A Bit Doubtful Yet Hopeful - Texas, TX

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I start in a 40 mg dose on Monday. I have been...

I start in a 40 mg dose on Monday. I have been suffering with severe acne since u was 10. Yes 10,fifth grade. It's been a nightmare. I'm 32 now and just want it to be over already.

Doubtful because nothing has ever cleared my skin completely. Hopeful because like I said, I just want it gone now.!!!! And also because of the great reviews I've sen/heard.

P.S. I never hear anyone say that's It's cleared acne on the chest or back. Does anyone know if it dies?

Week two i didn't have much to report. it is the...

week two i didn't have much to report. it is the end of week three.It 's going by really quickly. I just started having a problem with the dry,tight ,and peeling skin. Still, no major breakouts though so thats great. Oh i more thing my face has been getting really irratated after applying lotion. Wondering is i should try something else.

It's been a few weeks since i've had a chance to...

it's been a few weeks since i've had a chance to update.I am not eve sure the exact week i'm on but i'm in month two and my skin looks AMAZING!!! I've been waiting on the major breakout i keep hearing i'll experience at some point during treatment. waiting but not looking forward to. My doctor was suppose to increase my dosage for month two however there was a problem with my blood work. I am really trying to upload pictures because i really want everyone to see how well my skin is reacting. maybe i just can't upload from my phone.
Thanks for reading if you have!!


Hi there everyone!!
I am still not having any unpleasent side effects.(knock on wood) My progress has been tremendous. Let;s see if i can upload a few pics here today.

my photos

I am on month 3 not sure what week exactly though. All of these pictures are within mid month 1 and today. i am trying to upload before treatment pics so you all can reall see the improvements. Because when i first took these ,believe it or not, my skin had already cleared a great deal.

treatment update

i actually have a funny story: the other day when i was washing my face i could feel a one or two pimples and freaked out.i mean they couldn't even be seen and here i was praying that they did not surface, crazy right? well i have had to endure such awful breakouts for whar has felt like my entire life it's not something i hope to experience again.. She actually lower my dosage back to 40mg a day because my skin has cleared up so well and so quickly. i haven't wore any makeup other than eye liner/shadow or lipstick since beginning my treatment and my friends and family are always asking what type of makeup i'm wearing. I just wanted to give my skin a break and it just looks so healthy and glowy now. I began my treatment with 40 mg second month two 40 a day and now back at 40 mg I thought i was on my fourth month already. I can't wait to be done yet i'm afraid to stop taking them. side effects: i still haven't really had any major problems(fingers crossed).my skin get a little dry but not like skin peeling,i need lotion NOW dry. just barely noticeable to me and not at all to others.The last few days my eyes have been bothering me a bit. bUt otherwise all is well. Thanks for reading my story!!! going to try to upload befor pics again.

mid 3 mon pics


Hi all! After 6 months of treatment My skin is really clear. I have been done since Sept.6 and shortly after stopping I noticed some deep wrinkles on my chin. I thought maybe it was just due to my skin being so dry. However, they are still there and very noticeable especially when I smile. I will going in to see my doctor in march to talk about some sort of scar treatment.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem after Accutane and if so was there anything that helped?
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