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Hi there! I am sharing my experience with Accutane...

Hi there! I am sharing my experience with Accutane ( Isotretinoine ) because I have reviewed other posts on this web site and found them very useful. I have researched this pill very diligently. Now I just have to wait for the result.

Background of the problem: I have had mild form of cystic acne since I am 15. At 16 started with contraceptive pills to battle the problem, since my doctors assumed it is happening due to not perfectly functioning ovaries. Everytime I stop the contraceptive pills I have a major acne break out. Since I got sick and tired of taking contraceptives I turned to my doctor for a solution.

Accutane ( Isotretinoine ) :
1. I have read that you must have a total of 120 to 150mg times your body weight in order to be fully healed and not have to take a second round. Example : I am 54kg times 120 is 6480mg divided by 20mg ( what I take per day) = 312 days ( almost a year). So I will talk to my doctor to increase my dosage to 40mg to shorten it to 6 months.

2. Accutane reprogrammes your genes. To see good results you need 8 weeks. I already see difference in the functioning of my oil glands on my face at week 3.
3. It goes a little bit worse at week 2 with the pimples. But at week 3 is ok.
4. Try NOT to take any other pills since Accutane is heavy. Be nice to your liver.
5. Don't drink alcohol!!
6. To avoid hairloss take Biotin
7. Take Accutane after a big fatty meal. Eggs or other fatty food helps the pill to be absorbed much better. Also it is better for your stomach.
8. Don't get pregnant! You will have to make an abortion. I had to sign documents at my pharmacy and take obligatory contraceptive pills for this. It is regulated by law in the Netherlands. Accutane is based on high dosage of vitamin A which is bad for the fetus.
9. Don't take additional vitamin A
10. Use eyedrops for your dry eyes
11. Don't expose yourself to strong sunlight. If you do. Use at least 15SPF
12. Don't wax or laser treat your skin

Side effects that I experienced:
Week one: very dry lips, eyes and skin ( hurting).
Week two: skin was peeling off my face. Feeling dizzy during sports
Week three: buzzing sound in my ears. Slight dandriff

The skin pain reduces. The most annoying is the dry lips. Everything else you don't really notice.

I have asked around. Accutane is the ultimate solution for acne. My only concern is a relapse. Don't be afraid. Give it a go! Good luck. Will keep you posted!
Jan Stinissen

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