Terrible, very scary, poorly done surgery

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Nightmare. I had my lapband surgery in 2013. I was disappointed from the start. I had asked for a single belly button incision. I was told that was fine- my BMI was low enough going in that I couldn't get approved to have the surgery in the US, and most of my weight is concentrated in my thighs, not stomach. But they just forgot to do it! I knew when I mentioned it after waking up, and had the normal five incisions, the doctor's eyes widened- he'd clearly forgotten the whole thing. I also hated that I was pressured into other procedures when I arrived. The consultant commented that one of my teeth was discolored- I hadn't even noticed. So terrible that medical health professionals make you feel even worse about yourself. They also encouraged me to change from lapband to gastric sleeve, with no ability for me to research or talk about it in depth, I'm sure because that way they didn't have to split the cost with the maker of the lapband equipment- it's a surgery that gives them a lot more profit. I was barely able to keep down even water after the surgery- and vomited at every meal. This required painful, costly revision surgeries, and could have been discovered before I left Mexico if the doctor had bothered to do any imaging or aftercare. Other than some spam emails every several months, there has been 0 attempt at follow-up care.

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