17 Years of Wishing, It's Almost Time!! Yay!! Thailand, scrap that .....Let's make it Gladstone with Dr Andrew Broardhurst :D

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Woo hoo!! My surgery dates are locked and loaded!!...

Woo hoo!! My surgery dates are locked and loaded!! ???????? It is all systems go. June 9th breast lift and augmentation and June 12th Tummy tuck and Vaser liposuction to my thighs and buttocks. It will all be happening at PIAC in Phuket in Thailand. Dr Thanakom is my Surgeon. And Lotus Medical International are the amazing agency behind helping all of this happen for me ?????? I hope my story can help just one woman navigate the mine field that is organising surgery in Thailand.

I am a 36 year old Mum of 2 gorgeous girls. Being a single Mum for almost 18years, breast feeding and losing over 40 kgs has taken it's till on my body, my want for surgery has just increased as the years have gone by. It is time to give myself a gift and make my long time dream a reality. And with the love and support of my amazing partner Dave by my side, it is all FINALLY becoming a reality!! ????

We started looking into agencies, surgeons and hospitals etc almost 2 months ago. I started sending away my photos to companies to get recommendations from surgeons. We were sort of flying blind. They all seemed SO eager to help and to get me booked in ASAP. Not ever being one to have done things the right way round lol, I realised that I needed to find a surgeon 1st!! So I started researching surgeons on the net. I stumbled upon 2 plastic surgery forums plasticsurgeryforum.com and realself.com they have been invaluable!!! After I thought I had found a surgeon and in turn an agency he did work for the forums helped me dodge a massive bullet!! The agency I had chosen and the surgeon I thought was good had done some "horrible" things to some poor women, and the bad stories just kept popping up the more I dug. So I cancelled and researched some more and found my surgeon Dr Thanakom who I have heard Great things about, and my agency Lotus Medical for whom he does work for. I had started to wonder if it would be cheaper for me to go directly through the hospital and to book everything ourselves as Dave and I were looking into prices for everything from, surgery costs, hotels, air fairs to the use of a hyperbaric chamber as treatment to help me heal faster after surgery. But decided, just incase things didn't go right ( touch wood) that having an agency behind us would be the smarter option. So we chose Lotus. Grainne from Lotus has been outstanding with helping answer my million questions. We will Do the touristy thing first. We will stay in Patong before hand, Not sure of our hotel yet, still researching. Have surgery (Dave is allowed to stay with me at the hospital , yay ????) and then spend 2 weeks recovering at Kata beach. We are looking into the Aspasia at the moment. Hopefully more good news about hotel prices and hyperbaric prices to come tomorrow. So excited that my surgery is booked that I can't sleep!!! I Can only imagine how I will be the night before surgery!! ???? Lol I will post some before pics a bit closer to surgery. Thank you to all you ladies that have already gone through this and posted reviews! You have and continue to inspire me and help me feel at ease about everything. I hope you are all healing well Xo

Dr Thanakom has refused my case! :(

I am totally shattered. After months of research and copious amounts of e-mails with my medical company, and my dates having been confirmed, Dr Thanakom at PIAC has refused my case I was booked for a breast lift with implants, a full tummy tuck and vaser lipo on my thighs and buttocks. I was totally up front and told them that I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis almost 12 years ago, I was very sick towards the end of my pregnancy and my veins kept shutting down with the amount of antibiotics they were giving me so a pic line was put in. Due to pregnancy hormones trying to reject the pic line (a long canular that goes from your elbow to close to your heart) when they took it out a DVT formed. I was on warfrin and daily self administered injections in the belly for 6 months until all was good. I have since had surgery on my sinuses with no problem at all. The hospital put stockings on me and a machine that massaged my calves during and after surgery. I have told Lotus all this and they have told the Dr but the Dr has said no. I am totally devastated!! I am not sure what to do or were to go from here. My agency said they are consulting a second opinion ( I don't want a second rate doctor) and she is going to speak to the hospital management team about my case. But I am not feeling confidant at all. Has anyone has a DVT before and gone through surgery? Someone please tell me yes! My 18 year dream in the making has just been ripped away and I just want to cry.

I am not giving up yet!! ????

Well, after being knocked back for my surgery in Thailand ???? and crying into my porridge, being shattered for a bit. I have not given up lol. I decided to look into surgeons and prices here in Australia. After sending many e-mails asking for prices, I was really surprised at the amount who replied and how long they took to get back to me! I guess not many value good old fashioned customer service like I was looking for. I did however find two surgeons in Brisbane Qld with rave reviews and who's staff did e-mail me straight back and who were fantastic and helpful!! Dr Paul Belt and Dr Andrew Broardhurst ???? Both just up the road in Brissy. So yesterday, I went to my GP (Dr Anne Arlott an awesome Dr for anyone in the Rockhampton area ????) and got a referral to see both surgeons and get prices for both my Tummy Tuck and Breast lift with implants. So in about 3 hours, Dave and I are jumping on a plane to see if one of these awesome surgeons will take on my case. Unfortunately because prices in Australia are so much more than Thailand, I doubt I can afford to get both procedures done, and being realistic I won't be able to. Then I choose to get my Tummy Tuck first. Well let's not get ahead of ourselves. I need to see if one of these guys will do my surgery with me having had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) before. I am so excited but sooooo nervous!! Wish me luck......and please keep your fingers crossed!! ????

9 days! 9days!! 9 days!!! But who's counting lol

Well my trip to Brisbane to find a surgeon was a success ???? T - 9 days till surgery!!! Whoo hoo!!

Both Dr Belt and Dr Broardhurst were happy to take my case. Our first consultation was with Enhance Plastic Surgery (Dr Broardhurst) When we arrived his staff were wonderful as we waited for the Dr. He had been in surgery all day at the children's hospital and had come back to the clinic just to see us. First brownie points!! The whole consultation went for over an hour. Dr Broardhurst explained everything clearly to Dave and myself. After we had discussed my previous DVT and Dr told me that it was caused by the pic line and that I wasn't a high risk of developing a DVT (he also uses compression stockings and a pump on your legs). We then discussed my full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair. His explanation was excellent as he showed us before and after photos. A couple of photos were taken of my Tummy (for before photos should it choose to go ahead) Then out of curiosity, I asked him about my Breasts. While he would do both a lift and implants, he said that is two separate procedures. And that with already having the Tummy Tuck which would make three procedures, he asked me what bothered me more. The sag or the lack of fullness? Which did I dislike the most. For me it was the sag. So we discussed the lift and he said I could always have implants down the track if I wished. I also have a rather large vein on my chest which snakes down around my left breast. I appeard after I lost all my weight and looks like someone has hit me in the chest and left a big bruise. It has embarrassed me for years. I asked him if it could be removed during surgery. He said he would assess it at the time (to see if it's blood flow was needed to help my breasts heal. And if it was, that he could just do it under local anaesthetic in his surgery post op ???? Happy with all this and running late for our consult with Dr Belt, Dr Broardhurst's staff printed us a map along with our ruff quote and rang us a cab. They were so lovely and helpful. More brownie points ????

As we got into the cab and I was about to call Dr Belts rooms to let them know we were on our way, his secretary rang to make sure we were still coming. When we arrived we were rushed in. Understandably Dr Belt was a little cranky we were late but all he was worried about was getting his car from his mechanics before they closed. He was sort of flustered and rushing as he was brushing over things. When I asked about my breasts he got a little agitated and said that another half hour consult was needed for that and that I hadn't said anything about wanting my breasts done when we had our initial phone consultation a week prior. In all his rushing his secretary buzzed in and said the mechanic shop hadn't finished his car so he could now do my breast consult. He took measurements and photos and dicta phoned a thank you letter to my GP. I didn't dare ask him about the vein. As we left, I didn't feel the happy relaxed feeling I left Dr Broarhurst's office with. But like Dave said, even though Dr Belt was rushed and his bedside manner was a bit lacking, he seemed to know what he was doing. I had some thinking to do..........

To make a long story even longer ???? lol My gutt chose Dr Broardhurst and his Enhance Team ???? I have decided on a full Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and a breast Lift. I have had my second consult by phone with Dr and he was very helpful and answered every question I had (and I had LOTS lol). I have collected all my bits and pieces for before and after surgery. I made a little YouTube vid showing it all if anyone is interested you can find it here http://youtu.be/bIfXEDFRKyY I have also rented an electric recliner for a month to make life a little easier ????

It is sooooo close now!!!! ???????????? A little nervous, but soooo excited!!!! Come on the 10th June!!! ????

Wow wow wow it is so close!!

OMG......2 days to go!!! Yeah!!! I can't believe it is soooo close!! So excited!! Dave and I spent the day cleaning the house from top to bottom and washing everything in site. My hospital bag is packed. And we even managed to take a few before pictures. Tomorrow is a day for a few last little jobs. Setting up my trolly beside the bed with everything I am going to need in the first few days. Scrubbing my bathroom from top to bottom with disinfectant, packing the car for the hour and a halfish trip to Gladstone and home again. I will have two nights in hospital and my surgeon said I will know if I am up to the car ride home, or if we will be staying another night or two in Gladstone (Dave is wishing this will be the case, he worries god love him) see how we go. I think I am going to want to be comfy as possible at home.

Speaking of comfy, I will be once this bowel cleanse kicks in. I am constipated now and terribly worried about being constipated because of the meds after my procedure. So I decided to start with a clean slate (so to speak) and rid my bowel of everything. Over kill?? Maybe but I have read such horror stories about the first bowel movement, I am not willing to be one of them!! I have been chasing all over town for something called Magnesium citrate. It has rave reviews for fixing constipation beautifully. No luck finding it in Rocky though. The only place that sells it is in Gladstone (were I will be for surgery) lol. So I will get some before surgery for afterwards. In the mean time I am trying something called PicoPrep. It is ment to be used for before a colonoscopy. Nothing happening yet :(

Flat belly and perky boobies here I come! :D

I am on my way to surgery, yay!!! No sleep last night. I was scheduled for surgery this arvie at 12.40. I got a phone call at 9 am to say that someone had cancelled and could we get there ASAP. Ummm yep!!

My nerves aren't too bad at this minute, but we are still an hour away lol. See how we go closer. Dave is doing ok, a little quiet so I know he is worrying. I have written him a long cheery message with a lot of cute and funny meme's, I will send it to him just before they wheel me in to surgery. I hope it helps keep his spirits high. I think he is more nervous than I am god love him :)

It's within reach, we are almost there. See all you lovely ladies on the flat side!!! :D

I just joined the Flat n Perky Club!! Woo hoo!!

Well what a whirl wind this morning/arvie has been!!! Lol We arrived a admissions at the hospital, as we are paying the hospital bill the doctors office were ringing my mobile wondering how far away we were lol (out 1 hour 15 min trip took over 2 hours with roadworks!! Argh!!). We were rushed to my room, I had the fastest shower in history (with surgical scrub) (I have been using it all week just to make sure all the naturally occurring staph bugs were eliminated)

As one nurse is asking questions filling in paperwork, another is tying up my gown (turns out it was backwards haha) and putting on my compression stockings and leg pumps. Dr Broadhurst was standing at my door!! Nikko, ruler and camera in hand. He took some before photos, ruled and marked up my breasts and belly and took some more photos. Dave managed to take a few pics of the goings on's for me so I could look back on and hopefully make sense of it all lol. Next a few consent forms were signed a quick kiss, for my bestie and big sweetheart Dave and off I was wheeled into theatre.

About 4 hours later I woke in recovery (in my compression garments) in MASSIVE pain. But, within the hour, the lovely ladies looking after me had pumped me full of good drugs and taught me how to use my PCA (pain medication administering unit) about an hour and a half later, back to my room to my honey Dave :D

It is now 1 am on Wednesday morning. My awesome nurse just bought me some sangers and juice. She has been in and out on an hourly basis checking obs, my drip, my PCA, sorting out my 2 drains and helping me on and off the pan. It has been a long day and a bit of an emotional roller coaster. But it is all done!! Yeehee!! And with my starting weight today down to 68kgs the out come should be an awesome!!! :D

Home day :)

Well it looks like I am able to go home this morning!!! :D I got some sleep finally last night, I got my surgeon to write me up for some sleeping tablet. He is also sending me home with some and some endone for the pain. One of the nurses is going to come back and take my last drain out. One came out yesterday because it had slipped out about 15cm so wasn't working anyway. Weirdest feeling ever!! I was like a snake was being pulled from my insides lol. It didn't hurt at all though. I took a couple of photos yesterday I will put up. Just keep in mind I am still very bent forward as I can't straighten up just yet. I am so amazed and thrilled with the outcome!! I know it is only early days yet but everything looks awesome!! :D just waiting for Dave to come up and bring my other garment and Bra. He took them home and hand washed them for me last night after being by my side all day and night. I had to send him home at midnight!! Lol he bought me some gorgeous flowers yesterday and sushi! Luckiest girl I the whole world right here, one with a flat belly and perky boobies!!! Hahaha So stoked!!! :D

Dissapointed :(

Well today is 5 days post op. I had to ring my surgeon yesterday to get more pain killers, he was great and rang through to my chemist for me. I am Feeling slightly more human after a good nights sleep and a shower this morning. Dave washed my hair for me and helped me into my compression garments. I finally had my first bowel movement this morning. Feeling better for that too. I have been taking 3 stool softeners in the morning and the afternoon everyday with nothing happening. So took a couple of laxettes last night which helped it be not painful at all. The pain in my stomach seems to have settled and I am almost able to stand fully upright. So all in all I should be happy. I was until we started taking photos before my shower. I noticed that my belly button is about 1cm off centre. It's not in the middle!! :( Dave said he didn't notice it until I pointed it out and that he doesn't think you can tell. But I notice, I can tell! :( I knew this was a possibility for things to not be perfect. But I can't help but cry. Feeling a little sad :(

Over my cry :)

It's been one week today since my tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery and I am feeling great :) yesterday and today have been really good days. I am only taking pain killers every 8 hours or so which is awesome. And I moving around today almost as if nothing is wrong :) we had to travel 2+ hours back to Gladstone today to get my first dressing change. Things are looking better than I expected underneath the dressings. Apart from a small hematoma under my left breast (which the nurse said my body would just reabsorb on it's own.....phew!) and the slight puckering of my incision (which should flatten out) and still being a little numb on my belly and nipples, everything seems to be going ok. Yay!!! :) I am still a little bummed about my belly button being a bit off centre. But, in the big scheme if things, if everything else is good then like Dave said, unless I am running around with no knickers on lol, no one will really be able to tell it is a little whoopee. I Love how he helps me see the glass of vodka as half full ;) lol he is wonderful. I did also notice looking at photos that one side of my waist is higher than the other too. I am trying to not even think about it, and to just wait until all the swelling has settled and see where we are at. Fingers crossed!! Thank you ladies for your positive comments about my cry about my BB the other day! You are gorgeous and you helped me to feel much better. Big hugs to you xo. All in all, so far, I am so surprised by how easy this has all been since my op 7 days ago and and how truly lucky I have been for it to have been so!! I hope everyone is healing well and having as easy a time too. Happy healing ladies!! :) xo

No one warned me about sneezing!! Lol

OMG sneezing kills!!! :( Dave and I have both managed to come down with a cold so are both kind of miserable. I was starting to feel really good before that. I am getting around fully upright now with very minimal pain. Except at the end of the day, more so if I have over done it like yesterday and the day before. Yesterday I thought because I was feeling good, we could go to the shops and tackle a few jobs. I did alright, but by the time we got home a couple of hours later I was paying. Had to take some endone and climb into my recliner with my heat pack to get me through.

We had to take a half hour trip to gracemere this afternoon to see my GP to get a refill for pain medication for an existing back problem. I haven't seen her since before my surgery 9 days ago. She commented on the difference in my figure already and how good I looked (and I had clothes on! Lol) I had not long had a shower and put all my compression garment and bra back on, today with a singlet top under my garment to see if it made it more comfortable and stopped the zip digging in. Totally did!! I highly recommend it!!! So because I was feeling crap I just showed her the side by side before and after photos and today's photos. She was amazed at the difference! I am noticeably swollen today from the 2 days previous over doing it :(

I was feeling pretty stuffed up in the head and sore by the time we got home. Doped myself up, climbed into my recliner and crashed for 2 hours. I also received some goodies in the mail. My silicone scar management arrived from makemeheal.com I am quite a way off needing it yet but like to be organised. What can I say, maybe a touch of OCD haha. But I am feeling good and healing well :) I Hope everyone else is feeling good too :)

Soooo Glad I didn't get this done in Thailand!!!

It's 2 weeks and 1 day today since my surgery. I am feeling good after my shower. Got to take all my tape off and unveil my new body properly :) My incisions are healing well. I am a bit swollen and finding it a little hard to stand up straight today. I knew I overdid it yesterday out doing odd jobs. But that's ok, you still get the idea. I started using the silicone scar gel that Dr Broardhurst gave me today. I will keep that up until the tube is finished and then apply the silicone sheeting I ordered online. I am still sleeping slightly propped up with a couple of pillows and with a couple under my knees. I was able to lay on my side for a bit last night. It was so nice for both Dave and I that he could finally cuddle in behind me. We are always very affectionate, so no cuddling for the past 2 weeks has been rough. He is still really scared of hurting me putting his arm around me, but once I got his arm where I was comfortable all was great :D

I am really looking forward to getting back into my walking/running. I know I have a ways to go yet but I bought myself a new heart rate monitor watch the other day online. And yesterday came home with a new pair of joggers (keen much! Lol)

My 11 year old daughter is now home with us again. Dave and I thought it best she stay with her Dad and his fiancé while all this was happening. She is a gorgeous soft hearted little soul and would worry terribly seeing me in pain. We are a very open, honest family. And while she knew what was happening with me getting my breasts fixed, we decided we would tell her about my belly being done too after it was done and she was home with us so that she could see I was fine. While I do worry a bit about trying to send her the right message about body image. We have for many years talked about eating right and exercising and the effects if you don't. She understands that I am doing this because of my weight gain when I was not looking after myself ( I haven't said too much about it being from having babies too). And now that I have kept the weight off for over 10 years and she sees me exercising and eating healthily, I don't worry too much about it. She often asked if I am feeling ok, and when I say I am good she smiles evilly and say "awesome I am stealing your recliner" lol little bugger :)
The recliner has been in valuable!! We will all be sad to see it go lol. I hope everyone is feeling good and healing well :) xo

6 weeks post op and feeling AMAZING!!!

It's been 6 weeks and 4 days ago today since my tummy tuck and breast lift op and I couldn't be happier!! :D The confidence I have gained is totally priceless. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!!

4 days ago Dave and I flew to Brisbane for my 6 week check up with my awesome surgeon, Dr Broardhurst. He is happy with how things are healing. I can now wear any bra I like, and only have to wear my tummy compression garment for another few days. I am returning to work Monday. And because I have a fairly physical job I am thinking I may continue to wear it for a little added support until I feel strong enough to go without it. I can now sleep without it on which feels amazing. Was so over the itchiness haha. I have a small dog ear at the end of my incision line under my left breast. It happens because Doc was trying to keep my scar as short as possible. Dr Broardhurst said he will fix that up in my next visit. And I spoke to Dr about the vein on my chest. He didn't remove it during my reduction because it was better to have the blood flow to my breast to help with the healing process. Now that it's all good and healed, he will also take the vein out for me in my next visit as well. I can't stress enough how awesome Dr Broardhurst and his wonderful team are! If you are thinking about getting plastic or cosmetic surgery done. Or are looking for a surgeon. You will seriously not regret going with Enhance Plastic and cosmetic surgery. I can't rave enough about Dr Andrew Broardhurst or how he has changed my life :D

I still don't have full sensation in my nipples and am still slightly numb just above my tummy tuck scar. But feeling is slowly returning so I am optimistic that it will fully return. Now that the swelling has all but gone, my belly button is now closer to the middle, and both sides of my waist are even.......massive sigh of relief!! Lol. Having such a lot done, sure does mess with your emotions!! All I can say is, try and be patient!! I wasn't :( I got upset about things before they had all settled. Thanks to all you lovely ladies for helping pull my head in. Time really does change your end result!!

I was so stoked we had a few hours to kill on the way to the airport from my Dr's appointment. We stopped at the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) and I happened across a Bra shop with all bra's on sale for $20 each!!! Whoo hoo!! :D Needless to say with the Doc just giving me the go ahead to wear underwire again, I was in there like a shot and in heaven!!! I came home with 8 gorgeous Bra's and a few matching bottoms. What an awesome day! To take any (and every!! Lol) bra, into the change room, and for them to all fit perfectly and look great was the best feeling in the world!! :D The biggest drama was having to only choose as many as my bank account would allow lol.

I am so very happy and can't say with more conviction just do it!! You will never look back and feel amazing!! Thanks for all your stories and support ladies, I couldn't have done it without you and this site. Biggest hug xo Mwah!! :D

Dr Andrew Broardhurst and his wonderful team from Enhance Plastic and cosmetic Surgery Brisbane have been brilliant!! From day one they have been more than helpful and have bent over backwards to help get me the result I wanted. I can not recommend Dr Broardhurst highly enough!!! He listened to and addressed all of my and my partners questions and concerns. Made me feel relaxed and informed. Made me feel that I was in good hands. And I was!! He has a top bedside manner, very good at what he does!! Its is only very early days, but loving what I am seeing so far!! So happy!! :)

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