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Hi wanted to share because through my 2 year 3...

Hi wanted to share because through my 2 year 3 operation ordeal the realself women have helped me so much.

I am a 36 year old 5'7" tall & 132lb. I have had 3 breast surgeries.

Originally I had reasonably full 32c/d breasts with a very slight droop. I wanted perfection & I wish I had known then what I know now & realised that my breasts were beautiful.

I sought out one of the best PSs in the UK wishing to increase my size to a 32e with more upper pole fullness. My BA was 290cc, low profile, over the muscle round textured gel implants that gave me a 32G cup, no cleavage & after 6 months capsular contraction in my right breast.

My PS revised the implants & as they were not giving me any cleavage I asked to go bigger. 2nd op 410ccs, moderate profile, dual plane. They looked awful, just low & fat, no clothes or bras fitted & they hurt so so much the pain after the op was excruciating for nearly 8 weeks. The scars were still hurting 9 months on & there was an odd indentation where the cc scar tissue had been.

So 2 days ago I has my 3rd op with Dr Sanguan of the PIAC Phuket International hospital. I chose Thailand because I currently live in Bali Indonesia & Thailand is close with excellent surgeons. I had a full breast life & downsized my implants to 175cc mentor moderate profile implants.

Ideally I would have explanted altogether but I wanted my surgeon to decide in surgery because he is an absolute expert at breast reconstruction surgeries & I knew his opinion was the one to trust.

I was in pain on the first day post op & was hooked up to a morphine drip for the first 12 hours after that I have had so little pain I can't quite believe it. My first op was painful for 6 weeks & the first few days were agony, the second op was worse still & my breast were still painful 9 months post op! Day 3 after full lift & implant exchange & virtually no pain!

The stitches look incredible - so neat. No bruising or redness or swelling. Just amazing

Day 6 Post Op I finished my courses of meds...

Day 6 Post Op

I finished my courses of meds today, antibiotics, muscle relaxants, pain relief, anti inflammatory & Still no pain!

Ok a little pain but I REALLY mean a little, I spent the whole day out walking around kata town. I did take it easy & checked in with myself often so as to not overdo it, I'm very aware that any cosmetic surgery, is still major surgery & also went to the dentist, which allowed me a little lie down.

My breasts look much the same & I will post a pic I took last night.

I LOVE my new size. What I love most & can't wait to experience again is fashion. With the 410cc low swingers, most clothes & bikinis were a no no & fashion was off limits to me.

After 3 operations I can only conclude that finding the right PS really is so important & difficult. Choosing the surgeon for my first 2 surgeries was my responsibility. I chose the surgeon who was then the chairman of the British association of aesthetic & plastic surgeons. I had watched a documentary where he revised BAs that other surgeons had botched plus he has been teaching plastic surgery for 25 years. And yet my spidey sense should of starting tingling when both my consultations lasted no more than 15 mins! No sizers, no comparison of actual implants just a measurement of my breast width, a quick look at my breasts to tell me i had a little droop & a brief reference to a manufacturers chart stating the 290cc implant was THE one for me. I really believed from all the BAs I've seen in the media that it was a relatively easy procedure & my PS told me one lady managed her pain with a couple of paracetamol! Well I wasn't that lady!. My incisions were on FIRE as were my breasts after surgery, red, swollen, sore for 3 weeks & took 5 weeks to heal. The 2nd operation was UNBELIEVABLE on a pain scale & the pain was awful for 4 solid weeks, didn't heal for 8-12 weeks & the incision sites still hurt 9 months on.

Dr Sanguan was referred to me via a company called lotus medical which was set up by an ex nurse who reviews & views all her surgeons work personally & will only work with a handful of specialists. Understandably though stepping into the unknown i was super scared going in for my 3rd surgery. I sent photographs & had a basic online consultation but it was the morning of the surgery that i had my first in person consultation. My surgeon spent 40 mins measuring EVERY aspect of my breast anatomy, & drawing out everythinincliding where my nipples 'should' sit which turned out to be about an inch further up my breasts than they were last week (before surgery). After all my angst I discussed complete explant & he advised that he would do his absolute best but would like to decide in surgery whether to use a 175cc implant to achieve the best result. I was in surgery for 5 hours! Which I was very pleased about, I think it shows care & attention to detail.

I was assured he is the best surgeon for complex revisions & his care & stitching ability is without comparison! When I saw my breasts on the day after surgery there was no bruising, very little pain & THE neatest, smallest stitches round my nipples. I have virtually no bruising & virtually no pain.

Tomorrow I go for my follow up so I can see everything & will keep posting.

Follow up consult week1 Stitches out today -...

Follow up consult week1

Stitches out today - everything looking beautiful so pleased.

The payment procedure has been fraught with difficulty. Initially I paid a deposit to lotus medical to secure surgery along with their fee.

No problem there; deposit paid, lotus medical fee paid. Quote from the surgeon agreed.

The quote for surgery changed dramatically on the morning of surgery because my procedure changed dramatically & my surgeon provided new quotes for full breast lift with no implant replacement & for full breast lift with implant replacement. They were expensive but I was confident in his skill thanks to the experiences of hundreds of prior surgeries that the lotus medical team could share with me & we proceeded surgery.

However when I came to pay the balance at my follow up consultation the whole process got a little weird. The prices quoted were exclusive not inclusive of my deposit which was never stated or written or explained, so at the very last minute I am presented with a fee of $280 & when i questioned this a rather officicious lady appeared to tell me in no uncertain terms that the surgeon had no right to give me a quote & i was lucky she had decided to honour it, and furthermore between my initial inquiry & my surgey the prices had increased & i was lucky to be paying what i did. That the quote excluded the deposit & that was that.

But I had never been quoted for breast lift & implant before the morning of surgery & the cost on the PIAC website for lift & implant is approximately $7100. The need for the lift was decided on the morning of the surgery, she then repeated that the surgeon had no right to quote any prices & that I was lucky she had chosen to honour his quote ($8200). It made no sense. I know a lift with revision & replacement implant is more complex, but $8200 doesn't seem like it warrants 'counting myself lucky'

Plus everyone started to get a bit pissed off with me because I still didn't understand why the deposit wasn't included in the surgical quote, but I was getting nowhere & the attitude was pay up, shut up & count yourself lucky. Not the nicest way to finish my experience.

My surgery is very very impressive but my payment is equally impressive so more clarity & less attitude would be appreciated PIAC. Especially as this is the hospital that put my credit card through for payment four times telling me it hadn't worked an hour before my surgery (stressed much?!). When I called my issuer to find out what had happened the payment had been processed the first time & had the funds been available it would have been processed all four times & I would have paid $20,000.

Day 19 post op Soooooo still looking great it...

Day 19 post op

Soooooo still looking great it have a little worry developing when I am moving about I have quite a lively implant that I can move with my pec muscle I thought this had been resolved with partial unders to overs but obviously not. I will have to ask my surgeon as well as the docs on here.

I pray it will be ok

25 April 2013 4 Weeks Post Op I've been a bit...

25 April 2013 4 Weeks Post Op

I've been a bit crazed recently as I am still in Thailand, after all my crazy dramas last time I decided to stay for a full 3 weeks. And I have come to visit a friend & see the sights if Bangkok so it's been a bit difficult to update. Big cities are exhausting. I am careful with my boobies & getting a tuk tuk across town on the first night was a mistake! I had to hold onto my boobs for dear life, but I managed & I didn't hurt. I have been squashed in the sky train, shopped til I dropped & walked for miles & yes my I feel tender like I have walked into a door & have a bruise that is healing, but I have no problems lying in my sides or sleeping on my sides no pain, just a little tenderness & a protective awareness that though I feel fine I'm only 4 weeks out of major reconstruction. Bearing in mind in takes 6 - 7 days to heal a superficial cut.

When I travelled from phuket to Bangkok that day was a bit daunting & I had to carry & collect luggage. Only a little but still it was scary. I also had to pull the curtains using a very stiff old fashioned pulley system & I could feel my pec muscles fire. It didn't hurt but I didn't like it & it worried me I might have done damage to the freshly knitting together fibres, but the next day there wasn't any increase in pain or any significant difference that would cause alarm.

Also I forgot to post about my final consultation because I was a bit worried that right implant still seemed to be pulled my the pec muscle. I asked the super helpful lotus medical guy to arrange another appointment (he was great) & when my nurse & surgeon saw my boobs they were SO impressed it was a look that they both gave my breasts individually that was priceless to me & I also agree I think they look fantastic. The Dr reassured me that all boobs move a little under the influence of the pectoral muscle & it was nothing to worry about. I was happy I went in & asked & he examined me again to check for fluid collection & he was really thorough, pleased & pleasant, all in all a fabulous outcome.

I also read on real self that because of the previous surgeries & the dual plane positioning that this movement is sometimes just how it is! And I can live with that. It definitely seems to be getting better as the muscle heals. This time I can live with not quite perfect because they look great, I am healthy & I can wear beautiful clothes again.

One of the most fabulous days was spent trying on clothes something that I simply had to give up on because so few dresses & tops looked good. I dressed carefully & live by the beach so it was easier to hide my lack of fashion but I knew & it killed me. My self esteem was so low. I was embarrassed of myself & would cry off going out feeling I looked scruffy & overweight!

Not anymore

3 months later

14 months since op

Scars fading. Love my boobs now

Seem to be bigger

So it's 3 years & a bit since my op & I've put on weight that I can't seem to shift, and my breasts ache like they do when they are hormonal that pre period ache, they're heavy and I'm ready to Explant altogether but I'm still looking for a specialist in the uk as I have relocated to live in the uk

Finally Free

Did it! after 5 years of looking frumpy in clothes the fake ones have gone. Images from 4 hours post op & thanks to Dr McDiarmid of Cheltenham I'm looking great 4 hours post op, no need for casulectomy in my & the surgeons opinion. Thanks to all the women who have posted on real self I know that once I've fluffed I'm going to love my boobies to bits, I think they already look great.

5 years
3 sets of implants
370cc ish
175cc & mastopexy

No more messing or dressing funny????????????
Dr Sanguan

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