hard to find bras in larger sizes. #feelingbetter

New photos

I was wondering if anyone recommends scar away to mederma? Which is better? I am fair skinned so scars are kinda visa or still.

Be who you are not what others want you to be...

So I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed satisfied with the size of my breasts. I think that they could be larger, and I would indeed look "too obvious". I'm happy that my breasts aren't the center of attention. They compliment my body while looking natural. My husband likes them and is also glad that I didn't go bigger. The few friends that said that I should have gone larger do not understand that I don't want to look like a porn star!!! I think that the general perception is that all augmented breasts have to look too big and very round. However, this is not the look that I wanted. Mine are plenty big for my slender frame but not oversized. I can fill out a bathing suit and bra which is nice. So my advice to girls who are getting a BA or anticipating going through the surgery, don't let others influence you on how your body should look. It's YOUR body, not there's!!! Before my surgery, I spoke to some of my friends and got their opinions. Most of my girlfriends thought that I should go way bigger(D-DD) and the guys said that I would look best with no more than a large B or small C cup... Just goes to show the difference in opinions b/w men & women. The point of my story is just to be happy with yourself and don't worry about what others think. :))

Maybe I'm crazy...

Okay, well I just went in for my post op appointment the other day. Btw, my PS is Amazing! I expressed my concerns and am contemplating whether to exchange implants. As I mentioned earlier, I chose to go with the Natrelle style 20 and 350cc was my max in HP. I'm kinda concerned bc one implant is not dropping properly and they are too wide for my chest. I kept reading a lot of negative things about the UHP style 45's. Does anyone have any info on these. I was afraid of looking like I had two basketballs on my chest. What should I do? I don't want to go through surgery again but afraid that these implants will stay pushed up to my neck. Will my skin stretch to accommodate them? Help!

Let me be honest...

I have been struggling more lately than I have let on. I don't like to keep going on and on about my boobs. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with them. They are not exactly my "dream boobs". I don't feel excited about dressing them up or wearing bras. The size is acceptable (but slightly too small). I guess that my expectations were set too high. I don't like the way they feel either. I thought that after so many months I would get used to them but I'm still waiting. I think that I drive my husband crazy bc I talk about them so much. Why do I feel this way?!?!


I just got back from vacation and boy do I feel better! I was able to escape the stress that has been weighing on me since this BA. I did not worry about my breasts or look at before and after pictures on the Internet once while on vacation. You would think that it would have been difficult to go to the beach and see other women in bikinis with bigger boobs. Ironically, it was a great escape. I felt like just having fun!!! I am going to continue to keep myself occupied so that I don't slip back into feeling depressed. Thanks to all the girls who have been giving me advice & support. XoXo

Lesson Learned...

I just want to say a few things to the girls who are considering getting a BA... Make sure that you and your PS are on the same page about your goals/expectations. I used words such as "natural" C cup" and was not clear. I definitely wanted a more augmented look than I currently have. I wanted them big but natural. My interpretation of a C cup was on a 34 band and not a 32 (technically a 34B). I would've asked for a full 32D if I would have known this. It is so confusing bc I had never worn a 32 band before my surgery. I don't plan on wearing one now either. When I buy a 34C from the department store, some fit and others are too big. I wish that I would've recognized the difference bw a 32D and 34D. I just don't want any other girls to feel the disappointment that I feel. Don't get me wrong, I am way better than before but I still look bottom heavy. You would never notice that I had work done. Nevertheless, I will keep my head up and the hope that one day I will get the look that I wanted.

New pics

Accepting imperfection & moving on...

As I have stated in my last posts, I am not 100% happy with the size. I thank everyone for their support. I has been a challenge to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. However, I am not going to rush into another surgery at this stage. I figure that I can give them more time. Instead, I have decided to focus on getting in better shape and working on my painting. Sometimes it is best to praise the blessings that you have in your life. XoXo


New photos

I wanted to upload some new photos to show everyone why I do not like the size. I requested a full C cup and I know that mine look more like a full B. I have discussed this with my PS but they said that it will cost $3500 to get a revision! I feel a bit let down that I went in there expecting a certain look and came out with teeny tiny tittys Lol. Not that they don't fit my body, I just wanted something that had a "wow" factor. Nevertheless, I'm still not jumping into surgery again so soon. Also, I have been doing better by keeping busy. I am starting to make home-made sea salt scrubs that have aromatherapy oils. I would like to start selling them online along with my artwork.

My last post...

I do not want for any girls to take my last post in a negative way. I think that a B cup can look great and natural on certain body types. If I was not a pear-shape, I would be happy with this size. Anyways, I don't want to make anyone feel bad. :-/

My experience at Nordstrom's

I decided to mosey on down to the new Nordstrom's at my local mall. I was browsing through the lingerie section but not looking to try anything on. Then, I see a pretty bralette that catches my eyes. I think, well ok...why not?!?! I ask a nice lady at the dressing room if I can try it on. Meanwhile my friend is waiting outside the dressing room. I call her in to help me fasten the back. I hear the nice sales lady call out "can I help you with that bra?" I reluctantly say "ok". She pulls out a tape measure and measures me. She was astounded that I picked up a 34C. I told her that I like my bras loose. She said "honey, you are a 30" band bc she measured me 25" around my ribcage (holy moly!) Anyways, it gets more bizarre when she tells me to try on a 30DD and it fits but I'm busting out of it. It looks great but she said that I really need the next size up to cover up the cleavage bump. So, yes.. Let this day be declared a monumental time in history! I just got sized at Nordstrom's as a 30DDD!!!! Maybe size is irrelevant. Now, I'm not sure that perhaps I have a distorted body image.


I apologize for not responding to posts. I have been do busy looking for a new job and working on my artwork. So, to give y'all an update...I have emailed my PS office about my concerns with my implants not dropping or projecting as expected. In my last post, I was sized at a 30DDD but my breasts are still laying flat on my chest. It bothers me that I can put on a shirt and still look like I have nothing there. I'm considering switching to the teardrop shape implant in the future. I am a little frustrated bc I have asked about this style implant prior to my first surgery and they gave me no response. I said over and over that I don't want the overly round look and still they kept insisting on these implants. I was very clear about wanting moderately large breasts with a natural slope. Don't get me wrong, my Dr. Is great. I just felt like my desires were not communicated properly due to seeing a different nurse at every visit. Nevertheless, I'm gonna have to find work and save up money before I can get the results that I want. Till then, I'm loving life and feeling blessed!!!!

My new friend...the Nubra

Ive been wearing strapless bras for years with them uncomfortably falling down. The good thing about this bra is that it won't slip and I can wear it all night. The only bad thing is trying to take it off. Ouch! Is it weird that I have silicon inside and outside my body now?

Five months and counting

I am starting to get a little paranoid about my pics being public online. I am considering editing them for privacy. Not that I'm a shy person but I wouldn't want anyone that I know to see them. Scary thought! Well, I have been experiencing rippling in my right Brest. I don't know what this means. Is that normal? Also, I'm having weird dreams about my breast implants rupturing and having to go through another surgery. I wish that I could stop worrying about them so much!

Size B or DDD?!?!

I'm at Walmart this afternoon doing some grocery shopping and come across the bra section. I decide to try on a cute bra size 34B. Well, it fits snug but I'm busting out of it. If I had to estimate what my "Real" bra size is, I would say small 34C. My goal size as y'all know was a mid-full C. Well, I can't say that my breasts are not a good "natural" size. The only thing that I wish going into this was what to be prepared for. I am not a fan of VS vanity sizing. I don't want to wear a 32DD just to feel better! I feel that my breasts are starting to fill out more. I don't feel as terrible about the size but if I want a slightly "fake" look, I need bigger implants. My reason for keeping my blog honest is that I want girls to know what to expect. So many girls have to get revisions due to wrong sizing. I just want to keep it "Real". If you are starting off a small A and want to completely fill a 32D/34C, you will most likely need larger implants! I want to thank everyone again for your kind comments and support. I'm starting to feel like "me" again.

Forgot to mention...

This may sound weird cause I've been going on and on about my breasts being too small. I'm noticing a lot of changes in them recently. They don't seem as tiny to me as before. Maybe I'm adapting to them. Starting to think that I might not need or want larger implants. Idk...

Still undecided...

My breasts are filling out a little bit more but they are still not where I would like them to be. I've noticed my right breasts is slightly lower (the smaller implant) and my left is still not dropping. I think that bc they are both over my BWD, they are not dropping properly. I'm thinking that I may indeed have to get them exchanged if this doesn't correct itself. Going in for my post op in a few weeks. I will discuss with my PS the options. I am considering saline or anatomical teardrop shape. The UHP may be too visible since I have tight skin and these are almost boarder line too full in the upper pole region. Anyways, I seriously don't want to do this operation again but I don't want uneven boobs either.

I simply just do NOT like them!!!

I've been trying really hard to adjust to my boobs but I cannot even look at them most days without wanting to cry. I know that this sounds dramatic but I really do HATE them. If I could use dome words to describe the way I feel: angry, depressed, embarrassed, ridiculous, anxious.... I feel frustrated when I look in the mirror and my butt sticks out so much further. I have lost weight too but I don't want to feel like I have to watch my weight just to look somewhat proportional. I am now way skinnier than I have been in years and I don't want to lose more weight! The good news is that I got a job and now I can save up money to correct this terrible mistake. Some days I wish that I could just have them out bc I feel way worse than I did before. Nevertheless, I am going to get them done again and hopefully this time will be right.

What you see is what you get!

I feel compelled to warn girls out there to please not ask doctors on this site or any others how many cc's you need to achieve a certain bra size. You will get 10 different answers and it is impossible for a PS to recommend a size without examining you in person. It is ok to ask them other questions though. Augmented breasts measure much larger but look smaller than natural breasts. Also, don't rely on comparing similar body types with size. Everyone is unique and there are too many factors affecting how an implant will look on YOU. Just bc "Sue noname" got the same style, size implant and similar stats and ended up a 32DD does not mean that you will too. Just rely only on your surgeon and what you see in the mirror is LESS than what you will end up with. If I can save one person from having to get a revision due to size by saying this then I am happy. I don't want anyone to feel regret like I do. I'm planning on going in again to discuss my implant exchange. I'm very excited at the idea of not having to wear a push up or padded bra anymore. Xoxo

Post-op appointment

I went to my last post-op appointment and we discussed sizing. My doc still recommends the UHP implant. She did say that they are rounder than what I currently have. I still feel torn bc I don't want them fuller or rounder on top. I asked her about teardrop anatomicals and she said that they wouldn't make me any larger than what I am now. It's unfortunate bc I would rather have large & natural looking breasts. She recommended going 460cc or 500cc UHP. I'm not wanting to be bigger than a 32D though so not sure about either of those. I just can't wait to get rid of these implants so I can have peace of mind again!

Keep on movin' on!!!

Hello ladies! Well, not much has changed since my last post but I am starting to get my appetite back. After months of depression, I had lost a lot of weight. I'm trying not to focus on them anymore bc I know that I can't change them. It's comforting for me to know that hopefully one day I will feel better. My chest still feels tight and I actually can feel them inside of me. Is that normal? When I flex my muscle I can feel the implant. Sometimes it bothers me at night and I have trouble falling asleep. I have also been breaking out in rashes on and around my boobs. What is that from??? #boobieblues

I need help deciding...

Hey ladies,
I am trying to decide on what to do about going in for a revision. Honestly, I really want the "right size" this time around. I selected the wrong implants the first time around so I don't want to do that again. Prior to my BA, I tried on the 400cc style 45's and they looked slightly larger but perfect. My PS suggested going bigger than I want just in case. Still, I'm wanting them to be in proportion with my body and not too large. I'm confused bc now I can go up to 500cc which is wayyy over my BWD. I thought that you had to stay within that. What size should I go with??? 400cc or 460cc? I was told before that the 460's would make me a DD. I'm soooo confused!

Selfies in the bathtub

Took some time off...

It's been a little while since I've been on here. My family came to visit so I've been busy. Not too much has changed. Still trying to get on with my life after the major disappointment. I need to save up the money to fix them bc they just don't compliment my figure. Yes, they do look natural but that = "small and unnoticeable" IMO. I am trying to decide on whether to put the. Off to get a new car bc I'm in need of one but I really don't want to have to wait any longer. I dread looking at them every day. Honestly, I feel the same as before my surgery. Not sure what to do but I am working to save up money. Hope all is well with you girls. Sorry, I've been MIA for a while. XOXO

I decided to play photographer

I just woke up this morning and felt like trying to be sexy in spite of not feeling it lately. I wish that I could be busting out of this size small teddy but it just fits "the girls" perfectly. Wishing everyone a happy holidays!!! :::cheers:::

Pics didn't upload

Things are looking up!

I hope that everyone is having a happy holidays! I know that I am enjoying the time with family. I am battling a slight cold but other than that, I'm doing well. I just got an offer from my old job and I'm super excited to be going back! It will improve our financial situation a great deal. As for boobs, well they look exactly the same. Still high, pointy and no bounce! I'm not go on about them cause it isn't important. What is important is that I feel excitement about something and it is not boob related. Haha. Well, that is all for now. Talk to y'all soon!

Keeping busy...

I have been slacking on viewing my blog lately. I've been so busy at work that it takes my mind away from the "girls" (which is a good thing, trust me!) Anyways, I still feel the same about them and disappointment over the size. It almost seems as if the implants are too wide bc for my chest and they did not drop properly. My doc mentioned that the 325cc looked bigger than the other bc the 350cc is still higher. Idk, but I'm definitely considering getting them exchanged soon. Also, I was not sold on the idea of the style 45's. I know that they will give me the size that I desire but I'm 100% positive that it will make them too round & "perky." I would prefer for them to slope more naturally and look somewhat real. So, I sent an email to my Doctor's assistant explaining this to her. She wrote me back saying that I should get the teardrop shape implants. Im not sure why my doctor didn't recommend these last visit.

I need some advice from all the ladies out there who have the tear drop shaped implants... Would you recommend them? What are the possibilities of them rotating? (I read about this online). Please advise. Thank you :)

Moving forward...

I have made the decision that I will indeed be getting my implants exchanged. I don't see the point in paying this much money and not being able to fill out my size small sports bras!!! I feel that I could look better with something that will project more on my tall frame. I am still puzzled as to how I received this size bc I sent my PS office a bunch of wish pics prior to surgery. All of them looked very full and not small. It was to my surprise that on the day of surgery, my wish pics were not even in my folder. I had brought one of a girl on this site who was 5'4" and 100lbs, she had the 325cc HP's. My doctor said that bc I'm taller, the 350cc is best. Well, I have one 325cc and both are too small! I feel that there was a lack of communication from the beginning and hopefully, my PS office can make it right. I would encourage anyone considering this surgery to do your research and also not to come unprepared on the day of surgery. Don't rely on your doctor or doctor's assistant to have all of your wish pics and goal size. Well, wish me luck as I am hoping to do it in April. That will be close to one year from the date. No more regrets!!!!

Boob update

Ok, so I'm gonna be brave and show y'all my before pic. Not much there... Probably an AA cup. Now, my boobs look crazy! Why is one boob pointy down? I definitely don't think it will fall any more on its own. Was the pocket dissected enough? Idk. Also, if y'all haven't tried the Genie bra, your missing out. It's super comfy!!!!

I feel like I'm asking for too much?

I called my PS office this morning and set up an appointment with one of her assistants. We started talking and I brought up my concerns with her about the sizing. I asked about saline and she said that bc I have no breast tissue it won't look good. Then she told me that the UHP will give me more projection but will be way narrower than what I have currently. I said that I want them to fill up my chest and not have a huge gap. She basically said that I can either have them higher and stick out further or keep what I have bc they have more cleavage than the UHP. I mentioned having a long torso and wanting the implant to fill my chest and come down on my torso. She said that it is basically impossible to get more projection and keep the same width even with the bigger implant. I do appreciate her honesty but I feel that I may be setting myself up for another disappointment. I don't want my boobs too high, round, narrow and pointy again! It sounds to me like I don't really have any options to get my wish boobs :'(

Silicone cohesive gel

I have been spending time on this site and forums lately and what I've come across is a number of girls that are disappointed in size. I know that there are many who are happy after their BA too, but what I found interesting is that even girls who have 700cc + implants saying they are too small and noticed almost no change. One lady mentioned that her original silicone implants (300cc) looked way bigger before she switched to the cohesive gel silicone (500cc). I remember a good friend of mine who had hers done 15-20 yrs ago and they were huge on her!!! I have read that saline appears bigger than the silicone in the same size. I just wondering if the cohesive gel used nowadays doesn't have the same effect and you have to go larger in size bc they don't fluff much. Mine are still firm and haven't changed at all in 9 months and maybe even got smaller.
Perhaps I am wrong. Just curious if anyone else has a theory on this.

Pic updates


I have my next appointment scheduled for Friday. I'm going to talk to my doctor about what my options are. Basically, I don't feel like my goals were achieved... I'm unhappy with how round they are and really am considering a teardrop shape implant if my doctor will agree. If not, I will weigh my options. I'm not jumping into anything. I would rather wait and get the answers that I'm looking for. Wish me luck!

I saw my PS yesterday....

So, I went to my second consultation to discuss upsizing. I felt like my doctor did spend a good amount of time with me and she seemed to understand my goals. Basically, she told me that I can choose to go with the UHP 460cc and that should make me a full D/DD. Also, if I absolutely don't want the very bubbly look, she could fit the max 400cc style 20's but those will only give me half a cup size and be wider. So... I need your help again ladies... What should I do?

The more research that I do...

The more I'm terrified of getting a very unnatural look. These are some pictures of boobs that I don't care for. I would rather keep what I have now than end up like this.

Searching for answers elsewhere...

It's been about a week since my last appointment and I hate to sound like a broken record but I'm just not feeling 100% about this revision thing. I know that I want them bigger but I feel a bit frustrated with what my options are. I really think that the best option for me is to keep looking for the right solution. If I'm unhappy with the roundness of the HP's that I have, who's to say that I won't hate the UHP's. My doctor said that I wouldn't like the teardrop shape implants cause they are flatter on top than what I have now. I'm like "okay, that's a good thing!" When I stand back and look at them, I can see the top of the implant through my skin. I understand that UHP's look natural on some girls, but I didn't have much breast tissue to start and very tight skin. I really want to find a doctor that will give me the natural looking D cup that I desire. I have an appointment to see another Dr. in the area. I'm gonna keep searching bc when it feels wrong in your gut, you should listen. Hopefully, I will find the answers soon. Till then...XOXO

This is what I want...

I found these wish pics off another girl's page. They demonstrate the look that I was going for. All of them are big and have a natural slope to them (unlike my HP's). I emailed these to my doctor. Hopefully, she will understand what Im looking for.

2nd Consultation

I met with another doctor this afternoon and the overall consultation went well. He was very nice and his assistant was very helpful. Basically, he told asked me what look I wanted and answered my questions. Well, as it turns out, he uses primarily round implants and told me the same thing that my original PS did...that I could switch mine out for the 45's. He did tell me that it would give me more projection but I might want to consider that they will be more round and I might not like that. He said that because of my anatomy, there aren't too many options. When I was about to leave feeling a bit discouraged that I may not realistically. Be able to get the look that I want, his very nice assistant mentioned that if I do want the look of my wish pics, I should see a PS that specializes in anatomicals. She said that many of the local doctors use round bc it is what is more common here. However, if I go downtown to Houston (she referred me to a Dr. Ciarvino who has many different implant options), I will be able to find a doctor who will give me anatomicals. As it turns out, some doctors don't like using teardrop implants because they have to be performed just right or they have a tendency to rotate. Thus, many doctors are just not comfortable with them. So for any ladies considering them...plz see a skilled surgeon who has performed many surgeries using them.
I can honestly say that I do feel much better because I have started down the right path. At least I can feel a sense of hope now. It was hard these last few months bc my PS only gave me a few options and hasn't responded to any of my email(s) regarding a revision. I felt so lost in what direction to go. Now, I know that the answer is in searching further...
Also, I bought some new lingerie today to make me feel better and to surprise the hubby. :D

Can't wait to get them out!

I've been emailing my PS. For weeks and I am still waiting for a response. I keep telling them that I hate my current implants and feel ridiculous with them! I'm uncertain what to do bc I feel that they will not acknowledge that the whole sizing thing was a miscommunication and that I didn't just suddenly get boob greed and want bigger implants. I honestly had never worn a 32" bra band in my life so how would I have known that I was asking for a small cup size. My doc seemed shocked they I said that I wanted them more noticeable but I never asked for them to be tiny and disproportionate to my body. i don't even look like I have implants!!! Wtf!?!?

Forgot to add pic

I saw my PS yesterday

and we discussed me switching to anatomicals. The only problem she explained is that the highest profile with a diameter that will fit my chest is 11.5" base width and only 4.6 projection. (Hence it is smaller than my current implants). Supposably they are coming out with an uhp teardrop implant soon that might be a better option. I'm wondering whether I should wait, switch out to uhp round or keep my current implants.
Meanwhile I have been getting ready for summer and shopping for new swimsuits for my trip to FLORIDA.

Back to square one.

I spoke to my PS office this morning and they have declined to do my revision surgery. My doctor does not believe that I will like the look of the UHP's (honestly I don't know how I feel about them). The assistant that I spoke to said that Dr. Kim does not feel that she can achieve my goals. I guess that I'm wondering where to go from here. I can search for another doctor but I'm afraid of it costing thousands $$$ more. I will have to save up for a few years to be able to afford it.
I did tell them to put me on a waiting list if they do get the uhp teardrop implants in... Uhh! So much to think about!!!

Enough "boob talk"

I hope that everyone is doing well! I have to admit that although I seriously hate my boobs (im being honest), I have to stop feeling defeated and move on from it. Let's face it. They are not growing and what I got is what I got. So, I'm still looking for a PS that will work with me to achieve the look that I want. I need some honest opinions... So, if I were to go uhp, they will be about the same width as my current implants but sit higher on my chest. I almost feel that they are too narrow for my body as it is. Wouldn't a wider implant look better? My PS said that she couldn't use the new uhp anatomicals on me either which I am not sure why?!?! She said that they wouldn't fit my chest but they are narrower than the high profile. Anyways, I'm done talking about them for now. I am thinking of starting a new post soon when I do my revision as I want a fresh outlook on this whole experience and not to have any negativity going into my next surgery. That's all for now! XOXO

It's been almost a year

since I got my BA. Wow, time does really fly by!!! I know that I have displayed a mix of emotions in my posts. I will say that I feel a whole lot more positive now in spite of my breasts not being "perfect". While I know that a revision surgery is in my future, I'm not stressing about it. One thing that this experience taught me was to appreciate my God-given attributes and talents and stop focusing on what I don't have. I have my health and a loving husband (that's worth a lot more than fake boobs!) Someday maybe I will get my wish boobs but for now I just have to focus on other positive
***I have started another post for my implant exchange surgery. I don't have a date set but I figured that it will eventually happen... I really wanted to create a new post bc this one is so long and pics don't load on my phone. :)
Til next time, I

My new post link:

New Year Boobie Resolution!

I hope that everyone has had a great New Years!!! I figured since its been a while, I would write an update on this review. I have still not had my revision yet due to my hectic work schedule and just wanting to take the time to make sure this next time will be right. My New Years Boobie resolution is to hopefully exchange my implants for a size that compliments my body better. I'm uploading some pics to show how my boobs have changed since my BA. They have gotten a tad bit softer and less rigid but still feel very tight on my chest and lack any projection. Sadly, I still feel they are too small but that's all the more reason for me to go forth with confidence that I will be making the right decision if I get a revision. I've been consulting with a few Dr.s and I am impressed with Dr. Young Cho and his staff. I will keep everyone updated on my situation. God bless and happy 2016!!!

Wish pics

I have been looking through wish pics and decided it is best to provide a wide variety that I would label too big, too small and just right. So, here they are... Also, if anyone can tell how many cc's I would need approx that would be helpful too :)


I'm ready to start a new chapter in my life. It seems like everyday I hope that I can speed up the process of exchanging out these ugly implants. I have been trying to work on my confidence level but honestly I cringe when my husband touches them. I know he is frustrated bc I don't take my shirt off when we are intimate. I know that it's gotta be tough for him too bc this whole experience has put a wrench in our sex life. I want so bad to feel sexy but I just don't!
My goal is to continue to research doctors in my area. I've met with a few but I'm undecided still. I don't want to make the same mistake over. Sometimes I think that I should just leave them this way but I also can't imagine feeling attractive like this. :-/

2 year update- swimsuit pics

325cc/350cc Natrelle style 20.

Another full body pic

I am wondering if this site has a forum for curvier body types? I know they have one for tall girls (which I'm only 5'6-5'7) but average height. I have so much trouble finding girls with similar build as me. Wondering if I should go up to 500cc now to get the look that I want? What do y'all think?

Dr. Kim

As time passes by, I am still waiting to correct this horrible mess! I just wanted to share again the horrors that I went through with Dr. Kim and staff who didn't want to admit that their was a mistake and just left me with lopsided breasts and an implant that never dropped. Of course they tried to say that I have body issues (clearly the implants don't look right!)
I wanted to share again bc I think it is important for people to be aware of the risks of getting a BA. It's at the doctors discretion if they perform a revisionary proceedure on you... in other words you might have to pay double the cost to find a doctor fix a bad result!!! My only advice is beware of this happening to you!

When implants don't fit properly

These pics illustrate how choosing too wide of implants can cause them to get "stuck" and not drop properly into the breast pocket. Instead, they are forced into the upper region of my chest compressed and give the appearance of much smaller cc' than they actually are. I believe that if I would've have chosen a narrower implant that had more projection, this wouldn't have happened or possibly if the muscle was released properly, it would've allowed the implants to fall lower on my chest instead of sitting up too high.

----Awful Breast Augmentation---- I deserved better than the treatment that I received from Dr. Kim and her staff!!! She left me with an implant that sits on my collar bone and four finger gap between breasts!!! Of course they refused to fix them and then also denied me even a partial refund for the terrible result!!! Now, I have to pay full price for a doctor to fix them!! ---Stay away from this doctor!!! Integrity is everything and this practice clearly has none!!! As long as they collect your money, whatever happens, happens!!! Take a look at my recent pics for proof!!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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