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It's reality amazing that I've seen so many...

It's reality amazing that I've seen so many reviews that state exactly how I feel and think about rhinoplasty. I have wanted to fix my nose since I can remember. I feel the tip of my nose it's rather wide, long nostrils, and I have a small bump as well. I recently have had terrible sinus problems and actually notice that my tip around my nostrils are not symmetrical. How odd, I wonder if this has came about with the sinus issues or always been there. I have narrowed sinus openings with plenty if inflammation to go around. This causes daily pressure and pain in my face with feeling of always being congested. My turbinates are enlarged as well. The hardest part was telling my husband I wanted to consider rhinoplasty. I was anxious, and felt like I was telling my deepest most horrible secret and didn't even like admitting that I disliked my nose to him. It's something I have tried to not focus on and just accept its how it is. He was not happy and said I was a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10 and why fix something already wonderful. That discussion wasnt pretty but I had to be honest and see his side. I then told my daughter. She didn't think I was selfish or being unreasonable. She totally understood where I was coming from and said I should do it, if it was something I wanted that badly. Such a big relief. So I then set up a consult with Dr. Ivan Wayne in November. I chose him because of his outstanding reviews, before and after pictures, and also he is an ENT as well. One stop shopping :) So I've heard of people taking pictures of what they would like their outcome to be, is this acceptable, a good idea to do? Any advice about healing would also be so appreciated. (Some before pictures also)

Another pic

Got moved up to have my consult today.

I got called this morning and asked if I could come in today instead of next month for my consult. I was totally psyched to get to have my consult early. Plus I had a really rough day yesterday, this totally made up for it!!! So Dr. Wayne assessed my nose inside and out. Come to find out I have a deviated septum. This explains a lot of the sinus problems I have been having. The daily pressure is pretty intense and painful. I also get pressure behind my eyes and sometimes this even causes my vision to become impaired. He asked if I was having these symptoms which I found impressive, because that's exactly the symptoms I had been having. So we discussed correcting that and making my nose cuter too lol. He felt that correcting the deviated septum would alleviate the pressure and most likely I wouldn't need sinus surgery which was wonderful to hear! So then came the cosmetic portion and I told him what I didn't like about my nose and what I wanted as an outcome. I would like to see less nostril...ugghh hate having caves for nostrils. He agreed that my nostrils dominated my nose. I also would like to see the base of my nose not be so wide. Last remove the small bump on the bridge of my nose. I appreciated how honest Dr. Wayne was. I found him to be exceptionally easy to talk to. He then showed me morphed pictures of what my results could look like. The results were a great improvement but natural. He said he goes for natural looking results and that no one could tell any surgery was ever done. I really like that you still look like yourself just an improved version! I plan to book my surgery within a few weeks.

Surgery has been scheduled

I called and scheduled with Dr. Wayne's office today. I tried to get a date before the end of the year but there wasn't any open dates available. I asked to be put on the cancellation list in case something comes open. I went with March 17th which is a Thursday so I wouldn't have to miss as much work. I'd have the entire weekend to recover, but would still need a week to recover. The staff at Dr. Wayne's officer so patient and helpful. Now to just sit and wait.

Most despised angle for pictures

From this angle I feel the tip of my nose is wide and if course makes my nostrils look rather large. So that's what I'd look like with no hair! I also put my deposit down for surgery too, it seriously just got real! My husband still isn't totally on-board but he is supporting my decision. I totally respect where he's coming from. I hope he comes to my pre op appointment because it might make him feel better about everything. At that appointment we will go over the game plan again and look at the morph images again, make sure everything is still agreed upon.

Swelling and bruising

I notice this is very common after surgery. Is there anything that really helps reduce this? What make up/concealer work the best to cover bruising? Thank you in advance!

Surgery date moved up!

I got notified today that there is an opening to have my surgery done sooner, like next month sooner. I just became nervous for sure. I am so excited to get this done this year.

Pre-op appointment

Went for my pre-op appointment today. I was given pre-op and post-op care instructions and supplies. I was given Arnica with my supplies. I was going to ask if I should take this but that answered that question. We went over my morph pictures again. I really really am excited with them. I feel that they are totally realistic and my results will be close to what I was shown. It's really crazy how quickly this went from thinking about having this done to being a few weeks away from having the procedure. I'm so impressed with Dr. Wayne. He is one of the most patient and kindest physicians I have dealt with. I really can't brag on him and his staff enough.

It's the final countdown!

Heard that song last night seems so fitting right now. Was contacted by Ok Surgicare yesterday afternoon, where my surgery will take place, and was told my part I was responsible for and what insurance will be covering. Insurance is covering the medical portion, main issue is to have a bone spur removed and hopefully get relief. All my scripts were dropped off but Phenergan gel could not be filled due to being a compound. The pharmacy sent it to be filled nearby. Got my Bruisestick in the mail, the shipping was super fast on that. I couldn't find this in any local stores and wanted to have it in hand. I think between the Arnica pills, Bruisestick (Arnica stick), and pineapple I might not bruise/swell as bad. Speaking of bruising....I saw a very cool tutorial on covering bruises with concealer and lipstick. I thought that's so weird I have to watch this. It worked like magic! I found this concealer palette made by NYX at Ulta for about $10. Can't say how well it works I don't use concealer much.

Surgery in less than 24 hours!

It has gotten here very quick, can't believe tomorrow is the day! I feel anxious, nervous, and excited. Ready to get it done. Work has been so busy which has helped me not obsess about it. Wish me luck or if you pray please send one my way!

Surgery was a Success

I went in for surgery at 5:45 am CST and I got checked in pretty quick. The lady in the front was very sweet. I payed three different ways so I was not making it easy on her lol. I got right back after paying. By the way if anyone is planning on using Surgicare the anesthesiology fee is separate, you pay this by itself. The nurses were so very nice and made me feel comfortable. I was nervous but trying to play it off, I think for my husband, don't need both of us freaking out. The nurse going over paperwork talked about blood clots and what to do to avoid them...move around. She also said she would call to check on me tomorrow. Another nurse started my IV and got it on the first try. Little things make me happy :) The anesthesiologist spoke to me and went over a few things, and was very pleasant. He remembered me from when I had my BA done last year. Dr. Wayne came in after he was done and we went over the game plan. He is just as pleasant in the early morning hours! He's so consistently nice. Everything we talked about matched up in my pre-op which really put me at ease. The nurse came and got me to take me back when they we're ready for me. I think I May have been awake for 5 more minutes? I remember being told I was going to have some medicine to help me relax and then being awake for another minute or so and then I was waking up in recovery. I was not in any real pain when I woke up just couldn't breath through my nose. I luckily got packing. This comes out tomorrow though! Cartilage was take from my ear and this is not painful yet, I haven't even noticed it. The worst part is I can't breath through my nose at all. I had to eat applesauce to take a pain pill before leaving. Let me tell you this was interesting! I had to take a breath and hold it when I took a bite or a drink. So over all everything wet excellent, there is some discomfort and pain but it's not excruciating with the pain meds. Trying to sleep tonight should be fun lol. I have a pillow to help keep me propped up along with the neck pillow. I did sneak a peak at my nostrils and base of my nose and it's a definite improvement! The bruising is really mild right now but we will see what tomorrow looks like. Feeling super positive!


Today has been better than last night. I slept on and off all night but would wake myself up snoring, like I sounded like I was sawing down a forest. I had so much drainage in my throat and had trouble swallowing anything. It was horrible and I was counting down the time until I could get this packing out. At 11:30 I got to have it taken out. So it is very weird feeling but felt so much better when it was removed, I swear she pulled 2 feet of this out of my nose, it just kept coming! I could breath through my nose just felt little congested, relief! Today I have more bruising and little more swelling under my eyes. I was told today that bandages and stitches in my ear stay there until my post-op appointment next Tuesday.


Today has been so much better than yesterday. I look rougher I think but feel better. I'm getting up and around but not over doing it. The swelling has settled into the right side of my face in the lower cheek area. The tip of my nose looks swollen too. The bruising is about the same not much worse. I am still congested but have been flushing my nose with the saline rinse I was given. The congestion has made it a big challenge to eat and sleep. When I woke up this morning my mouth was so dry from breathing through my mouth all night. I've been using dry mouth spray and it really seems to help. I am still ever so grateful to have the packing out and be done with that. I took a bath and had my hair washed and that made a world of difference! My husband washed my hair so I wouldn't get my cast wet. He has been amazing, don't know what I'd do without him! He's been so supportive even though he wasn't thrilled with me doing this surgery.


Yesterday and today are about the same. I am still swollen and I have developed a rash on my face I believe from the tape or steri-strips. My face was itching pretty good yesterday from it. Anyone else had this happen? I have had a reaction from plastic tape but never steri-strips.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I got my cast off Tuesday and my nose was so swollen and I had a nasty rash or dermatitis. My doctor said it could of been from the tape, glue to hold the cast in place, or both! I have only had one other issue with tape but nothing like this. Here it is POD 8 and my nose is still swollen but looking pretty good still, I really love how it's looking can't wait until it's less swollen. My nostrils are smaller and the tip of my nose is more narrow. My eat has healed up nicely from the graft. The rash is clearing up nicely, still little itchy. I was given Desonide and it has worked wonderfully. I'm posting pics of when the rash looked angry and pics from today.

2 week update

Today is 2 weeks since my procedure. My nose is looking great! The allergic reaction I had to the adhesives have cleared up, I still have some discoloration on my nose. I have some uneven swelling but not bad. I feel that my nose fits me perfectly. Dr. Wayne is amazing. My procedure has given me relief from the facial pain and headaches I was having daily. I couldn't be happier with my results.

3 week update

It's been 3 weeks and it has went by so fast. Time seemed to go by so slowly waiting to have my surgery. Now it goes by so fast. Everything is going really great. I have some congestion and some swelling still. I am still really loving my results. Everyday it looks better.

One month and some change

I missed my one month update some days ago. Everything is going well and looking prett good. I still have the swelling and my nostrils look a little uneven from that and they were uneven to begin with. I am so so so pleased with my results and love love love my nose. I look in the mirror at it a lot and think wow! Look at my cute nose! Thinking that is such a big deal, that's one thing I could never say. I looked back at my before pics and realize how big of an improvement it is! I still have congestion but rarely any headaches which is wonderful. I am so very glad I went to my consult and through the surgery with Dr. Wayne. I can't wait to see everything after a year.

2 months PO

I am now 2 months post op and so glad I took a chance on getting my surgery. I read a lot of people only have the regret of waiting so long, I totally feel that way! I have some congestion still but it's not too bad. I don't have near as many headaches as I did prior to the surgery. I had a follow up appointment recently and that went well. I had mentioned to Dr. Wayne I felt the tip of my nose was leaning to the right a little. I notice it in my nostrils. So I have been tapping the tip at night, he said this should help. He had also mentioned that I didn't appear to have much swelling, only really inside my nose. I still really love how my nose and nostrils looks! I am posting a before and after front view to show what a difference it is.

4 months

It's now 4 months since my surgery. I am pretty well back to normal, normal for me that is :). I am still very happy with my results and can tell a big difference with my sinuses. With it being spring now, I would have already had a sinus infection or several by now. I haven't as of right now. I don't think I have much swelling now. I don't think my nose will change much more. The tip of my nose is still stiff and kind of hard. I can now touch my nose without it being tender. I have been taping the tip of my nose for the last few months because my nostrils were slanting to one side. This has really helped! I don't notice it now. I think my nose is a target though, since my surgery I have had more bumps to the nose than before. One of my dogs headbutted me and that was the worst one. All was well, nothing broken. I have attached a few recent pictures.

More than a year later

It's been more than a year since my surgery and I've not updated in a while. I couldn't be happier with my results. You can see from my driver license what a huge difference it made, please excuse the lightening I'm not really orange it just made me look like an oompa loompa. I've not had as many issues with my sinuses since the surgery either. I'm all around super happy with my results and don't even think about my nose like I did pre surgery. It really did help with so much (breathing and self confidence) If you are contemplating going through this surgery have realistic expectations and find a reputable doctor.
Oklahoma City Facial Plastic Surgeon

The staff and Dr. Wayne have been amazing from the very beginning and have been consistently great with every visit. Dr. Wayne is the kindest and most intelligent physician I have ever been to. He never makes you feel rushed. I couldn't imagine going through this procedure with another physician. He is a true artist! My nose looks great, couldn't be happier.

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