Unsupportive Husband for July 11th TT - Texas

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I am 44 years old and mother to five children....

I am 44 years old and mother to five children. Four have been by c-section and during all pregnancies I was gestationally diabetic with at least 50 lbs weight gain each time. My youngest (& last) child will be 3 soon. I have lost 25 lbs since her birth (back to my pre-birth weight of 155). I am about 5'5". Although I look great for having five children, I have the most horrible stretch marks and sagging skin on my abdomen. I have finally decided to do something for me knowing that this was my last child. However, my husband is completely unsupportive and doesn't want to hear the particulars and has said he will not help me. (This isn't far off what it was like after 4 c-sections either) After my second child was born (& my first c-section), I flew home with a 2-wk old newborn and an 18-month-old. I think I can handle this. :)

Fortunately, my oldest child is 21 and able to drive me to/from my surgery and help with the little one during my recovery. I have told work I will be off 2 weeks to have surgery, but I have not told them what kind of surgery. I am interested to hear any suggestions from anyone or tips you can give me as well as encouragement. I have not done this irrationally. I have consulted with this doctor 3 times over the years and gave myself a year to save the money and think about it. I feel I am ready for this step and look forward to getting my body back and looking the way I did before children. Thanks.

I will add photos later.
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