Butt Implants plus vaser high deff Thailand Bangkok. Thailand, TH

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*Treatment results may vary

Scheduled but implants 220cc round under muscle,...

scheduled but implants 220cc round under muscle, vaser lipo on abdomen upperlower and flanks , labiaplasty plus clit hood reduction... naravee asthetic clinic Dr. Ronachai Komthong M.D......was going to get rhinoplasty but i dont think he understands how to do caucasian nose ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................nobody wants to read a long review of how i felt, i know i hated sifting through the emotional dribble to find the facts about the surgery

24 hours after surgery

Actually it's not that bad I vomited a bit because of the meds but I'd rather vomit then have pain also I think I may be slight allergic to something my hole face n hands are swollen the nurses are so caring here only thing that hurt was when I first woke up I was laying on my back n my butt hurt so bad I was still half out of it yelling I need to turn over so eventually they let me

Almost 2 days after

So I have full torso lipo with high deff, labiaplasty with clit hood reduction and butt implant n pain isn't bad at all I got 220cc under the muscle only pain is in my but like an ache n sux cause I can't roll around from my stomach it makes it hurt more I don't feel any pain in my vagina or where they lipoed surgery is much better here then australia I had lipo and labialplasty there before and both sucked bad had no result with the lipo but this time I see instant result and sexy line down my stomach my butt is compressed heaps from the bandage but here r pics

3 days post and I'm getting a blood transfusion

I was meant to go home I got up went to the toilet finally after 3 days no poop lol felt only a lil dizzy but I'm used to feeling dizzy as I always have low iron my arm that had the drip is so swollen and hand but a month ago I was in hospital for swelling like that so mabey a kidney problem? Not sure but I'm getting a blood transfusion scary but I feel good no pain they just want to be safe which is good I guess

tips for geetting surgery in thailand

1.stock your hotel room with 2L or water per day u will be in the hotel recovering, u dont want to rely on the hotel as many cant communicate properly.
2.choose a hotel that u can walk to a seen 11 convenience store ive stayed at nantra retreat and spa and also ramada hotel.
3.stock up on food such as noodles or whatever u can store in the fridge when u recover u wont want to go out for a few days.
4.choose a hotel with free breakfast, this helps alot.
5.bring your own bandaids, i could really use more of them right now for my lipo insicions.
6.bring enough cash for taxix to and from airport and hospital you dont want to have to walk to far to find an exchange while your sore, to naravee clinic from nantra retreat and spa is 100baht
7.bring loose fitting clothes
8.bring your phone or laptop and chargers with u to hotel.
9.bring your phone and charger to the hospital they have free wifi while u recover.
10.bring babywipes because u wont be showering for a while.
11.if your getting butt implants try and get an asile seat on the way back so u can get up and down frequently

getting bandage changed today so more pics later

feel pretty normal now just feels like a little preasure on my bum but there is a tight bandage compressing it ive been eating lots of good food to try and get my blood count up so like meats and carbs vegetables and im staying in my hotel resting and doing regular walks around the room for swelling but so far i see amazing result with no pain at all!


before after

6 days post

When I saw it so many mixed emotions went through my head I'll explain later in still at the clinic


nurse care at naravee asthetic clinic

24/7 care nurses are so caring and go above and beyond for you they bring u food medicine dress u and are so nice they even bought me food from the shop when i didnt feel like hospital food, there like one big family of nurses so happy and good job

Butt implants placed to high

And one is not under the muscle thailand don't no how to do a good but

Fat injections after implant

So I have had 2 rounds of fat injections a year apart I don't reccomend butt implants unless u are going to put fat around them I have seen a lot of butt implants in real life and unless u have a fat ass to begin with u will see you implants especially when u bend over mine are fine now I love

2 years after Vaser

I do work out a bit to though but Vaser high deff is the best I can eat so much put on weight and look like this

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