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I just joined this a few minutes ago.... Just a...

I just joined this a few minutes ago....
Just a little background on me. My nickname is Grace, thanks to my wonderful husband of almost 7 years who claims I trip over air lol.
I have wanted a breast augmentation for 15 years now, I was very disappointed growing up because nature did not gift me with much of a bust. I am currently a B, I would love to be a D or a DD! Finally it looks like my wait might be over! I have taken the plunge and made a consultation for this Wednesday. I am very excited and nervous at the same time! I have driven my self crazy surfing the net for what I want, what I don't want, and what scares the crap out of me.....
I think I may have over researched a few things lol.
Any suggestions, words of wisdom, and support from you girls out there would be greatly appreciated!

So I had my consultation was not at...

So I had my consultation was not at all what I expected.
This is something that I have wanted since I was 17, I just managed to get over feeling guilty for even considering spending such an amount on myself instead of my children or my husband.(who is amazing an supportive, plus he gave me the push to enjoy getting something i have always wanted)
I will not give the name of the Dr I saw today, but I will say that i will not go back. He was an older Dr who is very set in his ways, he has been doing cosmetic surgeries for 40+ years or so his out of date web site says. He started by being very informative, and giving details as to what all he did, breast augmentations being the least, about 20 or less a year. When he examined me he said I had too much tissue to do the peri-areolar, he would have to do the infra-mammary incision..(which I do not want) when asked about the axillary he stated that it was not a preference of his. He had stopped doing this a while back.
Then came the "fun" part of trying the different sized implants on. I did have a great time doing this until the Dr came back in. "let me guess you have in the 500 cc right?" My reply to this was yes I do, I can get the 450 look clothed with a great Victoria secret push up bra, I want this look naked. Well wouldn't you know it..... he says "I'm sorry i cant put that size in you. My patients tell me to use my best judgement during the operation, I tell them that i only go as big as I feel necessary. Well what the hell why did I even try on these things if I have to be told what size I can have and where it goes in??? By this time I had enough to be extremely irritated but I tried to hide it. I went on to see photos of his work. At this point I was thinking I am not going through with this, at least not here. I know that there are risks and complications to every thing, and that all cosmetic surgeries cant turn out perfect but I saw more uneven, lopsided, and gaped breasted photos then I had during my whole search on the web. He stated that if your breasts are crooked before then they will be crooked after, that's just the way it was.
I informed him that I had done research for a long time and I knew what I would like to have and what I didn't want. I wanted to be a D or a bit bigger, and i did not want the scar under my breast, and the whole cutting around the nipple sent a chill down my spine. He then decided to listen for the first time in an hour, he re examined me and said that he could go ahead and do the under arm incision, but the over all size would be determined by him in the operating room. I do understand that the exact size desried may not be possible but I do feel like it should be a choice of mine as to what size I get, if I wanted small I wouldnt be talking to a cosmetic surgeon.
Maybe I had an over reaction? I don't know....I left without scheduling anything. I want someone who will take into consideration what I want before telling me what has/needs to be done. After all it is my money and my body.

I have made another consultation, I was lucky to get into a cancelled opening at a different office for tomorrow. I am hoping for a better outcome from this one.

After yet another disappointing consultation,...

After yet another disappointing consultation, which was just awful! I called and asked questions before I scheduled it, I even spoke to the Dr himself on the phone which was surprising. I made the app. Drove 2.5 hours to get there only to be told that he only goes up to a certain size, does one certain incision, and only places the implant above the muscle..... Not the answers I received on the phone...
He spent 10 minutes trying to talk me out of the procedure. Then tells me that the front desk has the pricing info and scheduling info if I was interested in proceeding, then walks out. Wow did I really drive all this way for a 20 minute consult? I didn't even get undressed, play dress up with the implants, or get to show my wish pics.
What rotten luck. 2 consults gone bad.

After that I can say I was seriously about to give up, but I thought what the heck third times a charm right, so after much more research I found a highly recommended Dr who happens to be closer, I have another consultation for this Monday.

So in a few hours I will be getting my third...

So in a few hours I will be getting my third consultation. I'm a ball of nerves considering my previous two were duds. I'm excited about this Dr and his staff, he has great pt reviews.... So we will see how this one turns out!

After two botched attempts at consultations I...

After two botched attempts at consultations I found a great PS! My consult with Dr Bharti was amazing, he and his staff were very patient with me and my questions and concerns, he measured and took before photos, which is something that the previous two Drs did not do, me and my husband were both treated with respect.
I called back afterward to schedule, and was told to go ahead and get a base line mammogram which has been a bit difficult to get, but that was taken care of by a quick call back to his office!
So if all goes well I will have "the girls" by march.
His office is currently running a winter special, he is offering the cohesive silicone at the price that most PS are charging for saline!
Before I left we decided to go ahead and go for the silicone, maybe 400 +.

The only problem is this awful quilt I feel over spending so much on myself, I keep thinking about my two children with their new braces, the LASIK eye surgery that my husband wants, and my sick mother..... This quilt is very overwhelming to me... I think I have just about talked myself out of it because I have always put my family and their needs/wants ahead of mine. I'm at a lose here...... Any of you out there experience this?????? Grrrrr help....

I am happy to say that the 3rd time was a charm! I...

I am happy to say that the 3rd time was a charm! I have a base line mammogram scheduled for this Friday. My pre-op appointment is on March 6th, and my surgery is on March 21st! I know that I have opted for the silicone implant, the price was too good to pass up! Now I just have to decide on a size.......

So it seems a bit more real and a lot OMG! I am...

So it seems a bit more real and a lot OMG!
I am still feeling guilty about spending so much on myself, but happy at the same time that this is finally going to happen for me! I go for my baseline mammogram tomorrow. (Any one else have to do this?)
I have never had one done, I was nervous about it then though how silly, afraid of a machine that's going to squish them when in 20 days your going to have surgery.... Lol

I just had my first mammogram, it wasn't as bad as...

I just had my first mammogram, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, just a bit uncomfortable.

Ok now to prepare! I have my pre-op on the 6th!!!!!
Made arrangement for the kiddos already. (Surgery on a Thursday kiddos coming home on Monday) Thinking of new pillows because a recliner just won't fit it the living room. I have a huge sectional with lots of pillows, figured I'd spent some recovery time on.
I would like to freeze a few dinners, anyone out there have good ideas or recipes????

Tomorrow is another milestone in the journey to...

Tomorrow is another milestone in the journey to boobville lol! I have my pre-op and right after going to the surgery center to meet with the anastesiaologist. Shew talk about being nervous! Questions running through my head.....
It's seeming more real everyday!

I had my pre-op today!!! I am now paid in full and...

I had my pre-op today!!! I am now paid in full and 15 days away from surgery! It was a very relaxing visit, my PS pretty much answered every question I had written down before I could ask!
He suggested a 350-450 cc mentor silicone moderate plus profile. He says he would be using sizers in the OR to see what the best fit will be.
We decided that it would be no less than 400!
All in all it was a great visit! I did have a hard time swiping the card though, smh bittersweet.

Wow it seems like time has flew by since the date...

Wow it seems like time has flew by since the date was set. I'm a mixture of emotions right now ranging from excitement to terrified.
It's hard to believe that I have wanted this for such a long time and its happening!!!'

Well I'm am officially on the other side! I made...

Well I'm am officially on the other side! I made it to boobville! It wasn't as bad as I thought. I made it to the surgical center early, got checked in. Dave got a tracking number so he knew what was going in with me at all times. I went back got marked up and chatted with all the nurses, the dr, and the anastesiaologist. They started the IV, gave me something to relax, wheeled me to the OR. The next thing I know I am waking up! The pain was awful, but quickly taken care of. I did have the shakes but no nausea.
The Dr came on to see me before I was released, he unwrapped me rechecked everything and wrapped me back up.
The pain was bad on the way home, I felt every bump..... Got home took meds and tried to nap but couldn't.
Might now since I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.
Thank you all for the well wishes!
Will update again soon and add pics:)
Love to all!

Dr himself just called to check on me!

Let me start by saying I am so very happy with...

Let me start by saying I am so very happy with them! From what I got to see yesterday they already look good!
I find it difficult to sleep. It might be because I have been a tummy/side sleeper all my life....
I have a difficult time getting up off the furniture, I need a boost from Dave often lol. When I do get up I feel pressure. It's not unbearable just pesky. I have been trying to stay ahead of the pain with my meds, so far so good! The pain us not as bad this morning as it was yesterday.
Dave luvs em already!
I'm going to get the kiddos off to school and lay down for a while I was up off and on all night, my body feels sleepy but the mind is having none of it lol.

Feeling a lot better, the pain has went down...

Feeling a lot better, the pain has went down considerably! I still have this tightness/pressure feeling when I first attempt to get out of bed or off of the couch. I'm having a bit of itching under the tape...
I'm still walking in slow motion but I feel like I am moving more often and for longer periods.
I like what I see when we unwrap to check on things! Iv got a few more days to go before I can change over to a sports bra! I can't wait lol.
Arnica gel is wonderful! I was worried about bruising since I tend to bruise real easy, but it looks like the only place I have bruised is the incision site.
All of you girls were right! The guilt over the money went away! I'm so happy that I was treated to this! It was money well spent!

Feeling better as time goes on. Still feeling the...

Feeling better as time goes on. Still feeling the tightness and pulling when I get off the bed or couch. I slept better last night then I have been.
I'm not as sore as I have been. My right breast is more bruised then the left. It seems to hurt a little more when I move around. Starting to feel more like myself. Still relaxing and enjoying being pampered by Dave, who had been wonderful!
I have my follow up tomorrow!

I hope all my booby buddy's are doing great as well!

Itchy incisions??? Mine have been tickling/itching...

Itchy incisions??? Mine have been tickling/itching off an on all day.... I can't really do anything about it considering every inch on the underside of me breasts are covered in a white tape...

Still having a little trouble sleeping. I can't...

Still having a little trouble sleeping. I can't seem to stay asleep more then a few hours of time.
I understand "morning boob" now... Ouch. I took a muscle relaxer, and laid back down for a while (its 5am).
I have my post-op app later. I'll update everyone then.
Luv to all

Excited! I was hoping to get this awful white...

I was hoping to get this awful white spongey tape off and I did, only to have more put on :( but once this comes off no more of the white goes back on. Just the 1 inch paper tape over the stitches. ( I had a little reaction to the other tape )
Dr said things are looking great, I can shower and resume light activities. Rub but not massage just yet. Wear a sports bra pretty much all the time for the next 3 weeks.
The reason my right breast hurts worse then the left is because he re enforced the crease.

I feel great! I slept pretty good last night! I...

I feel great! I slept pretty good last night! I did wake up around 5 with "morning boob".... That's pretty painful. My energy levels are still low but getting better.
My right breast is still pretty tender and sore but it's nothing a Tylenol can't take care of!
They are still high and tight but I can tell they are a bit softer then they were.
I'm so happy that I did this! And that i had support from my wonderful husband!

I would recommend my PS to everyone! I am so happy with him & his staff! There's not been a day since my surgery that either him or the head nurse hasn't called to check on me!

I feel great! I love the way they look now. I...

I feel great! I love the way they look now. I can't wait till they D&F! Trying in clothes is so much fun :)
I have not had the after surgery emotional roller coaster that some girls talk about....
I'm feeling better each and every day. My right breast is still more tender then the left, they are still a bit high and tight but I can see a small difference already.
I am sleeping a lot better! I find that if I'm not still semi propped up then I wake with morning boob.
Stitches are itchy.... When will that stop??

I think this is by far the best B-day gift my hubby ever got me! :)

I am feeling better everyday, I can see a change...

I am feeling better everyday, I can see a change in them already, still a bit high and very firm. No change in size! Hoping it stays that way!

I still have not gotten back my energy level, seems like I get tired faster and more often... But all in all I am one happy girl with a very happy hubby lol!

Looking better and better everyday! I think I am...

Looking better and better everyday! I think I am obsessed with the mirror! I can't pass one with out checking my self out!
They are getting softer everyday, still on the firm side. I couldn't be happier!
So glad I did this!
I bought 2 more champion sports bras today. Got a black one & a white one. ( my bright ones I got before are noticeable thru certain clothes lol)
I couldn't resist trying on a real bra while I was there! I tried on a Bali! It was a DD!!!!!!!!! I did a lil dance and a girl squeal lol!
My right one is still tender, can't wait for mt next check up to make sure things are ok.
So very happy!!!!
Hubby is happy!!!!!!

My energy levels seem to be increasing a bit more...

My energy levels seem to be increasing a bit more each day. My breast have softened up a lot, and they are not riding as high as they were. As I have me ruined before my Dr put a few stitches under my right breast to strengthen my crease, I still feel tenderness in that area, plus I'm right handed and I tend to get more sore on the right side than the left.
I feel great other than that.
I still can't pass a mirror without checking out my self lol. I believe I have tried on every article of clothing I own just to see how different I look! I have even had to get rid of a few things that just will not fit over the girls :)
Cleaning out my bra drawer was fun but bittersweet considering most were VS.. But I'm sure I will have a great time replacing them!

I had a major issue with guilt over the amount of money that I was spending on myself, but now I wish I would have done this sooner! It had to be the best thing I have ever done! I feel sexy! Confident! And more proportioned!

I still get morning boob... Expecialy when I go to sleep slightly propped up on my back but wake up on my side...
When does this go away?
Hubby is happy with the results, it tickles me. He tells me everyday :)

I'll update more pics soon.

I have not been on here in a few days.... Hope all...

I have not been on here in a few days.... Hope all you girls and my booby buddy are doing great!
I feel great! I notice when I over do it a bit my breasts get stiff, but other then that I feel great! Looking better and better every day.

I updated my profile about 2 hours ago and I can't...

I updated my profile about 2 hours ago and I can't seem to find it on my page.... Guess it has gotten lost in cyber space lol, if not and I am repeating myself than I do apologize...

I had a check up today and it went great! D&F as I should! I also got the ok to stop using the paper tape on my incision ( thank god! It was really irritating my skin! )
I also got the ok to slowly begin working out again!
He told me that I could also wear underwire bras in a few weeks if I was comfy in them!

A huge thank you to Dr Bharti & his wonderful staff!

I am more than pleased with my new additions, and my treatment before and after my surgery!

I just wish I would have done this sooner! I couldn't be happier!


Sorry to all of my booby buddies for not updating in long time! I have been busy with my family and helping plan a reunion, and tons of other dramatic events ill not air on here lol...
It's been two months since my surgery and I couldn't be happier with my results! Trying on and buying new things are an adventure now! Money well spent and a very long wait well worth it!
I have another check up soon, I'll update as my busy life will allow..

To all the lovely ladies that helped me through this journey I want to thank! To all of you who are close to the other side good luck! I look forward to your updates and pics!

Feeling beautiful ;)

It hardly seems like my surgery was over two months ago! I feel amazing! The girls are looking great. I'm amazed at the difference in my confedence now. Wearing clothes and trying on new clothing is so different and so much more fun!
It's by far the best gift ever!
My hubby is very happy lol, even after two months he still complements on the new additions, or the change in me almost daily.
I have managed to get back into a workout routine, I'm feeling great!

3 month check up!

My check up went great! Dropping nicely in place!
As always it was a wonderful visit, such a pleasant staff! Took more pics for my file. Going back for another check up in 3 months.
Scars healing great too!
Added more pics!

I have always been somewhat self conscious of my...

I have always been somewhat self conscious of my breast size, its was something that I had wanted to correct, not only for looks but for a boost in body confidence. This is something that I had though long and hard about since I was 17 years old. I finally decided at 32 it was time. I researched like a mad women, scheduled several consultations... 

My third one was it! I knew I wanted Dr Bharti for my surgeon the moment he walked into the examining room. The whole process was amazing. He and his staff took all the time that I needed to feel comfortable and answer every question no matter how silly lol. Dr Bharti is an amazing person as well as a surgeon! He has chosen a beautiful and talented staff who is just out of this world! His nurse even held my hand as I was falling asleep (thank you Erin!)
The surgery went smooth, I was very informed about everything that would happen. The checks up still go great. Dr Bharti has a way of making you think you are the only patient he has for that day, nothing is ever rushed. I highly recommend Dr Bharti for any cosmetic surgery that you are wanting. My experience was a great one! I am very pleased with my choice and my results!

Before & after pics

Here are the before pics and the most recent after pics from my last app.

Still very happy!

I had my surgery over a year ago & I am still very pleased with the outcome!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I was surfing the net when I came across this Dr. Bharti! I called and was able to get a consult with in 2 days! This Dr is absolutely amazing, and so is his staff. My experience was great from the first phone call! I really liked it when Dr Bharti himself called me the evening of my surgery to check on me! His nurse called the next day. And several days after to see how I was doing!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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