37 Yr Old Kybella Treatment - Texas, TX

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I had Kybella done on Feb 24th, 2016. I want...

I had Kybella done on Feb 24th, 2016. I want people to understand the side effects of Kybella. This is NOT a quick fix nor is it a completely noninvasive way to remove double chin. By reading reviews and thinking I was only going to be swollen for a few days I was quite surprised by the actual side effects. You will initially look worse after the first treatment than you did before the treatment. Be prepared to stay home for awhile or try to hide you chin area. Initially after the first treatment I was VERY swollen for at least a week, bruised for three weeks. And at 4 weeks out there is no change (maybe even bigger double chin than before) in my double chin at all from before and I still have a pocket of loose skin under my chin along with numbness. This is an expensive treatment and I just want people to understand that the recovery from this treatment is very similar to surgery recovery. I am not saying that this treatment doesn't work and I understand that I will need more treatments to get the full effect but I am most certainly not looking forward to putting myself through this again.

4 weeks post second treatment

This is 4 weeks post second treatment and still no improvement, I still believe it's worse than before I started treatment. This is very frustrating considering the cost.

10 wks post op second treatment

This is 10 wks post op second procedure and I still look worse than before I started Kybella. I am very disappointed. My suggestion to you is to save your money, and do your research! I am left with $1800 less in my wallet and looking worse. See pictures for yourself.
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