I Am Not Sure if U Would Call It a Liquid Facelift. - Tempe, AZ

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I had a facelift two years ago without Amy fillers...

I had a facelift two years ago without Amy fillers or fat grafting and a few places look like they needed some plumbing up. Today I went for a consult with Perfect Skin in Chandler, Az. I was very impressed with Dr Burgmeier. First he asked what I seen, then he told me what he seen. Together we reviewed my picture taken years ago. He asked about injectibles I has done in the past and the told me why he asked. He could tell the that nasal fold had some fillers and it was them that was causing a lot of the problem in the area. He explained that first it needed to b dissolved before we preceded further. He then recommended juevaderm in the hollowed check area, temple, chin and under the eyes at a future date. And botox in the area between the eye brows.
The injection for dissolving the excessive juevederm was painless and only $100. I did not know a Dr did anything for that little. It will take 45 units of botox and 2-3 syringes of filler at $800 each. After the fillers r done next week I will have a follow up three weeks later.

I have confidence in this Dr. He seemed to analize my face and features from every angle and compare it the today and the old picture of myself explaining what he would to, why, and what to expect. Next week I will post pictures. Wish me luck.

Just figured something out.

Last week when I had my initial appointment with Dr. Burgmeire when I came into the room he continued to study the chart in front of him before he acknowledged me. At first I thought it was sort of rude but I have come to realize he was studying my photos to best enhance what he seen and coordinate with my desires. Five days after the dissolve was injected One side looks really good and think that most of the filler was is gone. The other side looks like like it may still have filler that needs dissolved. It is amazing how those nasal folds lessen with just removing excessive filler or filler injected in the wrong area. I have great confidence in Dr Burgmeire. I had no swelling, bruising, or any indication of any type injection. I may have to reschedule my appointment for this week because of a death in the family so we will b flying to Texas for a few days. I would not want to go to a funeral looking like an accident victim.

I am beginning to think posting is a waste

Starting last week I started posting my journey with juvederm and even the ability of a PS to dissolve old misplaced fillers. Has anyone seen my post? If so just reply with "K" or anything else u would like. When I enter Juvederm in the the RS site search I do not find my posting; therefore, I am interested in seeing if anybody else is seeing my posts. Thx.

Instant Beauty

I just got home from having six syringes of juvederm into my trmes, under eye, chin, lips, and cheeks. First I had a pain creams applied to the areas to be injected. I waited about 1/2 hour before injections started. The role area was still a little sensitive but not painful. The rest I hardly felt at all. I have no bruising and just a little swelling in temple area. As Dr Burgmeire injected he would stop and study me and the injection sites. He would form the areas as he worked. We did not do any botox and I have made an appointment for three weeks to check to see if additional fillers need to be applied. When I got out in the car I pulled the visor down to see what I looked like in outside light. I looked years younger. Dr Burgmeire again injected dissolver into the over filled NL fold, he said he does not believe in gilling this Ares but to lift with cheek filler that gives a more uplifting to the face. Looking in the mirror I can not disagree. The pictures do not do justice to the Dr work.

After Picture

Forgot the after picture. Very discrete difference

8 Hours Later

I think I am going to b very happy. Dr Burgmeire is an artist.

Almost a month

I must say I am very pleased with my results. I had a three week check last week to see if anything additional needed done. We decided that I was fine and since he had used Voluma XC I should b good for up to 2 years. I will go in at one year unless I need something more before then. When I told the PS that I had very little swelling and only one very small bruise by the eye I am not sure he believed me. I did purchase SkinMedica TNS Essential serum. It was not cheap but since they had a special I walked out with three. Simply said, I absolutely love the results.

I would change to happy if I could.

What more could I ask of my PS. I am indeed very happy. I have a wedding to go to this month and thanks to my PS I will b looking my best.
Dr Burgmeire

See above. Perfect Skin is actually in Tempe, Arizona. The man seems like a prefectionist. Very nice bedside manner that studied me, my picture, and was straightforward about what he seen, what to expect, and how we would get to the results we would both b happy with.

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