Lipo with Fat Transfer to Buttocks. Sugar Land, TX

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Tired, so tired of being a box. With my pretty...

Tired, so tired of being a box. With my pretty face, I need curves! !!!!! But I still feel Boxy with A flat buttocks after the procedure . Please don't tell me I spent all of this cash in vain. Thoughts? ?? Oh, and I am thoroughly concerned about that roll that is still present on my back!!!

**Physician stated that he injected about 810 CC's per buttocks. I'm like, "In my azz or hers, because I don't see it"!!!!!

I am about a week post op and I'm still in my Garment 24/7. Still experiencing a lot of pain at the lipo sites like my back and sides. It feels like they're on fire. I'm so ready to get back into the gym!

My poor little butt

Here's 16 days post op. I can see the changes from the surgery but I still want a bigger butt. I've been told that I need to still wait for the swelling to subside and watch for weight loss in my abdomen area which should make my butt appear even bigger. So now I am going to work on losing a good amount of weight which I need to do anyway and reevaluate. I am open to having the surgery redone and 6 months if I am still not pleased. Girrrr, this is stressful. I just want to be fine as wine and still eat cake!!! : )

about 3 months later

Well, I am almost going to hit the 3 month mark. I am pleased with my results. I am going to try for more lipo with Dr, Chang but I don't think I want my butt any bigger. Have to keep it classy ; )

about 3 months

I think I look great! Still want a tad bit more lipo...seeking a new physician after Dr. Changs office was imperative that I gave positive feedback on multiple websites BEFORE they would quote me for the 2nd procedure. After all of that, I felt that it was not even a discount! Great business move, however. Too bad because I really like Dr. Chang, a lot...
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